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Abandoned Basket Emails

Miva's Abandoned Basket Email function allows you to set up automated emails that go out to logged in customers who placed a product in their cart, but didn't follow through with checkout. You can customize the email template that is sent out to them, as well as how many and how often they are sent. This is a great feature that will allow you to stay in touch with your customers and remind them of products they might still be interested in purchasing.

1. Functionality

2. Setting Up a New Abandoned Cart Email

3. Edit Subject, Basket Subtotal Range & Email Timing

4. Full HTML Template

5. Triggered Email

6. Scheduled Tasks

Functionality Includes:

  • Ability to customize email template via HTML
  • Customize Subject of Email
  • Configure Timing of when emails are sent
  • Ability to send multiple abandoned basket emails (ie, 30 min, 24 hours, 48 hours)
  • Ability to include unique one-time use coupon codes in emails (Using Generate Coupons Module)
  • If someone buys the cart, they are automatically removed from any future abandoned cart emails
  • Google Analytics Tracking code can be added to the abandoned cart email templates to track overall conversions and which emails generate the click throughs and conversions
  • Ability to setup a separate email series for high value baskets via subtotal range

Setting Up a New Abandoned Cart Email

To set up the Abandoned Cart Feature, click on the Order Fulfillment icon on the Storefront page, or click on Menu, and then scroll down to Order Fulfillment.

Order Fulfillment

Under the Template Based Emails tab, click on the toggle switch to the left of Abandoned Basket.

New Abandonment Email

You can now either edit the options provided in Miva, or edit the template that is emailed to your customers.

Edit Subject, Basket Subtotal Range and Email Timing:

To edit the Abandoned Cart email, click on the pencil icon.

Edit Email

A window will pop up with various choices that you can choose to customize the text and functionality of the email. The main area you want to focus on though is towards the bottom where it says Send When Basket. This allows you to choose when to have the email sent out (example: 4 hours after the cart has been abandoned) and how long to keep the basket alive (or keep the inventory in their basket) before returning it to your store (example 1440 minutes or 24 hours).

Edit Email

Full HTML Template

You can edit the look and feel of the Abandoned Cart email by going into the CSS template and making changes here.

Full HTML Template

Triggered Email

Once you've made all your changes and set up your email the way you want, this is what a basic email that is sent out will look like:

Triggered Email

Scheduled Tasks

The scheduled task also needs to be setup to trigger the abandoned cart email. The interval it should run should be whatever length you have the email to send at. For example, if the email sends after 30 min after abandonment, then the scheduled task should run every 30 min.

Scheduled Tasks

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