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Runtime Search Settings & Search Preview

Searchable Fields

We’ve improved the Runtime Search Feature in Miva as well as added a Search Preview so your customers can now see a product image, along with other variants or attributes that you chose to display in the search preview window. Search Settings isn't new to Miva, however, we've added more searchable items to this feature, making it more versatile. In addition to these searchable fields:

  • Product Code
  • Product Name
  • Product SKU
  • Product Description
We've now added these searchable fields:
  • Attribute Code
  • Attribute Prompt
  • Option Code
  • Option Prompt

Searchable Fields

Searchable Custom Fields

We've also added the option to include your custom fields in the searchable field as well. Simply click on your custom field on the left, click the right arrow key and it will move to the right which will then include it into your store search.

Searchable Custom Fields

Search Preview Settings

The Search Preview Feature allows your customer to type in a word or two and it will automatically bring up whatever Displayable Fields you've chosen to display; example:

  • Product Image
  • Product Name
  • Product Price

Search Preview CSS


You can alter the way the product information displays in the search as well. We've provided you a Template where you can go in and update the CSS to customize the look and feel.

Search Preview CSS

Displayable Fields:

Under Displayable Fields you can check and uncheck whatever fields you want to display in your customers search results.

Displayable Fields

Search Preview Image Dimensions:

Under the Search Preview Image Dimensions, you can choose the size of your product image that displays in the search results.

Search Preview Image Size

Displayable Custom Fields:

In addition to the default choices you can select from, you can also now chose any of your custom fields to display in your customer's search results as well. Simply click on the Custom Field you want included in the search and click the right arrow, this will move the Custom Field over to the included right window and will now be included in your customers search results.

Displayable Custom Fields

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