Miva Merchant 9.7 Beta 1 Release Notes

New Features

Faceted Navigation

Facet-based search is now supported in the runtime interface for all product lists.  Facets may come from the following sources:

Scheduled Task Improvements

Runtime Search Improvements

Custom Field Improvements

Price Group Improvements

Bugs Fixed

20954: Module: mvcanadapost: CanadaPost: IE10 manifest is named json.mvc
22110: Module: cmp-cssui-basket: Having both add to wish lists and coupon line items active for the BASK page causes formatting errors
22204: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: eBay/Amazon/Etsy: The log console should show order numbers for any order related actions when possible
22346: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Amazon: a couple places where s.callreturnheaders are attempting to be accessed outside of the MvCALL block
22347: Discounting Subsystem: Shipping discount restriction should take into account other discount modules
22711: Template Subsystem: Pages marked as "UI" pages should not allow their page codes to be updated through inline editing
22743: Module: templateorderemails: After an expiration email is sent for a Payment Card, it will never, ever be sent again
22764: Module: cmp-mv-paymentfields: Runtime error when referencing the payment item when g.PaymentMethod is not set
22766: Module: mvga: Module fails to send the "remove from cart" event to Google Analytics
22771: Module: cmp-mv-paymentmethod: Add cmp-mv-paymentmethod.mv to the LSK
22793: Framework Import/Export: Framework Export: Blank "url()" tags cause export errors from CSS files
22800: Module: discount_volume: Discount volume component, does not display pricing table correctly when using “apply pricing table progressively”
22801: Module: reviewbaskets: Review Baskets: Saving a search w/ exact date parameters then immediately loading the search returns incorrect dates
22842: Discounting Subsystem: Discounted subscriptions button is visible for legacy price groups.
22855: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces - Google Shopping: Function JSON_Marketplaces_GoogleShoppingProduct_InsertAndUpdate_All has timeout issues
22870: Module: stdschtasks: Standard Scheduled Tasks: Add module description
22896: Module: cmp-mv-paymentmethod: Module has duplicated doxgen comments and code from cmp-mv-paymentfields that it should not have
22907: Module: shipimport: Shipment import, column fields and values do not get validated when mutually assigning fields
22918: Module: cmp-cssui-orderlist: ORHL should allow order lookup with the primary zip code, when zip+4 was used in the order
22923: Administrative Interface: Categories: Child Categories tab should not be displayed when adding a category
22924: Module: customfields: Attempting to add a custom field value on the Add Category screen causes a fatal error
22925: Core Runtime: ImageMachine.js produces 404 errors with attempt to load image at url basehref/undefined
22931: Administrative Interface: Header overlaps the vertical scroll bar in Chrome
22932: Module: customfields: Custom fields uses a case insensitive comparison when updating value_long
22933: MMBatchList: Any list with ( ( 3 * number of visible rows ) + 1 ) number of records will not load/select the last record in the list when doing select all
22934: Administrative Interface: All MMBatchList based sort operations are broken in certain conditions
22935: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Add the ability to link existing listings to existing Miva products
22947: Administrative Interface: JavaScript_SetVariables functions are outputting incorrect script tag attribute
23016: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces eBay - Should add ability to send UPC values for variations
23017: Module: templateorderemails: Abandoned Basket should support multiple emails
23018: Module: templateorderemails: Abandoned Basket keep basket alive default value should be updated
23029: Template Subsystem: Pages that contain source references formatted in certain ways cause issues with Framework Export
23040: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces Google Shopping: Product settings should have an checkbox that allows the upload/update all to ignore this product
23049: Module: prodexp: Product Export: Export Fields table section should always be shown, regardless if any custom fields exist
23131: Administrative Interface: MMBatchList Dialogs should show a confirmation alert before closing the dialog if there are elements being changed (add mode, edit mode, etc)
23139: Administrative Interface: Order overlay list should not accept (ctrl+a) to select all items in the list
23140: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Order Import should clear the orderitem variable to avoid group_id being the same for 2 different lines in an order
23187: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces - Google Shopping should batch insert and delete instead of one at a time
23221: Payment: Paypalpro, PPAL_OPAY gets displayed on OPAY after field errors when it should not.
23226: Administrative Interface: ui.js: ValidateCode: Currently not possible to save a product whose code is "___" / "---"
23230: Module: templatefeed: Cannot access Advanced Mode for Template Based Feed item after recalling Header/Iterator/Footer Template
23283: Discounting Subsystem: Discounting options should have a setting to prevent recalculation on canceled items.
23296: MMBatchList: onDeleteList does not remove successfully deleted records from the list if one or more records fail being deleted
23342: Administrative Interface: Add an IEEE754 normalize function to JS
23345: MMBatchList: MMBatchList_Column_ModuleList does not restore the advanced filter correctly
23347: Administrative Interface: ProductImageList_Column_Type does not restore the advanced filter correctly
23348: Administrative Interface: Product_VariantList_Column_MultiSelectAttribute does not restore the advanced filter correctly
23349: Price Groups: BasePriceGroupList_Column_Type does not restore the advanced filter correctly
23350: Scheduled Tasks: ScheduledTaskList_Column_Operation does not restore the advanced filter correctly
23351: Scheduled Tasks: ScheduledTaskLogList_Column_Task does not restore the advanced filter correctly
23352: Administrative Interface: StateTaxState_Column_State does not restore the advanced filter correctly
23353: Module: customfields: CustomFieldList_Column_Group does not restore the advanced filter correctly
23358: Module: marketplaces: Check Box not focused (highlighted) when selecting a policy on eBay
23363: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: eBay: Add Shipping Policy: Title input field is not focused
23393: Module: reviewbaskets: Review Baskets: Defines CSS for the incorrect style class intended for the "Delete This Basket" button
23394: Module: reviewbaskets: Review Baskets: Basket ID value is inserted into the incorrect node in the overlay list
23397: Administrative Interface: Order List: Remove invalid onchange handler Filter_Change_Type / Filter_Change_DateRange
23398: Administrative Interface: Shipment List: Remove invalid onchange handler Filter_Change_Type / Filter_Change_DateRange
23399: Subscriptions: Subscription List: Remove invalid onchange handler Filter_Change_Type / Filter_Change_DateRange
23400: Module: reviewbaskets: Review Baskets List: Remove invalid onchange handler Filter_Change_DateRange
23401: Module: readytheme: ReadyTheme: Edit Product Listing: Advanced Mode: An image type named Full-Sized or Thumbnail cannot be selected under Product Images
23402: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Etsy: Advanced Search does not work for Has Variation for Listings tab
23480: Administrative Interface: Any UI Exceptions being thrown for successful actions should be changed
23481: Administrative Interface: Component modules with feature not_fields should not regenerate templates if the templates have been modified by the merchant
23538: Administrative Interface: Orders: Saving a search w/ exact date parameters then immediately loading the search returns incorrect dates
23548: Core Runtime: Add support for CSRF token to runtime customer actions
23567: Database Layer: Runtime_PriceGroupList_Load_Product is obsolete, unused and does not properly handle dt_start/dt_end
23577: Payment: Payment Method Rules: When no payment methods exist the Edit Priorities and Filter By Payment Module buttons do nothing
23578: Shipping/Packaging Rules: Shipping Method Rules: Edit Priorities and Filter By Shipping Module buttons do nothing when no shipping methods exist
23582: Administrative Interface: Invalid response error when viewing manage orders with limited permissions.
23583: Administrative Interface: The Lookup button for products on the order item dialog should be hidden if the user does not possess the product view privilege
23588: Administrative Interface: Shipment Overlay List: Re-creating a shipment fails to select the newly created shipment record
23589: Subscriptions: JS Error when Adding Mandatory Subscription Product to Basket from Wishlist
23607: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Only expose the custom fields when a google shopping account is present
23616: Provisioning: PaymentMethodRules_Update should validate the module passed has the payment feature
23617: Provisioning: ShippingMethodRules_Update should validate the module passed has the shipping feature
23620: Scheduled Tasks: ScheduledTask_RecycleRecommended does not honor the "Recycle Scheduled Task Process" setting
23621: Scheduled Tasks: Scheduled tasks are not resumed unless there are other enabled tasks waiting to be executed
23633: Scheduled Tasks: Scheduled tasks should have a run selected task button.
23634: Administrative Interface: Subscription authorization failures do not get recorded in the Authorization Failures batchlist
23655: Module: marketplaces: Marketplace: Google shopping does not correctly handle products with non-inventoried attributes.
23665: Module: cmp-mv-stdorderfields: formatted_subtotal_comprehensive should be made available in the Order component
23668: Subscriptions: Canceled subscriptions prevent customers from deleting saved cards.
23678: Module: mvfedexsoap: Some methods do no not exclude P.O. Boxes by default
23681: URI Management: Legacy SEO Settings do not generate secure URLs for products or categories
23749: Module: applepay: applepay.css: svn:keywords property is not set
23756: Patches: Unused column account_id gets created on the sNN_Orders table when updating from mm9.0003 to mm9.0004
23757: Patches: Database errors When updating from mm9.0004 to mm9.0005
23758: Patches: Database errors When updating from mm9.0005 to mm9.00053
23761: Patches: Indexs created incorrectly when updating from mm9.0003 to mm9.0004
23764: Patches: PR8U7 patch sets the sNN_Customers.password column to varchar(100) instead of varchar(254)
23765: Patches: Index CFM_OrderFields_3 does not get created when updating to PR8U9
23777: Administrative Interface: Price, Cost, and Weight columns are visible for main attributes which have options
23778: Module: readytheme: NavigationSet_Update should not require the Code tag
23779: Module: cmp-mv-minibask: Add Canonical URL using param :link to items
23785: Administrative Interface: Confirmation Dialog sets the incorrect callbacks for the onEnter, onEsc when calling Modal_Show
23786: Payment: Incorrect error message when payment card type prefix range has mismatched lengths
23879: Module: marketplaces: Etsy Listing Quantity not corralating with Miva Listing Inventory
24053: Price Groups: Action_ApplyCouponToBasket should add a call to FailedLoginDelay when an invalid coupon is attempted to be applied
24071: Module: cmp-mv-stdreturnfields: Incorrect spelling for Image Dimensions on Standard Fields
24116: Administrative Interface: Font includes should contain the version token to prevent caching issues
24117: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Google Shopping: Product Settings with multiple copies of the same image cannot be deselected
24123: Administrative Interface: Add "Unsupported Browser" warning to login screen
24126: Module: applepay: Apple Pay buttons should be hidden if a merchant is blacklisted after installing the module
24138: Module: templateorderemails: Toe_order_contents, Group discount line items recombines split order items
24139: MMBatchList: Alt+F / Ctrl+F when focused on an MMBatchList search box brings up the browser's built-in find feature
24152: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: Etsy: Product Settings with multiple copies of the same image cannot be deselected
24153: Setup Script: setup.mv should have an engine check for 5.28, not 5.23
24154: Patches: sNN_MP_EtsyItemImages.image_id has an incorrect correlation
24155: Module: marketplaces: Marketplaces: eBay Shopping: Product Settings: Duplicate images should not be shown
24156: URI Management: URI Management: URL Prefix should allow an HTTPS prefix value
24157: Payment: COD is showing as a valid payment method to be linked to Payment Card Types
24160: MMBatchList: Hitting the ESC key while in inline add mode in a dialog exits inline add AND closes the dialog
24164: Module: mvga: Runtime Error when attempting to process subscription w/ Google Analytics classic
24170: Subscriptions: Shipping Method reads 'Unkown' for Live Rate Shipping, Subscription Batchlist under Orders tab.
24226: Module: chasepaytech: Tonga Pa'anga should use an apostrophe instead of an UTF-8 character
24229: Module: report_subscription_product_stats: SubscriptionProductStats_ReportData_Load_Product is missing ERROROUTPUTLEVEL
24239: Module: authnet: Refunds can trigger fraud filters if configured in the Authorize.Net backend
24240: Payment: When MivaPay is enabled, the software should validate that URL settings will not cause errors during checkout
24254: MMBatchList: When exporting the Order batch list to CSV the date column does not include the timestamp
24258: Core Runtime: Incorrect handling of screen code when it is not the last parameter in the URL
24263: Administrative Interface: Parent Category lookup does not function when inline editing the Categories batch list
24273: Core JSON: JSON_Search_Filter / its variants have never passed the data variable to the specified callback function
24277: Module: cmp-cssui-addressbook: A confirmation dialog should appear when deleting an address book record
24283: Discounting Subsystem: Coupon Max Use (per shopper) does not work correctly for non-customer shoppers
24354: Administrative Interface: Clicking update on Domain settings will insert URI rules into the htaccess file.
24391: Payment: Mivapay should not save credit card data during checkout if the order is declined
24421: Module: paypalpro: PayPal Payment details displays incorrect transaction mode when the order is encrypted
24432: Administrative Interface: Action_Domain_Update always reloads the top frame
24608: Uninstall Script: remove.mvc never triggers Module_Uninstall
24648: Provisioning: Provisioning, LinkedPaymentMethod, does not work correctly for Authnet methods
24684: SEO Settings: Legacy SEO links generates incorrect htaccess file rules
24748: Subscriptions: ProductSubscriptionTerm_Generate_Description generates incorrect grammar for the "term" variable