Elements is the base framework on which all Miva ReadyThemes are built.

The framework is designed to be used as a foundation for building custom websites or your own ReadyThemes. While the core of the framework is a tested, CSS base, we also include quality tested JavaScript functionality and extensions like tabs, accordions, and carousels.


Includes the necessary building blocks to create many of the common UX design patterns. Unique components can easily be created by extending the framework.


Developed with the BEMIT methodology in mind. BEM promotes component modularity, IT helps control the architecture, and ECSS helps to make extending the framework more manageable.

Modern Grid

Elements is an evergreen-browser framework with a modern Flexbox grid system. No more having to remember to clear your floats or use conditional classes.

Browser Support

Elements uses current coding structures and standards. This framework may not be best suited for you if you are looking to support legacy browsers.

  • Chrome v49+ (or last two)
  • Firefox v31+ (or last two)
  • Safari v9.1+ (or last two)
  • iOS Safari v9.3+ (or last two)
  • Opera v36+ (or last two)
  • Edge (or last two)
    Internet Explorer 11 has minimal support.