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Before you do or delete anything, please make sure that if you have ANY custom CSS in your Mail Chimp code, that you copy it and save it somewhere so that you can reference it. This will be helpful if you are planning on using the new MailChimp Integration that is part of 9.07.00

Step by Step Instructions for How to Remove the Old Mail Chimp Module from Your Site

  1. Step 1 - Remove the Item Tags from Pages
    • These three tags need to be individually removed from the pages they are assigned to:

      1. Mail Chimp Head Tag
      2. Mail Chimp Text Box
      3. Mail Chimp Check Box

    • <mvt:item name="mailchimp" param="headtag" />
    • This tag is typically on the Storefront page in the Template section:

      Head Tag

    • <mvt:item name="mailchimp" param="textbox" />
    • This tag is typically in the Global Footer Section:

      Text Box

    • <mvt:item name="mailchimp" param="checkbox" />
    • This checkbox is on the OCST page typically in the Custom details section:

      Check Box

  2. Unassign Item Tag from the Page
    • Go to "User Interface"
    • Click on the "Items" tab
    • In the search box type "mailchimp" hit Return
    • Click on the "Open Item" icon
    • Item Tag

    • Click on the "Pages" tab
    • Look for the pages that Mail Chimp is assigned to and unassign them by clicking on the toggle switch

    • Assigned Unassigned
      Unassign Unassign
  3. Delete the Item
    • Click back on the Item tab
    • Click on the "More" button in the top right
    • Click on "Delete Item"
    • Delete

  4. Unassign Mail Chimp Module from Store
    • Go to Utilities
    • Click on Add/Remove Modules
    • Add Remove Module

    • Locate the Mail Chimp Module and then click on the "Remove" button
    • Remove Module

  5. Delete the Module from Your Domain
    • Click on the Menu, scroll down to "Modules"
    • In the Search Field type in "mailchimp" and hit return
    • Click on the MailChimp - Newsletter Signup Module and then click on the Open Module icon
    • Click on the "More" icon on the top right
    • Click on "Delete Module"
    • Delete Module

      It will ask you to confirm that you want to delete it, click the "Delete" button again

      Confirm Delete Module

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