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This function is used in conjunction with an order workflow to manually mark an order as recieved. Because this is a module level function you'll need to use the following format to whitelist the function:


Request Body Parameters

Store_Code Store Code to run function against
Function For Module level functions this will always have the value of: "Module"
Module_Code Module Code. Always "orderworkflow" for this function
Module_Function Function to execute
Order_Ids Array of order ids you wish to mark as recieved/acknowledged.

Response Parameters

success boolean value for if the request was successfull
processed boolean value if function was processed

Example Request

Example Response

Example Error Response

This means that the request was successfull, but not processed. Typically means Order_IDs parameter is missing or incorrect.

Error Responses

error code
error message
Invalid Function
Request syntax is inccorrect. This is a module level function, so "Module" needs to be passed in the Function Parameter.
error code
error message
Invalid Module
Request syntax is incorrect. This is a module level function, so Module_Code parameter needs to be "orderworkflow".

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