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This function will allow you to request a list of image sizes for a specific product or variant. You pass in dimensions as a pipe separated list and Miva will either return you back the path to those images if they already exist on the server or dynamically create them for you and return you the path. Note: The dimensions you pass will not always be the exact dimensions returned. Miva will keep the image proportions and create an image as close to the dimensions you requested.

Runtime Functions are simular to other API functions but do not require any access token or authentication to use.

Request Body Parameters

Session_Type Type:
Session Type
This will alwsys be "runtime"
Product_Code Type:
Code of product you want the images for
Image_Sizes Type:
Image Sizes
Pipe Delimited list of Image sizes ex: 250x250|100x100. Miva will create any images in the dimensions requested if they do not yet exist
Variant_ID Type:
Variant ID
[Optional] Passed if you need the images for a specific variant (Red, Small). Variant ID would be returned in this Function

Response Parameters

success boolean value for if the request was successfull
type_code Image Type Code. This will be blank if the image does not have an image type. (ex. main, alt1, etc)
image_data Array of relative image paths for the dimensions requested.
Runtime Functions cannot be used with the multicall request format. Because this function operates on a single product at a time, limit the number of concurrent requests to a reasonable number.

Example Request

Example Response

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