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MivaScript Builtin Function, Miva Merchant 9+

Tag / Description

crypto_evp_decrypt( ciphername, key, iv, encrypted, plaintext var )

<mvt:assign name="g.return_value" value="crypto_evp_decrypt( ciphername, key, iv, encrypted, plaintext var )" />

Decrypts "plaintext" using the block cipher specified by "ciphername", placing the decrypted data into "plaintext".


  • ciphername

    The OpenSSL identifier of the cipher, such as "bf-cbc" or "des-ede3-cbc".

  • key

    The key used for encryption.

  • iv

    The initialization vector used for encryption. returned by crypto_cipher_iv_length().

  • encrypted

    The ciphertext to be decrypted

  • plaintext var

    [output] Receives the plaintext

Return Values


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