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MivaScript Builtin Function, Miva Merchant 9+

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crypto_pbkdf2( digestname, password, salt, iterations, dklen, dk var )

<mvt:assign name="g.return_value" value="crypto_pbkdf2( digestname, password, salt, iterations, dklen, dk var )" />

Derives a key of "dklen" bytes using PBKDF2 from PKCS #5.


  • digestname

    The digest algorithm to use. May be any of the digests supported by the installed OpenSSL version.

  • password

    The password from which a key is to be derived.

  • salt

    Random data of any length that is used to salt the derivation. RFC 2898 recommends a minimum salt length of 8 bytes.

  • iterations

    The number of iterations to perform. RFC 2898 recommends at least 1000 iterations.

  • dklen

    The desired output length of the derived key. May be any positive value.

  • dk var

    [output] Receives the derived key. The output is in raw binary.

Return Values


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