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MivaScript Builtin Function, Miva Merchant 9+

Tag / Description

rsa_save_privatekey_mem_cipher( privkey var, rsa var, passphrase, ciphername )

<mvt:assign name="g.return_value" value="rsa_save_privatekey_mem_cipher( privkey var, rsa var, passphrase, ciphername )" />

Behaves identical to the legacy counterpart rsa_save_privatekey_mem() except that it allows the caller to specify the cipher used to encrypt the private key (the legacy function always uses des-ede3-cbc).


  • privkey var

  • rsa var

  • passphrase

  • ciphername

    an OpenSSL cipher identifier that specifies the cipher to be used. Note that OpenSSL only permits a subset of its supported ciphers to be used for RSA key encryption. For example, only CBC mode ciphers are permitted.

Return Values


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