The Colossus ReadyTheme is designed with the larger catalog store in mind.
Created to scale from one product to thousands makes Colossus the ultimate solution for you. Colossus is based on the Shadows Development Framework.

In addition to all the functionality included in Shadows, Colossus introduces the Accordion Category Tree, Custom Selects, Omega Navigation, Product Imagery, Radio to Button, Refinery, Show Related, and Subscription Combo extensions. Additionally, Colossus utilizes the Slick Carousel Plugin and has a customized customer account section.

Accordion Category Tree Extension

Allows you to nest subcategories under the parent for a slimmer display.

Custom Selects Extension

Automatically converts the standard select element into a more stylish version without sacrificing functionality.

Omega Navigation Extension

Omega takes the Transfigure Navigation Extension one step further. Not only is it mobile friendly, but it allow for quick display of nested subcategories in a thoughtful layout.

Product Imagery Extension

This long awaited extension bring the concept of a product image gallery to ReadyThemes. With it, you can display the image thumbnails in a vertical carouse next to the main image. Then, when you click to zoom, you can view all the product images as a carousel in a light-box.

Radio to Button Extension

Automatically converts the radio style product attribute into a more usable button.

Refinery Extension

This is a more stylized form of product faceting used on the category, product list, and search pages. It shows which have been selected, allowing for easy clearing of a single facet or all. Additionally, if you have a large number of facets, it displays the first few and allows for all to be viewed in an off-canvas menu.

Show Related Extension

Allows for adding show/hide functionality to related items which are not immediate children of the trigger element.

Subscription Combo Extension

This fun extension allows for the "Single Purchase" and "Subscription Terms" options on the product page to be contained in a more semantic and design friendly way.