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Custom fields are arguably the most powerful part of any CMS. For instance, let's take a product. When editing this product we have fields to enter the product's name, price, weight, description, etc. But these fields are limited to what exists already. What if we could create our own fields for a product where we can have our own types of data like the dimensions, disclaimers, warranty info for the product? With custom product fields, it's really easy to do just that.

Custom fields are not just limited to products, you can also use them for categories, customers, orders and even baskets (shoppers) too. Learning to utilize custom fields properly can exponentially increase the flexibility of your stores.

Say we have information for our products such as warranty info, technical specs, Rather than putting the extra data in our product description field, take the time to set up some custom fields. It will pay off in the future when you have to change the design or update the data in the fields later.

By default, the custom field functionality within Miva Merchant is not turned on. You can activate it yourself in the admin by clicking Utilities in the left column, then checking the box next to "Custom Fields". Two new tabs will appear, one called "Custom Fields" where you create and manage your custom fields and another called "Custom Field Groups" which allows you to group custom fields into tabs to keep them better organized.

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