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Entities are variables that can be used throughout a Miva Merchant Page template to display a value on the screen. Depending on which items you have assigned to a page, you have access to different entities that you can use to write a value to the screen.

Entity Examples

All entities start with the ampersand ( & ) and end with a semicolon ( ; )

  • &mvt:store:name; - Prints the store name
  • &mvte:category:name; - Prints the current category name
  • &mvt:product:formatted_price; - Prints the formatted price of the product

The first part, &mvt, tells us this is a Miva Merchant page template entity. The middle part, like store or category tells us what part of the store interface is being referenced.(Which item is being referenced). The last part, like name, or formatted_price, gives the specific piece of information to use from the item being referenced.

An entity can contain different types of data, from integers to text strings to image urls.

Example Code

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