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mvt:do Reference Documentation

Requirements For Use

5.22 Engine or Higher

Available on any page, no item assignment required.


provides access to call native MivaScript functions in compiled .mvc files. This allows access to all built in Miva functions that makeup the core software.



This is the path to the compiled MivaScript file (.mvc) relative to the mm5 directory. It can be a string (wrapped in single quotes) or more commonly a global variable to one of Mivas built on libraries. See below for available libraries.


This is a variable (l. or g. ) where any return value from the function called will be saved


This is the specific function to be executed along with any parameters it accepts.

Miva Library Variables

These global variables reference a specific module file. The Limited Source Kit should be used as a reference to see which functions are in which module.

g.module_library_billing_db /mm5/5.00/lib/mbs.mvc
g.module_library_utilities /mm5/5.00/lib/util.mvc
g.module_library_crypto /mm5/5.00/lib/crypto.mvc
g.module_library_db /mm5/5.00/lib/db.mvc
g.module_library_dbapi /mm5/5.00/lib/dbapi.mvc
g.module_library_native_dbapi /mm5/5.00/lib/dbapi_mysql.mvc


Send An Email

Validate Email Address Format

Write Cookie

Render Page to Screen

Load Product (by Code or Id)

Currency Format

Add Customer Into Price Group

Note: Wrapper functions will be added to the software to allow you to make a single function call to perform multi-step functions like adding a customer to a price group.

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