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Set status on order shipments in Miva.
Element Xpath Required Occurs Type Description
OrderShipment_SetStatus Yes 1 Container Node Top-level container.
OrderShipment_SetStatus @code Yes 1 Text Attribute Shipment code to udpate.
OrderShipment_SetStatus/MarkAsShipped No 1 Boolean Node

Mark shipment as shipped.

yes = True value.

no = False value.

OrderShipment_SetStatus/TrackingNumber No 1 Text Node Shipment tracking number.
OrderShipment_SetStatus/TrackingType No 1 Text Node Shipment tracking type.
OrderShipment_SetStatus/ShipDate No 1 Container Node Container node for shipment date.
OrderShipment_SetStatus/ShipDate/D ay Yes* 1 Integer Node Shipment day of the month.
OrderShipment_SetStatus/ShipDate/Month Yes* 1 Integer Node Shipment month of the year.
OrderShipment_SetStatus/ShipDate/Year Yes* 1 Integer Node Shipment year.
OrderShipment_SetStatus/ShipDate/Hour No 1 Integer Node Shipment hour.
1 Integer Node
OrderShipment_SetStatus/ShipDate/Minute No 1 Integer Node Shipment minute of the hour.
OrderShipment_SetStatus/ShipDate/Second No 1 Integer Node Shipment second of the minute.

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