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Additional Resources#

Sandbox Store#

Experience hassle-free testing and development in a simulated environment with the Miva Sandbox Store. Test your code, experiment with new features, and ensure seamless integration before deploying changes to production.

Developer Coding Standards#

Maintain consistency and readability across your codebase with Miva’s Developer Coding Standards. Follow best practices and guidelines to write clean, efficient, and maintainable code that adheres to industry standards.

Optimize your development setup with Miva’s Recommended Configurations. Configure your development environment, tools, and integrations to maximize productivity and streamline your workflow.

Software Downloads#

The Miva Support Downloads page provides essential tools for Miva Merchant users, including installation files for various operating systems and the Miva Merchant Script Compiler.

Shadows Github Repository#

This repo contains copies of the extracted shadows.pkg as well as code from $ mmt checkout of various versions to help track changes over time.

Flex Components Repository#

This repo contains a collection of Flex Component: examples, schema tools, and workflow guides

Code Samples#

Access a repository of code samples covering a wide range of functionalities and use cases. Explore practical examples, snippets, and templates to jump start your development projects and accelerate implementation.

Sublime Text Plugin#

Enhance your coding experience with the Miva Sublime Text Plugin. Leverage powerful features, syntax highlighting, and shortcuts tailored specifically for Miva development within the popular Sublime Text editor.

Sublime Snippets & Function Auto-Complete#

Boost your productivity with Sublime Snippets and Function Auto-Complete. Utilize pre-defined code snippets and intelligent auto-completion to speed up coding tasks, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

LSK (Miva’s Library of Store Knowledge)#

Tap into Miva’s extensive Library of Store Knowledge (LSK) for comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and resources. Access detailed guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips to navigate the intricacies of Miva development with ease.

Miva Template Changes#

Stay up-to-date with the latest Miva Template Changes. Keep track of modifications, updates, and new features to ensure compatibility and compliance with platform advancements.

MivaScript Language Reference#

Deepen your understanding of the MivaScript language with the MivaScript Language Reference. Explore syntax, functions, tags, and advanced techniques to unlock the full potential of Miva development.

Explore these developer resources to empower your Miva development journey and unlock new possibilities in creating robust, scalable, and feature-rich online stores.