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Video Transcript

One really nice feature that's new to Miva Merchant 9 is the ability to customize all error messages that appear on the site. This functionality is located under User Interface Settings. We can get through the navigation bar here, User Interface Settings; or we can search for it in the Global search box. Here we have a list of all the default error messages that appear within Miva Merchant. Things related to coupons, logging in, invalid passwords, resetting passwords, etc. You'll notice this type column here. There’s two types of messages in Miva. There’s an error message, what usually appears in red, and an informational message which usually appears in blue. Information messages usually tell you something was done; so an email address was updated or your password was reset.

Now here, this list will come prepopulated with a default set of error messages that appear within Miva. However, one of the nice things about this new feature is that it learns new error messages that appear. Mostly it has to do with shipping error messages and payment gateway error messages. So a lot of payment gateways will offer a declined message where if a credit card gets declined it will say, “Credit Card Declined.” However, some of the error messages aren't so nice. They’ll say, “Credit Card Declined Error Code 14.” Well, that doesn't mean much to the end user. So Miva will actually learn all the error messages that are coming into its system and it will add it to this list. This will give you the ability to come in and modify those error messages to be more user-friendly.

Let's take a look at example. I'm going to come over here to frontend of merchant and I'm just going to go to Sign In. I’m going to leave these blank values and just click on “Login” so I can an error message. So we get, “The Username and Password is Incorrect.” So say we want to customize that to something else. Let me jump back to the Miva Admin and let me find that Error Message. Here it is right here, “The Username and Password is Incorrect.” So now if I double click on this, I can edit it. Here's the messages it’s looking for and here's the replacement. So let’s just make it a little bit shorter, “Incorrect Username and Password,” click “Enter” to save. So now I come back to front end, let’s do the same thing, I’m just going to hit “Login” with no credentials. I now get my new message, “Incorrect Username or Password.”

The same thing can be done for informational messages. Say I forgot the password, I’ll go ahead and put in my email and I’ll click “Submit” so I can see the informational message that gets displayed here. So it says, “Instructions to reset your password have been sent to the email address on file with your account. Please contact us if you require further assistance.” So say this is too long or you just wanted to change it or add to it. We can do the same thing we did to the error message. We’ll come back here and looks like it's this one right here, so I’ll double-click on this and I'm going to change it to, “Email sent.” Now I’ll go back and do the exact same thing. I'm going to hit “Forgot Password,” enter my email and I now get the updated message, “Email Sent.” So this does exactly what you expect. You have full control over all the Informational and Error messages throughout Miva.

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