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Custom Fields

Custom fields are not just limited to products, you can also use them for categories or customers, too. Learning to utilize custom fields properly can exponentially increase the flexibility of your stores.

Activating The Custom Fields Functionality

Miva Merchant has some powerful custom fields functionality that can be utilized to add content to customer accounts, orders, products, and categories. The first step of harnessing this power is to activate the Custom Fields module in your Miva Merchant store admin. This video shows you how.
Video Length: .87 minutes

Custom Field Functions

ver. 9.0 and later
There are 17 functions in total; 8 for reading, 8 for writing, and ad debug function for trouble shooting. Because all the functions follow a similar syntax, once you learn one or two, it's easy to deduce what the others function will be. This makes using them and remembering them very nice.
Video Length: 15.2 minutes

Custom Fields Overview

ver. 9.0 and later

Video Length: 9.92 minutes

Debugging Custom Fields

ver. 9.0 and later
One nice feature about Miva Merchant Custom Fields is they provide a built in debug function. This function can be used anytime you have problems reading or writing a custom field. There may be a case where you have some custom field logic on a page and for some reason or another it's not working. The Debug function was created to specifically help identify these type of issues.
Video Length: 5.93 minutes

Custom Basket Fields

ver. 9.0 and later
Custom Basket Fields allow you to save data associated with a shopper or basket. Think of a Custom Basket Field as a "cookie," similar to how you would use a cookie to save data associated with a particular customer on a session basis, Custom Basket Cases are the same concept.
Video Length: 9.22 minutes

Custom Order Fields

ver. 9.0 and later
A Custom Order Fields is typically used in conjunction with Custom Basket Fields. Basket Fields automatically get converted to Order Fields if they share the same field code. The Primary us is to collect additional data about an order. It's also used for admin Customer Relationship Management in Manage Orders.
Video Length: 8.42 minutes

Exporting Custom Fields

ver. 9.0 and later
One great feature about Miva Merchant Custom Fields, is that they are importable and exportable through the built in Miva Merchant Import/Export System. You can have it export a .csv file with your custom fields selected. Importing and exporting in the custom fields is extremely powerful and a great way to get your data into and out of Miva Merchant.
Video Length: 2.4 minutes

Legacy Custom Fields

ver. 9.0 and later

Video Length: 8.55 minutes

New Custom Fields

ver. 9.0 and later

You can now use Custom Fields on any page thanks to built in Template Level Functions to read/write custom fields. You no longer need to first assign a custom field to a page in order to use it. There are also now new custom fields for Custom Basket and Order Fields.

Video Length: 1.12 minutes

Setting Up An Order Custom Field

ver. 9.0 and later
In this video we walk through the steps of configuring a "Notes" text area inside of the Manage Orders section of the Miva Merchant store admin. It can be used for adding notes and comments to an order that you may want to remember. Watch the video to see how to set it up using custom fields.
Video Length: 3 minutes

Setting Up A Product Custom Field

ver. 9.0 and later
Custom fields really shine when used for products. In this video we walk through setting up numerous custom fields that can be applied to any number of products that share similar features.
Video Length: 7.52 minutes

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