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One great feature about Miva Merchant Custom Fields, is that they are importable and exportable through the built in Miva Merchant Import/Export System. You can have it export a .csv file with your custom fields selected. Importing and exporting in the custom fields is extremely powerful and a great way to get your data into and out of Miva Merchant.
ver. 9.0 and later

Video Transcript

One great feature about Miva Merchant custom fields is that they are importable and exportable with a built in Miva Merchant import and export system. To export custom fields, first go to Data Management and then under Export Data say we want to export custom product fields. They’ll automatically be included with the product export. So if I click on Export Products to Flat File it will take me to the product export settings. Now the custom fields are located down under here. There are built in fields for shipping rules, and this box here controls the custom fields. Now the first four are default and part of Miva. But this one, Retail Price, was one we created ourselves. In order to add this to the product export, you simply select it and move it over to the right side. This will make sure this column gets exported with the standard product export. That’s all there is to it. When you export this it will send you a csv file of all the product data and one of the columns will be the retail price.

Importing custom fields is just as easy. I’m going to go back to Import / Export. Now, in order to import a product custom field you simply need to know the column header that Miva’s expecting. There’s two ways to do this. You can export the data like we just looked at and click on the column header that Miva provides to you. Or, you can come here under Import Settings and Miva will actually give you a template of what the column header should be. So I’m going to select the add/update products from csv. When I do that, this csv template button appears and you can also get it as an excel file. So here I’m going to download the csv template and open it with excel. So here’s the column headers that Miva’s expecting for this product import. If I scroll over here, here’s the column for retail price. So it’s Retail_Price. As long as your import has this column, Miva will automatically map this to the custom fields retail price. It works just like any other product field you’re importing. Importing and exporting of custom fields is extremely powerful and a great way to get your data into and out of Miva Merchant.

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