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Video Transcript

Today we're going to talk about the Base ReadyTheme framework from Miva Merchant. So here's what it looks like. It's a fully responsive Bootstrap based framework that's all configured to work with all ReadyTheme functionality. So it has the logo, the navigation, all the images controlled by ReadyThemes, this Free Shipping banner, About Us text, Featured Products, Navigation at the bottom, the About Us text and the Social Media icons. All of this is controllable via the ReadyThemes and its all built in to this framework. This framework was designed as a starting point for Developers to be able to take that, add their own graphics and images, adjust the CSS, change the layout, and repackage it and resell it for their own clients or on ourThemes Marketplace. Let's take a look at how to get this theme and how to install it. 

If you didn't know, Miva Merchant has its own Github account where we post things like snippets for the Template Language, the Base ReadyTheme's located here, and we'll begin to post a lot of other useful tools and resources for Developers. The Github account is located at github.com/mivaecommerce. So if I click on the Base ReadyTheme, you have the ReadMe text here, and I can drill down to the MM5 folder. Here you'll see our folders for CSS, fonts, some php files that are in forms,  javascript, templates (which is an export of all the page templates of Miva Merchant), and then the pkg file which is a framework file. This is what you need to install the Base ReadyTheme. All these other files here are actually contained within the pkg file. So you really don't need to download these, but you can if you really want to download them locally. So to get this and install it in your store, you can come here and click "Download Zip" here which would download a zip file of this entire folder including the pkg file. Or, if we go to our App Store, you can download it from our ReadyThemes Marketplace

Once you've downloaded the zip file you'll want to extract it. Now here are the files we were just looking at. Here's the ReadyTheme_Developer_Framework.pkg file. Perfect. So now let me go to my Miva Merchant Admin. To install a ReadyTheme you're simply installing a framework. If you've installed Frameworks in the past, the process is exactly the same. A ReadyTheme is really just a framework that has code in certain areas and item tags in certain areas that connect the framework to the ReadyTheme functionality contained within Miva Merchant. 

Here I'm going to go to the User Interface, I'll scroll over to the Frameworks tab. Here's the default framework that I'm using. To upload our new Base ReadyTheme framework we'll click on "Upload Framework," navigate to our pkg file, upload it, and now we need to apply it. To do that, we'll click on our new Base ReadyTheme framework, then click on the "Apply Framework" button, it will give me a preview of what the frame looks like and shows me the names of all the pages that the framework contains.   It will ask me to if I want to overwrite the current files and I need to click yes. 

Now that the ReadyTheme has been applied, we can come back to the front of the store and hit refresh and I should see the brand new them in my store. This is the default Base Framework. It includes a basic top nav bar, a hero image, it even included a contact us page that has prebuilt javascript validation so it requires these three fields and those php files you saw are actually used as a forms processor. So there's no configuration needed. I can actually go and put in my information here, click submit and it will automatically send my email and takes me to a thank you page. 

You'll notice when I applied the framework, this actually links to a category that's already been created. ReadyThemes will export any categories that are contained within any navigation sets as well as any categories that are needed for things like product lists that are used for feature products. This Base ReadyTheme framework is a great starting point if you're looking to build a new Miva Merchant store and you want to utilize ReadyThemes or you're looking to build and sell your own theme yourself. 

We do a lot of the heavy lifting for you ahead of time to give you a lot of nice functionalities such as a fully responsive site that you can come in and add your own styles to your own graphics, your own colors and make it your own theme.

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