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Price Groups

Price Groups have been apart of Miva Merchant for many years, in Version 10 there have been significant UI updates as well as new functionality.

Price Groups User Interface

The steps to create Price Groups have not changed in Version 10, and can be found at docs.miva.com/reference-guide/price-groups.

A new look has been applied to the sections within the Price Group dialog. Each section has been added to a collapsible accordion layout similar to the rest of the Miva Merchant admin. Also, like the rest of the admin the state (open or close) of the accordion section is saved on a user basis.

Price Group Settings


The exclusions section of the Price Group Dialog received an update to the UI and new features which will benefit stores containing a large amount of Prices Groups.

Price Group Settings

The exclusions section will include a table indicating the number of Price Groups applied to each exclusion setting along with a button to Configure Exclusions for the current Price Group.

When the Configure Exclusions button is selected a Price Groups Exclusions dialog will appear. The dialog will include a batch list, containing all the built in searching features, of all price groups in the store.

In the Price Group Exclusions batch list the ability to update individual Price Group exclusions using In-Line Edit or in bulk using the Bulk Actions options can be done when a Price Group is selected.

Price Group Exclusions Dialog
Additional Settings

When a Price Group is selected in the Batch List the additional settings (Qualifying Products, Discounted Products, Customers and Business Accounts) can be found using the [ ... ] (More) button.

Price Group Additional Options

Copy Price Group

When a single Price Group is selected in the batch edit list the ability to copy the price group can be found in the [ ... ] (More) options dropdown.

Copy Price Group

Once selected the Copy Price Group dialog will appear and require a name for the new Price Group.

Copy Price Group Dialog

Price Group Types

Version 10 introduces a revamped legacy Price Group, two new Price Groups, and an update to shipping Price Groups.

Markup From Cost

Calculate the marked-up cost price and apply a fixed item-level discount equal to the difference between the retail price of the product and the marked up cost.

Geographic Restrictions for Shipping Discounts

Shipping discounts for entire order and products only will include geographic and zip code restrictions as they are in shipping method rules.

Price Group Shipping Restrictions

Basket Discount (Specific Products)

This discount is identical to the Basket Discount with the added ability to specify discounted products and subscriptions.

Customer Specific / Per Product Pricing

The Customer Specific Price Group will give customer specific pricing for products. For each price group using this discount a "Customer Specific Pricing: " tab will appear in the customer and product edit screens. This tab will include a batch list of discounted products and customers with discounted price.

Customers > Customer Edit: [Login] > Customer Specific Pricing: [Price Group Name]

Catalog > Products > Product Edit: [Name] > Customer Specific Pricing: [Price Group Name]

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