Miva 10 Feature List

Below is a list of all the new features released in 10.00.00. Use the left navigation to get more detailed documentation on each feature. For a full bug list click here.

Miva 10 Template Changes: click here

Design & User Experience

  1. Complete admin redesign for optimized user experience
  2. Improved Dashboard Screen
    • Jump Back In
    • Recent Orders
    • Optimizations to how dashboard reports are generated
  3. Streamlined Left Navigation with Collapsible menu
  4. New Sub Menu for User Interface
  5. Improved Batch Lists
    • Primary Column (clickable)
    • Select All Checkbox
    • Customize Row Height (Default, Compact, Comfortable)
    • Full Screen Mode
    • Column Edit
    • Product Image displayed in list (product lists only)
    • Selection Action Bar
    • Icon Driven to Button Driven – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Buttons
  6. Full Screen Mode for any Batch List or any modal popup
  7. Improved List Sorting
    • Drag n Drop Visual Sorting of Products
    • Edit Display Order
    • Move to Position
  8. User & Store Icons with Ability to upload your own
  9. Re-Order tabs using long click
  10. Redesigned Sticky Header
  11. Updated Color Picker
  12. Updated Text Editor
  13. Updated Visual Editor
  14. Redesigned Data Management Screen with Search and Filters
  15. New Store Add/Remove Module Screen with Filters & Search
  16. Redesigned Support Request Dialog with ability to upload screenshots

Developer Tools & Developer Workflows

  1. New Sub Menu for User Interface
  2. Template Branches – Create unlimited number of branches (development environments) for your Store
  3. Branch Deployment – Merge, Copy, Swap Branches & Revert. Easily push changes live with a few clicks
  4. Tags – Tag coding changes for easier code deployment
  5. Expand/Collapse All Tab Groups
  6. Branch Preview
    • Preview changes which are not yet live
    • Send branch preview link to someone
    • Pin Branch Preview tool to any corner of your browser
  7. New Command Line Interface - MMT
    • Export and import the entire UI (Templates, Theme Components, CSS & JS)
    • Enables local developer workflows and integration with existing version control systems (git, subversion, etc)
  8. Versioning support for CSS, JavaScript
  9. Managed Properties
    • ReadyTheme Components & other modules affecting UI have been converted over to Managed Properties to enable versioning

Theme Components

  1. ReadyThemes now lives under User Interface and has been renamed to Theme Components
  2. Content Sections now have a new setting to not include <div> wrapper, enabling reusable code snippet management
  3. Content Sections, Navigation Sets, and Product Listings Templates now display in the page vs a modal window


  1. Ability to re-price inventory variants based on price changes to master product attributes & options
  2. Drag n Drop visual product sorting
  3. Inventory Edit Dialog is now a batch list which can be searched and filtered
  4. Facets - Ability to override Prompts for both attributes & options
  5. Caching of Facet Attribute data for performance
  6. Category Tree & Category Title Images now use the image picker
  7. Specific Sale Price values are now sortable and searchable in batch lists
  8. Sort Product Subscription Terms List for each product
  9. Product Images are now uploaded into sub-directories with a 10k soft limit


  1. New Tax Exempt Setting for Customers and Business Accounts
  2. Improved Shop As Customer Experience
    • More fully integrated into Miva admin
    • Initiate session from Review Baskets
    • Runtime Preview tool to show you who you're logged in as
    • Admin Preview tool to show you who you're logged in as
    • New report to track sales from CSRs/Sales Reps using Shop As Customer
  3. Track date/time for last time customer changed password

Order Processing

  1. Recalculate Shipping has been split out into its own button
  2. Add Item Lookup now pre-populates attribute options as drop downs
  3. In Admin Address Validation for both bill to and Ship to addresses
  4. New Payment Transactions Batch List
  5. Authorization Failures now stores the shopper data for manual follow up
  6. Ability to unship shipments & split items in a shipped state
  7. You can now edit subscriptions which have orphaned attributes/options
  8. Improved Batch Capture Payment/Backorder/Archive Progress Dialog
  9. Improved Add/Edit Subscription Dialog


  1. Price Group Management Improvements
    • New setting to set default price group inclusion/exclusion for new price groups
    • Copy Price Group – Copy an existing Price Group with a few clicks
    • Completely Refreshed Price Groups Exclusions – Now displayed as a batch list for easy bulk actions
    • Collapsible settings sections with Exclusion summary screen
  2. New Price Group: Customer Specific Pricing Per Product
  3. New Price Group: Basket Discount (Specific Products)
  4. New Price Group: Markup from Cost
  5. Geographic Restrictions for Shipping Price Groups
  6. Caching of Exclusion rules for better performance


  1. Coupon Usage Report
  2. Customer Sales Report
  3. Sales Commission Report

Shipping & Payment

  1. New PayPal Commerce Platform Integration
    • Easy setup & onboarding experience
    • Improved PayPal Checkout Experience which now calculates Tax, Shipping and allows you to complete checkout from any page in a few clicks
    • Ability to use PayPal Smart Buttons from the Product Page
    • Better Integration with PayPal Customer Credit Banners
    • New Custom Card Fields Credit Card Payment integration
  2. New Payment Type: Purchase Order & Terms
  3. Address Validation for Both Checkout and Admin
  4. Updated Square Integration to latest Payments API

Sales Enablement

  1. Shop As Customer Improvements
    • More fully integrated into Miva admin
    • Initiate session from Review Baskets
    • Runtime Preview tool to show you who you're logged in as
    • Admin Preview tool to show you who you're logged in as
    • New report to track sales from CSRs/Sales Reps using Shop As Customer
  2. Review Baskets Improvements
    • Shop As Customer from Review Baskets Screen
    • View Failed Authorizations in Batch List
    • Ability to use PayPal Smart Buttons from the Product Page
    • Interact with basket in real time (add/remove items, apply discounts, etc)
    • Convert a basket to an order from admin

Performance Optimizations

  1. Product Page defaults to using pre-calculated prices
  2. ReadyTheme Product lists now use pre-calculated price
  3. Admin batch lists queries have been optimized to reduce number of table joins
  4. Category Link variable has been optimized for efficient loading
  5. Reports on Homepage are now generated via a Scheduled Task vs at login

Managed Properties

  1. New Managed Properties feature allows for branch versioning
  2. The following features have been converted over to the new Managed Properties. All their existing tables have been dropped.
    • Product/Category Header Footers
    • CSSUI Cat Tree
    • CSSUI Buttons
    • ReadyTheme Components
  3. Their settings now live in s0x_ManagedProperties table


  1. New utility under image management to partition existing images into sub-directories
  2. New Scheduled task logging for Errors, Warnings and Information
  3. Email Notification when Payment encryption key is changed
  4. Email notification when payment gateway credentials are changed
  5. Support for CIDR prefix on IP address blacklist
  6. Native Database support for PostgreSQL
  7. New Scheduled Tasks
    • ReadyTheme – Update Image References
    • Clear Scheduled Task Log
    • Generate Dashboard Reports
    • Delete unreferenced MivaPay Tokens
  8. Password Fields in Admin are now disabled until clicked to prevent auto-fill errors
  9. New User preference to automatically remember last Store viewed 
  10. Mailchimp Improvements
    • New setting to allow you to exclude orders imported from Marketplaces
    • discount_total is now sent in API requests
  11. New Module APIs to allow modules to output CSS/JS to built-in CSS/JS Resources for easier management
  12. Attribute Prompt is now available in Feeds
  13. Specific Sale Price Custom Fields are more usable in feeds
  14. Importing Attribute Template Assignments via CSV now supports multiple assignments in the same import
  15. New User preference to automatically remember last Store viewed 
  16. Ability to sort products/categories by date created or date updated
  17. Domain Level PA-DSS Security Checkup Weekly Email
  18. Provisioning support for relative data PRV_Tag_Date
  19. Managed Quotes is now part of the core Miva software


  1. Support for binary data (base64 encoded) using new X-Miva-API-Binary-Encoding header
  2. SSH Support – requests can now be authenticated by SSH which allows requests to be attached to a Miva Admin user vs an API Token
  3. JSON API now detects and handles timeouts with batched API operations
  4. New API Functions


  1. Shadows is now the default Framework for newly created stores
  2. Accessibility - Shadows ships with passing grades for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A and Level AA as well as Section 508 standards for accessibility
  3. Compliant with Google's latest Web Vitals metrics
  4. Improved overall Page Speed Metrics
  5. New Developer Version
    • Native support of CSS custom properties (variables)
    • Native support for SCSS
    • Gulp build process to output a single CSS file and a single JS file

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