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Miva 10.00.00 Bug List

Bug ID Component Description
MM-9148ActionDialogActionDialog.prototype.Show calls Modal_Show with onEsc / onEnter parameters backwards
MM-2782Administrative InterfaceWhole number validation does not properly enforce integer limits, leading to database errors in MySQL strict mode
MM-3680Administrative InterfaceUploaded/generated images should be partitioned into no more than 10k files per directory
MM-4005Administrative InterfaceNetherlands Antilles should be removed from the country list
MM-5914Administrative InterfaceAdding duplicate attribute codes to an order line item causes attribute prices to be displayed incorrectly
MM-7046Administrative InterfaceFeature Request: Resize Edit Inventory Dialogue
MM-7422Administrative InterfaceFeature Request: Restrict dragging of Skinned Dialogues outside of upper/left borders
MM-7436Administrative InterfaceFatal error when attempting to set circular category hierarchy
MM-7451Administrative InterfaceFeature Request: Add the ability to "unship" shipments and split items that are in the "Shipped" status
MM-7484Administrative InterfaceMMMenuButton: SubMenu: Sub Menu is hidden when pressing mouse down on the scroll bar
MM-7495Administrative InterfaceMMScreen_Load_MMScreenContext should only call StoreModuleList_Load_Active when a store has been opened
MM-7744Administrative InterfaceAdmin: Module upload handler should return a proper error when an invalid file / module is passed to it
MM-7749Administrative InterfaceCatalog, Facet Rules, edit Category Rules, Facet Display Type is blank when setup by provisioning file.
MM-7793Administrative InterfaceOrder Processing: The payment module column is still too slow to use on large stores
MM-7882Administrative InterfaceOrder Processing: Advanced search dialog can be stretched too wide with a long shipping method name
MM-7917Administrative InterfaceUsers with edit product permissions only can delete a products shipping dimensions by accident on update.
MM-8046Administrative InterfaceMETA Description and META Keywords do not appear in Price Group Discounted Subscription window
MM-8138Administrative InterfaceMany item-dialog related errors cause the order overlay details to remain in a processing state forever
MM-8197Administrative InterfaceSession timeout message is logged when a potential session hijack is detected
MM-8245Administrative InterfaceWhen canceling an item, sales tax is recalculated only when discounts are recalculated
MM-8374Administrative InterfaceUsers with edit product permissions only can delete a products Limit Payment Methods setting by accident on update.
MM-8381Administrative InterfaceThe "FireEvent" function uses deprecated "createEvent" calls
MM-8398Administrative InterfaceAdd store screen should not call StoreModuleList_Load_Features
MM-8402Administrative InterfacereCAPTCHA private key and confirm private key are missing autocomplete= off
MM-8425Administrative InterfaceRecalculate discounts is not performed when creating an order from edit customer screen.
MM-8427Administrative InterfacePA-DSS Checklist incorrectly thinks that a MySQL database is remote when there is no "@hostname"
MM-8449Administrative InterfaceScheduled tasks are attempted to be run even after a store is deleted
MM-8451Administrative InterfaceHistory, HistoryList_Load can become overly large (2.5mb) for each page hit.
MM-8479Administrative InterfaceCreating a new order from within an order leaves the source field blank and source id of 0.
MM-8490Administrative Interfacev56_Order_Update_Total: Does not send correct parameters to Module_Notify_Order_TotalChange
MM-8508Administrative InterfaceArchiving payment data should reset sNN_Orders.pay_id to 0
MM-8526Administrative InterfaceMMBatchList: Deleting large datasets with children can cause the parent records to not be deleted
MM-9331Administrative InterfaceOrder, total_ship field does not get updated when applying a shipping discount in admin after the shipment method is applied to the order.
MM-9723Administrative InterfaceMiva merchant cookies should set the SameSite attribute.
MM-9847Administrative InterfaceJSON_ValidateAdminSession sets an expiration date on admin cookies, preventing them from being discarded when the browser is closed
MM-9934Administrative InterfaceNon-module domain-level file upload is not possible after 9.12.00
MM-6342AffiliatesAFED page has Terms field in wrong position
MM-8820AffiliatesCustomers and Affiliates with empty passwords should not be permitted to log in
MM-8527Attribute TemplatesEdit product, attributes, selecting items that can not be deleted along with ones that can will cause a delete call to be sent for items that cannot be deleted.
MM-9065Attribute TemplatesAttribute templates that are assigned to a product more than once only have their reference count decremented by 1 when the product is deleted
MM-8763Automated TestsPackByWeight_MaxWeight input field is not properly rounded to two decimal digits
MM-8392Core JSONJSON_Attribute_CopyLinkedTemplate: Reference count on attribute template being copied is not decremented
MM-8395Core JSONJSON_UserPrivilegeList should only attempt to load a user's store privileges when a store exists
MM-8406Core JSONJSON_Possible and lower level functions should return an error instead of outputting a JSON response error
MM-8494Core JSONMaintenance mode IPs are not verified in all scenarios
MM-8821Core JSONProductImage_Upload fails if graphics/ directory does not exist
MM-9790Core JSONUsing a large amount of custom fields can cause a too many tables error in MySQL / MariaDB
MM-9802Core JSONJSON_Array_Coalesce_Integer not wrapping value in int()
MM-3089Core RuntimeRuntime: able to create an order with duplicate shipping charges.
MM-5268Core RuntimeRace condition when adding tax and shipping charge to an order at runtime.
MM-8101Core RuntimeInconsistent spelling of Cancelled status on ORDS page
MM-9201CSSUI TemplatesWhen multiple split payments are in use, the OPAY page incorrectly displays "Entire Order Total" instead of "Remaining Order Total"
MM-8370CustomersCustomer email addresses are truncated to 50 characters, causing login issues if the email address exceeds this length restriction
MM-9893CustomersPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CustomerAddress_Delete never resets the default shipping / billing IDs for the customer record
MM-7394Database Abstraction LayerFailure to decrypt the database password causes a connection to be made without a password
MM-3866Database LayerDatabase columns that store a time_t should use a numeric or native date/time datatype
MM-3966Database LayerIndex sNN_Baskets_1 on sNN_Baskets should be a unique index
MM-7792Database LayerExpired basket deletion with a large number of baskets takes too long
MM-7957Database LayerProduct list cache population query needlessly joins to inventory tables
MM-7985Database LayerImage_Load_File: Case insensitive filename matching leads to inability to use an image with same name but different casing
MM-8397Database LayerStore_Delete attempts to delete non-existent sNN_UserPreferences table
MM-9283Database LayerDefault customer order history list uses an unindexed query on sNN_Orders
MM-7643Digital DownloadsDigital Downloads: An order item consisting of a digital download should be split into separate order items when the quantity is more than 1
MM-5456Discounting SubsystemShipping discount totals are not updated when recalculating shipping from admin
MM-5458Discounting Subsystem"Invisible" tax/shipping charges can impact the discounting process
MM-5465Discounting SubsystemApplying or removing a discount from an order removes COD charge
MM-8845Discounting SubsystemDiscounts get calculated incorrectly for Variant part products when using sum of parts.
MM-8759FacetsFacet multi-option logic is inconsistent.
MM-7537FeedsTemplate Data Feed: Feed fails to load inactive products using Load Variants checkbox
MM-6343Framework Import/ExportFramework export only exports image references in CSS files that use the %STORE_BASEREF% token
MM-7511Framework Import/ExportFrameworks exported with images in the sNN_Images table should be including an Image_Add tag
MM-7606Gift CertificatesAdmin log messages for updating a Gift Certificate show as created.
MM-7654Gift CertificatesGift certificate redeemed does not properly set order status.
MM-7309MMBatchListUnicode RTL / LTR characters are added to date fields when downloading batchlist CSV data in IE 11 and Edge
MM-7593MMBatchListMMBatchLists using sort-only "Display Order" columns are unintentionally sending display order data on insert/update
MM-7728MMBatchListMMBatchList: Column names should be entity encoded when output
MM-7779MMBatchListAssign lists implementation of delete has the potential for confusion
MM-8036MMBatchListMMBatchList should trap errors related to encodeURIComponent and display a nicely formatted error instead
MM-8815MMBatchListJS error when scrolling multiple times in a mmbatchlist before the list completes loading
MM-7777MMTextEditorImproper layout of the "Find & Replace" Overlay when exiting Fullscreen in MMTextEditor (Source Code)
MM-7858MMTextEditorNo "Table Overlay" in first column when the Table in MMTextEditor is at the most Left/Right of the Screen
MM-7861MMTextEditorBrowser freezes then crashes after selecting "Find & Replace" button in Rich Text Editor
MM-9306MMTextEditorMMTextEdit, table border set to none prevents the border from being set to anything else.
MM-9785Module: afilexprtExport modules that support emailing the exported files need to be sent from the store's email address
MM-8592Module: applepayApplepay should not allow cancelation while the order is processing.
MM-7784Module: authnetAuth.net always sends x_description=Miva+Merchant+Order
MM-8470Module: authnetAuthorize.Net: The wrong card type can be displayed in the Order Payment details in certain scenarios
MM-8826Module: authnetAuthorize.Net: The wrong card type can be displayed in the Order Payment details when using MivaPay.
MM-9392Module: braintreeBraintree: Private Key and Confirm Private Key fields are not validated the same
MM-8401Module: chasepaytechChase Paymentech: autocomplete=off is missing on Orbital Password fields
MM-8509Module: cmp-cssui-addressbookun-checking customer address as the default still remains as default
MM-8411Module: cmp-cssui-cattreeComponentModule_Initialize should hard code a value of 0 when loading the category tree
MM-7868Module: cmp-cssui-mivapayUnstoredTokenExpiration is sent in the wrong units
MM-8035Module: cmp-cssui-orderlistOrder history should display the orders in descending order
MM-7821Module: cmp-cssui-prodlistLarge numbers of facet values are handled very inefficiently
MM-7932Module: cmp-cssui-searchfieldCSSUI Search Field: Search Preview Settings: Custom field selections are not saved if they are the only change made when using Advanced Mode
MM-9827Module: cmp-cssui-searchfieldAdvanced mode Calculate Predicted Discounts and Sale Price is not saved unless other settings are also saved
MM-8491Module: cmp-cssui-urlscmp-cssui-urls should check api version before calling StoreUIModule_Screen_Secure
MM-9063Module: cmp-cssui-uslmltplattrSelection for radio and select options is lost between page loads
MM-7573Module: cmp-mv-attributemachineComponentModule_Prerender should not be attempting to find selected options if l.settings:preload is not set
MM-8407Module: cmp-mv-attributemachineComponentModule_Prerender should initialize the last selected count to 0
MM-7510Module: cmp-mv-contentFatal error on template compiled with invalid template code
MM-7686Module: cmp-mv-http-headersHTTP Headers: Headers created with a space at the end become uneditable after update to MM9
MM-7571Module: cmp-mv-stdcatfieldsSearch preview link does not clear current category.
MM-7547Module: cmp-mv-stdshipmentfieldsFix invalid tag definition at the start of the module
MM-5466Module: codIt is trivially easy to bypass the COD charge
MM-8743Module: codUpdate sNN_COD.price column
MM-9476Module: combofacetsThe Combination Facets module fails to install when the runtimecombofacets JavaScript resource already exists
MM-4032Module: customfieldsCustom order fields are not populated prior to sending order notification emails
MM-7439Module: customfieldsClicking enter from an order custom field (text field) does not close the custom fields dialog box
MM-8351Module: customfieldsCustom Fields: Module_Product_Field_Value_Array should not return an array when the fields are empty
MM-8558Module: customfieldsCustom fields, custom field groups are not exported in the Batchlist CSV export.
MM-9673Module: customfieldsSearching multitext custom fields is implemented extremely inefficiently
MM-8168Module: devatEuropean VAT: Multiple output encoding issues
MM-8355Module: discount_addonAdd to basket discount, adds product to basket but doesn't discount it in some cases
MM-7782Module: discount_basketBasket Discount: Maximum Discount Amount field references invalid field in FieldError call
MM-7798Module: discount_salepriceModule: Specific Sale Price: Duplicate sale price input fields are displayed when a product is assigned to multiple categories
MM-7819Module: discount_salepriceRecalculating discounts for specific sale price gets confused when negative basket charges are present
MM-8115Module: discount_salepriceDiscount_saleprice, sale Pricing tab is not displayed on the product with only the product subscriptions are discounted.
MM-8142Module: discount_salepriceSpecific sale prices should be allowed to increase the price of an item
MM-9358Module: discount_salepriceSpecific Sale Price does not distinguish subscription terms in sale price tab group in product edit
MM-8498Module: discount_shipping_basketHigh priority Shipping discount will exclude other discounts even when the basket total is not met
MM-6374Module: discount_shipping_productStacked product-level shipping discounts on the same method are not calculated properly
MM-7369Module: discount_shipping_productModify Shipping Discount (Discounted Products Only) to use the eligibility capability instead of items
MM-9933Module: discount_shipping_productShipping discount (discounted products only) displays fatal eof error when selecting shipping methods that are not always available.
MM-7591Module: discount_volumeVolume Discount, Absolute price, Basket price is off by $0.01 when product price and absolute price match.
MM-7796Module: discount_volumeModule: Volume Pricing: Volume pricing table becomes duplicated on products when both the price group and product are assigned to multiple categories
MM-8044Module: discount_volumeVolume pricing import should allow the import of 0% values.
MM-7274Module: endicialabelsEndicia labels should support stealth postage.
MM-7881Module: flatordModule: Export Orders to Flat File: Custom field values for Order custom fields get exported for all following orders once a value is set
MM-7504Module: imagemanagementImage Management: Check for updated images takes too long on large data sets
MM-8596Module: imagemanagementImage management, check for updated images should gracefully handle errors when the file is missing.
MM-9589Module: imagemanagementImageManagement_Delete_UnreferencedImages does not work in certain scenarios on MivaSQL
MM-9594Module: imagemanagementModule_Notify_Image_Delete fails to be called in certain scenarios
MM-9845Module: mailchimpMailChimp does not install properly if the "mailchimp" JavaScript Resource already exists
MM-7140Module: marketplacesMarketplaces: Etsy: Syntax error when importing orders
MM-7429Module: marketplacesMarketplaces: Google Shopping: Item ID should be made available at runtime to make use of Google remarketing
MM-7778Module: marketplacesMarketplaces: Amazon: Unknown field when sorting Amazon Accounts by Country
MM-7791Module: marketplacesRuntime error when importing amazon orders from marketplaces if Customer Order Confirmation HTML Email is installed
MM-7815Module: marketplacesMarketplaces: Etsy: Product Listing Settings: "When it was Made" drop-down contains invalid values
MM-7892Module: marketplacesMarketplaces: eBay: Edit Shipping Policy: Handling time always displays as 0 days
MM-8405Module: marketplacesMP_EtsyItemSettings_Delete_ProductID should only call MP_EtsyItemCategory_Delete_Hierarchy when an associated category exists
MM-7879Module: mvcanadapostDouble clicking continue on OCST causes Canada Post rates to not be displayed.
MM-4951Module: mvfedexsoapinsured value skews shipping rates when soft goods are in the basket.
MM-7317Module: mvfedexsoapThere is no way to suppress the InsuredValue tag in rate requests
MM-7877Module: mvfedexsoapDouble clicking continue on OCST causes FedEx rates to not be displayed.
MM-7433Module: mvgaWhen analytics.js becomes blocked the add to basket button does not function
MM-6511Module: mvuspsUSPS Priority size restrictions should be updated.
MM-7878Module: mvuspsDouble clicking continue on OCST causes USPS rates to not be displayed.
MM-8365Module: orderworkflowConditions should include "length(xxx)" entries in the auto-populate dropdown for arrays
MM-9336Module: orderworkflowOrder workflows, conditions, field cannot be empty error does not get cleared when you set a field value via auto fill.
MM-3784Module: packbyquantityBox selection needs to be able to change as it is packing items when excluding boxes smaller than product dimensions is checked
MM-3785Module: packbyweightBox selection needs to be able to change as it is packing items when excluding boxes smaller than product dimensions is checked
MM-3591Module: paypaladvsNN_PayPalAdvTokens column is too long for MivaSQL
MM-4436Module: productimportImporting products should support multiple attribute templates at a time
MM-7919Module: ptbshipEditing a table to show a redundant ceiling does not display error
MM-7899Module: readythemeReadyTheme: Product Listings: Product links do not honor "Do Not Include Category Code" setting at runtime
MM-9964Module: readythemeReadyTheme: ModuleProvisionStore_xxx_Update error when the Code value changes case
MM-8404Module: report_productsalesTemporary table created with column "orderdate" should match the orderdate column type on sNN_Orders
MM-8403Module: report_salesTemporary table created with column "orderdate" should match the orderdate column type on sNN_Orders
MM-8380Module: report_subscription_statsSubscriptions Statistics Report: Subscription terms set to indefinite do not count as active unless processed within time frame
MM-7603Module: reviewbasketsReview baskets, deleting baskets from the batchlist causes orphaned basket records on all other basket tables.
MM-9117Module: squareCapturing payment after 6 days fails but returns 200
MM-9137Module: squareSquare backend changes have broken capture
MM-7789Module: statetaxChanging a state code results in a "State Not Found" entry in the state tax list
MM-7595Module: stdfacetsCase insensitive attribute option prompts can lead to loss of facet selection
MM-7619Module: stdfacetsFatal error at runtime search when square brackets "[]" are present in Facet codes
MM-7810Module: stdfacetsStandard Facets: Incorrect facet value count is returned
MM-7943Module: stdfacetsFacet Rules: Facet Display Names do not work properly in Standard Facets
MM-7909Module: stdschtasksStandard Scheduled Task: Import: The file being imported should not be accessible during import
MM-8575Module: stwizardStoreWizardModule_Validate returns 1 even when the sub-module Module_Wizard_Validate function fails
MM-4427Module: templatebatchreportsTemplate based batch reports do not properly encode "product-info" information
MM-8107Module: templatebatchreportsShipment picklist gets the wrong part product when an attribute template is linked multiple times to a product.
MM-8261Module: templatefeedTemplate Based Feed: Product variant feeds does not load all products when "All" is selected.
MM-8292Module: templatefeedTemplate Based Feed: Custom product, category, and customer fields that have the same code in multiple modules causes incorrect behavior
MM-7498Module: templateorderemailsTemplateOrderEmailXxxx_Load() calls could be eliminated
MM-7615Module: templateorderemailsAbandoned basket emails do not get sent for abandoned customer baskets
MM-7865Module: templateorderemailsTemplate Based Emails: Add / edit email dialog spells "Etsy" wrong
MM-8848Module: tokenlistTokenlist can not find variables on the page when called with mvtj.
MM-7876Module: upsxmlDouble clicking continue on OCST causes UPS rates to not be displayed.
MM-9279Module: variantimportVariant Import: Attribute / options are not validated properly in certain scenarios
MM-3514Module: vatGeneric VAT: Add configuration option to tax shipping charges
MM-7920Module: wtbshipEditing a table to show a redundant ceiling does not display error
MM-7621PaymentAvailable payment methods are not loaded when viewing the add product screen.
MM-7869PaymentUnstoredTokenExpiration for MivaPay transactions in admin is sent in the wrong units
MM-8223PaymentOrder Payment Cards are not deleted from MivaPay when the card is deleted from the store
MM-8256Price GroupsPrice Groups: Batchlist: CSV download does not populate the "TYPE" column when downloaded
MM-2652ProvisioningOrder_Add: Dummy basket created for CalculateCharges does not include variant_id
MM-7745ProvisioningProvisioning: Adding a gift certificate product to an order does not generate a gift certificate record
MM-7940ProvisioningProduct_Update: Comparision of codes should be done in a case insensitive fashion
MM-7986ProvisioningPRV_Order_Item_OptionList needs to set the order option attribute template attribute id
MM-7987ProvisioningPRV_Order_Item_OptionList does not properly handle Attribute Templates in certain scenarios
MM-8384ProvisioningProvisioning allows payment cards to be retained for zero days.
MM-8452ProvisioningCustomer_Update: Comparison of codes should be done in a case insensitive fashion
MM-9107ProvisioningProvisioning, ProductAttributeOption_Update does not update the code field properly.
MM-9511ProvisioningScheduledTask_Add and ScheduledTask_Update do not allow explicitly setting Trigger to an empty string
MM-6815Reporting SubsystemMain screen reports should be generated via scheduled tasks, rather than on page hit
MM-8329Reporting SubsystemCSV export of report data does not fully implement RFC 4180
MM-8408Reporting SubsystemMMCanvasChart throws a JavaScript error on empty datasets
MM-8417Reporting SubsystemMMCanvasChart does not scale small decimal values correctly
MM-8396Scheduled TasksScheduledTasks_Spawn_AsynchronousTask should verify a store is opened before attempting to run scheduled tasks
MM-9506Scheduled TasksFailure of a scheduled task that puts the store in maintenance mode leaves the store permanently in maintenance mode
MM-7577Shipping/Packaging RulesZPL Preview: Graph Box does not check against valid color values
MM-7578Shipping/Packaging RulesZPL Preview: SVG drawn barcodes with 270 degree rotation are not positioned correctly
MM-7579Shipping/Packaging RulesZPL Preview: Barcode 128 can generate invalid mod check entry
MM-7787Shipping/Packaging RulesShipping Method Rules: sNN_AvailGroupXShippingMethod / sNN_ProductShippingMethods tables not updated when a shipping method is renamed
MM-8120Shipping/Packaging RulesProduct variants should inherit master products shipping rules (exclude all unless permitted)
MM-7203SubscriptionsOrders should not allow the splitting of subscription items
MM-7630SubscriptionsProductSubscriptionTerm_Add, invalid value for term error is returned when the term tag is not present.
MM-7701SubscriptionsCSUB is not updated from framework when Cancelled Subscription Settings set to Hide
MM-8371SubscriptionsSubscriptions batch list, Process button should have a confirmation pop-up to prevent accidental orders.
MM-8438SubscriptionsJS error when attempting to validate an attribute on the Customer Subscription Add / Edit Dialog
MM-8605SubscriptionsSubscriptions, specific dates annually, next order date is always set to the first date of the next year.
MM-9237SubscriptionsSubscriptions, subscriptionfields, Display Estimated Shipping Charges does not account for product discounts.
MM-8506Template Import/ExportPage List: Template Import/Export: Importing / Exporting multiple pages will send off all requests simultaneously
MM-7805Template SubsystemTemplate Subsystem: CommonComponentFields_Initialize_xxx_CustomField_ModuleList_Load doesn't set the :skip flag and breaks backwards compatability
MM-8548Template SubsystemJavaScript / CSS Resources have incorrect cache busting behavior for absolute file paths with "local" resource types
MM-9052Template SubsystemJSON_Item_Delete allows items assigned to one or more pages to be deleted
MM-9525Template SubsystemEnsurePathPermissions doesn't work... at all
MM-9938Template SubsystemMultiple Template Manager JSON functions do not properly handle Local File resources with absolute paths
MM-2537Upgrade SubsystemUpgrade system does not properly handle patchprogress/patchstepprogress database errors
MM-3594Upgrade SubsystemPatch prerequisite errors result in an empty error message being displayed to the user
MM-9284UpsaleRuntime_UpsoldProductList_Load_Basket_Eligible inefficiently loads all records from sNN_UpsellXProduct to determine if a product has required products
MM-8157Wish ListsAdd all to basket button from wish list stops half way if any items are out of stock.
MM-9432Wish ListsProducts added to the basket from the wish list should group with similar product added to the basket from PROD.
MM-8617Basket still exists after failing to process a subscription based order
MM-9182Pre-calculated discount prices ignore exclude for same group exclusions.
MM-9421Order processing batch list has no way to capture payment for a selected batch
MM-9423Order Processing Batch List - Capture Payment for selected batch could timeout
MM-9704Order processing > shipments > persistent filter for “status>time limit>picking" does not return results.
MM-9738Product custom field values are no longer retreived through the Module_Product_Field_Query_Value API

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