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Item Level Sales Tax

  1. Overview
  2. Line Item Tax Display
  3. State Based Sales Tax – Rounding


Miva 10.01.00 introduces support for saving and displaying sales tax at the item level. This is useful for doing refunds/returns as Miva will give you the exact amount of Tax which needs to be refunded in addition to the item total. In addition, most all back office / ERP systems calculate and store tax and the item level so this makes it easier to align the order data during an integration.

As of 10.01.00 line item sales tax is the default and only way to calculate sales Tax in Miva. The sum of all the line item tax amounts plus any tax on shipping is summed up and displayed as the order level sales tax.

The following modules have been updated to support item level sales tax:

  1. TaxJar
  2. AvaTax
  3. State Based Sales Tax
  4. Generic VAT
  5. Shopper Selected Sales Tax

Note: Canadian VAT and European VAT tax modules have not been updated to support line item sales tax. These are planned for a future update.

Line Item Tax Display

When viewing an order in the Miva admin, if an item was taxed it is now displayed right under the item price. If noting shows here, that mean that item was not taxable.

If there was any tax on shipping that displayed when you click on Edit Shipping/Tax/Other Charges

The sum of the item tax + shipping tax will be what gets displayed at the order level. In this case:

.20 + 10.00 + 1.50 = $11.70 (Order Tax)

State Based Sales Tax – Rounding

Because all tax module calculate and store tax at the item, each items tax is calculated and rounded then added up to get the final order level tax. This is slightly different from how the module handled rounding in previous version. It used to calculate tax based off the sum of the order items then round. Doing the rounding at the item level is more in line with how other accounting systems handled tax.


The item level sales tax is automatically included in the JSON API for OrderList_Load_Query as a "tax" field.

There are two new fields: tax and formatted_tax

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