Customer Tax Exempt

This setting will allow customers to be marked as tax-exempt at the customer, business account or availability group level. Tax-exempt customers will not be charged sales tax during checkout.

Customer Tax Exempt
Customer Tax Exempt
Customer Tax Exempt Batch List

Business Account Tax Exempt
Business Account Tax Exempt

Business Account Tax Exempt Batch List

Availability Group Tax Exempt
Availability Group Tax Exempt Batch List

Shop As Customer

Shop As Customer is a useful tool that allows Miva users with admin access and the appropriate permissions to log into a customer account as if they were the customer all without having to have access to the customers password. This allows for troubleshooting customer issues in real-time and allows sales reps to place orders on behalf of their B2B customers using the same website experience your customers see.

To initiate a Shop As customer session, first navigate to a customer account you wish to log in. Select the record of the customer from the batch list and you'll see the Shop As Customer button appear:
Shop As Customer

When clicked you'll see this modal popup:
Shop As Customer

Share Existing Session

If the customer is currently logged into their account the option to share the existing session will be present. This means when activated the frontend will be exactly what they currently have in their cart and any changes made will be reflected in the customer's session.

Note: If the customer is not currently logged into their account, this option will not be presented.

Create New Session

Clicking the create new session button will log in as the customer using a unique Session ID so anything added to the cart will be separate from the customer's session.

Shop As Customer Info Tool

Once logged-in, a pill-shaped overlay at the bottom left corner (default location) will be present. This is an information tool which will only be seen by the admin user to provide information about the current logged-in customer:
Shop As Customer

This preview also gives the ability to end the Shop As Customer session.

Customizing the Location

By default the tool will display in the bottom left corner of the website, however it has the ability to be pinned to any of the four corners by selecting the icon at the top right. This will expand to show any of the four corners that the dialog can be moved.
Shop As Customer

In addition, this same information is available in the Miva admin:
Shop As Customer

Shop As Customer Reporting

Miva keeps track of which admin user placed an order using Shop As Customer and has built-in reporting to be able to run Sales Commission Reports.

Click Here to Learn how to set up this report

Customer Last Password Changed

Version 10 introduces a new setting to allow you to see when your customer last changed their password.

Customer Password Update

This data is also available as an on-demand column in the customer’s batch list which can be seen by applying filters and advanced searches.

Customer Password Update
Customer Password Update

The password update value can also be exported under Data Management.

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