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Miva 10.07.02 Release Notes

10.07.02 Resources (Release Date: 8/2/2023)

New Features & Improvements

Performance Improvements

This version includes changes that enhance both shopper and admin performance, especially on sites with large custom field tables.

JSON API Changes

Newly Available API Functions:

Updates to Existing API Functions

  • Runtime_UpdateShipping / Runtime_UpdateBilling validation on the State and Country fields now matches the normal checkout process
Additional Features
  • payments now pass the customer's IP address for Apple Pay requests.

Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Component Description
MM-12940Administrative InterfaceEditing inline CSS / JavaScript Resource source without specifying notes causes "undefined" to be set as the changeset note
MM-13082Administrative InterfaceMMButtonCustomElement occasionally drops svg content
MM-13086Administrative InterfaceOrder and Customer "Ship Name" and "Bill Name" columns are not sortable
MM-12847Core JSONJSON_API should call include a delay when a token is used outside the configured IP range
MM-13052Core JSONJSON_OrderList_Archive should only update the Order's pay_id if ALL order payment records are deleted
MM-13121Core JSONSorting by "payment_module" does not work as expected
MM-13146Core JSONRuntime_UpdateShipping / Runtime_UpdateBilling State & Country Basic Validation
MM-12959Core RuntimeBasket tax exempt flag is not kept between same session checkouts
MM-13085Database LayerOrder_Read should not have conditional check for payment_pay_id
MM-12962MMListMMList Term Search
MM-13161Module: authnetInclude the customer IP as part of the ApplePay request
MM-13042Module: cmp-mv-sequenceSequence PageItem_LookupDialog loads unassigned items
MM-12972Module: customerimportAdd tax exempt field to the customer import module
MM-13091Module: customfieldsCustom Field Search Improvements
MM-13224Module: cybersourceAdd missing tag to CyberSource American Express refund requests
MM-12971Module: flatcusAdd tax exempt field to the customer export module
MM-12875Module: mailchimpThe MailChimp module should only set the the tracking cookie when a page load comes in via a MailChimp link
MM-13188Module: productdataProduct Data Field generation can fail when dealing with more than 50 custom fields
MM-12939Module: statetaxTax is set to zero when a basket level discount is greater than the single item price for all basket items
MM-12942Module: taxjarCustomer Exempt Regions are not properly overwritten when updating
MM-13228Module: upsxmlUPS XML should use Encrypt_Payment_Password over bf_encrypt
MM-12938Page BuilderPage Builder Text Property validation fails with rounding errors on floating point "step" values
MM-12918Price GroupsPriceGroupLookup_Load_Product_xxx functions should not fail when a price group ID value is empty / 0
MM-13124SubscriptionsUpdate JSON subscription order loading related functions to load the order payment record using the order's pay_id

Customer Impact

  • The patch recompiles the Global Head template on every branch. This should no longer require TAC to send the necessary steps to customers.
  • Patch may take a long time to install if the site has 1 million+ custom field value records.
  • Customers with large amounts of custom fields should see significant improvement when it comes to searching and sorting custom fields in both runtime and admin.
  • Customers using the UPS module are having their stored credentials converted from Blowfish encryption to PBES2. This is due to OpenSSL 3.x no longer supporting Blowfish by default.

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