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Miva 10.07.00 Release Notes

10.07.00 Resources (Release Date: 6/13/2023)

New Features & Improvements

Branch Isolation Improvements

Improvements have been made to Template Branches and their content to ensure all resources are branch specific . This makes it easier and safer to leverage template branches for development and staging of website changes. These changes include:

  • Tracking & Versioning of Local File CSS and JavaScript Resources
  • Flex Components are now versioned
  • New Managed CSS/JS Resources for modules
  • Applying Frameworks to a branch will no longer impact production CSS/JS files

Click the following links for additional information on Template Branches, or using Template Branches with PageBuilder.

Support for level 2 & 3 payment data in CyberSource, Authorize.Net & Braintree
  • Level 2/3 data included data such as item level and tax/purchase order data
  • Visa/Mastercard will give merchants discounts on interchange fees for passing this data on certain transactions, lowering overall interchange fees
  • To learn more about Miva and Level 2/3 Payments, contact our Payments Team at
New Checkout APIs which allow Bill To and Ship To fields to be separated on different checkout pages
  • New JSON runtime functions to give developers the ability to collect and submit bill to and ship to fields independently and on different pages if desired
  • These APIs allow for a more flexible checkout experience
  • Runtime functions to initiate checkout and validate addresses
New Admin Forgot Password & 2-Factor Authentication Reset
  • Admin users can now reset their password via a forgot password link which will email them a way to reset their Miva admin password. For additional information click here.
  • Administrators can now force another admin user's 2-factor authentication to be reset. This will force them to set it up upon next login. For additional information click here.
  • Streamlined ability to create administrator user from the add user screen
JSON API Changes

Newly Available API Functions:

AvaTax Discount Handling Improvements

Previously, item and basket discounts were sent to AvaTax as a single summed total and AvaTax evenly distributed the discounts across all items. This caused incorrect taxes in some cases to be charged. Moving forward the logic has been modified to the following:

  • If an item has been discounted, we send the final discounted price to AvaTax.
  • Basket level charges are grouped together and sent as a single discount which is then evenly distributed by AvaTax to all items.

For additional information on AvaTax, click here.

Additional Features
  • Shipping method rules subtotal restriction now includes DISCOUNT charges in its subtotal calculation
  • New tools which allow for In-Admin Help & Guides to assist new users on how to use Miva features.
  • MivaSQL will no longer be supported as the Primary Database. It may still be used as the secondary key storage database and by 3rd party developers.
  • Sales Commission Report: Added option to split output by order source.
  • Apple Pay now has a Currency and Country configuration at the module level.
  • SVG and ICO file formats have been added to the default URI Management rules in .htaccess so these file types bypass URI Management like other image types.
  • Upon login Miva will now force encryption of merchdb.dat if credentials are not encrypted.
  • Existing Google Analytics module has been deprecated and now replaced with Google Analytics 4 integration via template code.
  • Added additional columns to the Transactions tab in Order Processing that will show an order payment's Currency, Environment, and Transaction Level.

Shadows New Features & Improvements

Google Analytics 4 Integration
  • Universal Analytics is being marked as end of life on July 1, 2023. All customers who use Google Analytics need to move to the new Google Analytics 4 before then.
  • Shadows now natively supports Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager.
  • For existing stores using Google Analytics, migration docs will be provided to allow for an easy migration.
  • For additional information on this, click here.
  • For the GitHub resource, click here.
Template code changes for new "module" resource type for CSS/JS used by modules

Miva Merchant Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Component Description
MM-11315Administrative InterfaceAdmin log messages should ROUND all "amount" values to 2
MM-11621Administrative InterfaceUsers with only PAGE modify permissions cannot upload JS / CSS resources
MM-11877Administrative InterfaceOrder_CustomerCreateDialog: Login field is not focused when the dialog is shown
MM-12478Administrative InterfaceOrderProcessing > transactions tab, slow performance with large datasets (1million records)
MM-12539Administrative InterfaceUpdate "Turkey" country name to "Turkiye"
MM-12587Administrative InterfaceValidate_String_NonEmpty_WithMaxLength_Silent functions have the wrong error message
MM-12655Administrative InterfaceCategoryLookupDialog_Column_CategoryLookup's button has hover text "Catgegory" misspelled
MM-12701Administrative InterfaceCreate Customer from Order dialog - Confirm Password field does not receive focus after "Passwords do not match" error
MM-12719Administrative InterfaceMMList Display Order Sorting in dialogs leads to dialog closure and broken fullscreen state
MM-12768Administrative InterfaceAdd a PA-DSS check validating the engine's security options
MM-13045Administrative InterfaceInclude timezone-agnostic timestamp in all admin activity log entries
MM-11553Core JSONAdd URL ondemandcolumn to CategoryList_Load_Query
MM-12097Core JSONOrder item group_id should be regenerated whenever an order item is updated
MM-12711Core JSONJSON encoding functions incorrectly encode the BEL character
MM-12840Core JSONJSON_Store should output the boxpacking and address module IDs
MM-12761Core RuntimeRuntime facets remain disabled after using the browser's back functionality
MM-12264CSSUI cssui_default_fwProduct not found using URI management should give generic error when product is inactive / unavailable
MM-12555CSSUI cssui_default_fwModify cssui_default_fw to delete only resource groups and resources it creates
MM-12552CustomersAdmin, address validation always sets address is residential to true
MM-12667CustomersDeleting all orders associated with a customer will leave order data remaining in the customers table.
MM-12672CustomersCustomer_InfoDialog: onEnter triggers js error
MM-12410Database LayerForce encryption of merchdb.dat upon login if credentials are not encrypted
MM-12595Database LayerAdd index to sNN_OrderPayments.dtstamp
MM-12706Database LayerSQL_Query_LEFT_OUTER_JOIN does not guarantee correct field order
MM-12710Database LayerAll Increment/Decrement Reference Count database functions need to be using DB_Increment_Lock/Unlock_Table
MM-12720Database LayerRemove all calls to DB_Increment_Lock/Unlock_Table
MM-12853Database LayerBasket line option discounts are not correctly copied over to order line option discounts
MM-11324Framework Import/ExportApplying a framework can fail when the imageroot matches a directory other than the imageroot
MM-12548Framework Import/ExportWhen applying a framework, CSS and JavaScript resources are created prior to deploying local files they may depend on
MM-12554Framework Import/ExportExported frameworks should delete only resources and groups that are used by the framework
MM-12570Framework Import/ExportFramework <Resources> sub-tags get empty members added unintentionally
MM-12011MMListMMList should support sending of CustomField_Values via JSON
MM-12715Module: amazonpayXSS in AmazonPay
MM-12747Module: applepayApplePay should support Currency and Country configuration at the module level
MM-12540Module: authnetSend level 2 and level 3 payment data
MM-12846Module: avataxAvaTax Price Reduction Discounts / Automatically Distributed Discount Changes
MM-12541Module: braintreeSend level 2 and level 3 payment data
MM-11221Module: cmp-cssui-cattreeCmp-cssui-cattree, provisioning, updating custom fields via provisioning on the category tree can fail if any of the custom fields are invalid
MM-12648Module: cmp-cssui-pchdftModule_Copy_Product deletes all existing managed properties on destination product
MM-10910Module: cmp-mv-clientdimensionsRegister Client Dimensions Cookies with Miva Cache Settings
MM-12610Module: cmp-mv-flexUnable to tell which group title is selected when there are errors in each
MM-12673Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex changeset handling needs to support base64 encoding
MM-12684Module: cmp-mv-flexFramework save does not export flex item data
MM-12833Module: cmp-mv-flexUse FlexComponent_Register and FlexComponent_Apply when exporting frameworks
MM-12834Module: cmp-mv-flexRequire Category only for "component" types
MM-12836Module: cmp-mv-flexDetect and flag locally modified Flex Components
MM-12839Module: cmp-mv-flexUnmanaged Flex Components and Resource Group Handling
MM-12854Module: cmp-mv-flexDeprecate "resources" attribute for FlexComponent_Delete
MM-12858Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component Versions should have white space stripped
MM-12874Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component: filepaths should sanitize the codes used in the path
MM-12876Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component Dependency comparisons should support "Not Equal To"
MM-12882Module: cmp-mv-flexComponentManager_XXX_Validate functions should be removed and the validation performed in the callers
MM-12907Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component Global Registry List / Dialog
MM-12908Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component Global Registry Upload / Download
MM-12909Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component Apply
MM-12910Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component List Delete: Dependency Validation
MM-12911Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component Upload Ignore / Overwrite
MM-12912Module: cmp-mv-flexFlex Component List Dependency Validation
MM-11811Module: combofacetsComponentModule_Page_Assign creates unused template
MM-12543Module: cybersourceSend level 2 and level 3 payment data
MM-11458Module: discount_customerspecificUndiscounted prices show as 0.00 rather than N/A
MM-11806Module: imagemanagementGenerated images that are also master images can be deleted in certain scenarios
MM-12646Module: mvgaModernise handling of Managed Properties during install/uninstall of the module
MM-12743Module: mvuspsUpdate the Priority Mail shipping validation to support 108 combined inches
MM-12860Module: orderworkflowModule_Provision_Store_AuthenticationCredentials_Delete returns JSON_Response_Error on Error
MM-10588Module: paypalcpAllow PayPal buttons to be output more than once on the same page
MM-12699Module: paypalcpPayPal CP Smart Buttons output the incorrect setting to change the button size
MM-12606Module: productdataGenerate Product Field Data scheduled task incorrectly throws a UI exception when discounts cannot be calculated
MM-11789Module: quoteManage Quotes: Custom fields do not allow default option to be deselected
MM-12519Module: quoteManage Quotes: Refresh button in quote overlay does not show updated expiration date
MM-12583Module: quoteSend Quote confirmation should use the confirmation dialog instead of an alert
MM-12584Module: quoteCopy Quote alert should use the AlertDialog instead of the browser alert
MM-12598Module: quoteQuote delete should use the confirmation dialog
MM-12644Module: readythemeRemove branch count specific provisioning logic and default active filter for Theme Components
MM-12647Module: readythemeMerge ManagedProperty_Update calls into creation of new Managed Property Versions
MM-12669Module: readythemeProvision image add behavior does not update image path when image already exists
MM-12645Module: report_coupon_usageField does not receive focus when adding a report with an invalid Display value
MM-12588Module: report_sales_commissionSales Commission Report: Add option to split output by order source when order source setting is "All"
MM-13072Module: squareSquare currency setting uses 4 characters instead of 3
MM-12756Module: taxjarTaxJar fails to create order transactions when an order has discounts
MM-12623Page BuilderProperty: List: Link - using Lookup does not update name in header
MM-13046PaymentTrack additional OrderPayment metadata
MM-12668Price GroupsMarketing, price groups, edit price group dialog does not save “not valid before/after” times correctly when editing the price group from different time zones.
MM-12671Price GroupsMarketing, coupons, edit coupon dialog does not save “not valid before/after” times correctly when editing the coupon from different time zones.
MM-11822ProvisioningProvisioning, CustomerAddress_Add has weird behavior when used with CustomerShippingAddress multiple times in the same file.
MM-12885ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_JavaScriptResourceXPage_Assign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12886ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_JavaScriptResourceXPage_Unassign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12887ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_JavaScriptResourceXPage_Unassign_All_Resource: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12888ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_JavaScriptResourceXGroup_Assign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12889ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_JavaScriptResourceXGroup_Unassign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12890ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_JavaScriptResourceXGroup_Unassign_All_Group: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12891ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_JavaScriptCombinedResourceXResource_Unassign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12892ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_JavaScriptCombinedResourceXResource_Unassign_All_CombinedResource: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12893ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CSSResourceXPage_Assign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12894ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CSSResourceXPage_Unassign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12895ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CSSResourceXPage_Unassign_All_Resource: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12896ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CSSResourceXGroup_Assign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12897ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CSSResourceXGroup_Unassign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12898ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CSSResourceXGroup_Unassign_All_Group: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12899ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CSSCombinedResourceXResource_Unassign: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12900ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_CSSCombinedResourceXResource_Unassign_All_CombinedResource: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12901ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_ResourceGroup_Update: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12902ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_ResourceGroup_Delete: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12903ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Domain_PrintQueue_Update: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12904ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Domain_PrintQueue_Delete: Outputs invalid return 0
MM-12429Setup ScriptFacility logging / payment facility logging should be hardcoded to local2
MM-12640Shipping/Packaging RulesProductShippingRules_ApplyInventoryVariantPackagingRules should use miva_ieee754_normalize
MM-12762Shipping/Packaging RulesSubtotal restricted shipping method fails to be applied to a basket/order
MM-12800Shipping/Packaging RulesUpdate ShippingMethodList_Load_Basket_LowLevel to check for a cached version of the shipping rules subtotal
MM-12624SubscriptionsSubscriptions, edit/add subscription(s) dialog, shipping method lookup never returns live rates.
MM-12641SubscriptionsSubscriptionProductShippingRules_ApplyInventoryVariantPackagingRules should use miva_ieee754_normalize
MM-12649SubscriptionsJSON_SubscriptionShippingMethodList_Load_Query should use the customer's default address when the Customer Address is not specified
MM-11631Template SubsystemScreen "Save Framework" does not ensure item modules are active
MM-12579Template SubsystemMove CSS and JavaScript resource add/edit into dialogs
MM-12609Template SubsystemCSS and JavaScript Resource Branch Isolation
MM-12611Template SubsystemChangeset Change List "Change Type"
MM-12612Template SubsystemChangeset Change List does not display user names or icons
MM-12615Template SubsystemTemplateHistoryList: Branch copy errors throw javascript error
MM-12628Template SubsystemChangesetList_Merge ignores assignment-only resource changes
MM-12633Template SubsystemRemove default_id from sNN_CSSResources and sNN_JavaScriptResources
MM-12639Template SubsystemManaged Property Branch Isolation
MM-12643Template SubsystemManaged Property image references are improperly decremented during branch copy when the source and destination property versions are the same
MM-12651Template SubsystemDuplicate type, code, product_id and cat_id in sNN_ManagedPropertyBranchVersions for better query performance
MM-12700Template SubsystemBinary ManagedContent Support
MM-12746Template SubsystemBranch-aware and improved TemplateManager_Generate_ResourceToken
MM-12752Template SubsystemDuplicate code in sNN_xxxResourceBranchVersions for better query performance
MM-12769Template SubsystemJSON_Changeset_Create_Validate_XXXResource_Changes does not clear resourcexpages between loops
MM-13043Template Subsystem"No Duplicate" Template Filenames can grow large enough to cause database failures
MM-13067Template SubsystemBranch copy and Changeset merge do not set user_id for newly inserted CSS or JavaScript Resource versions
MM-13068Template SubsystemChangeset Change List shows type as lower-case "scriptresource" instead of expected "JavaScript Resource"
MM-12597Universal SearchAdd Searchable Fields to universal search
MM-12674URI ManagementAdd SVG and ICO to the list of file formats to have URI Management ignore in the default .htaccess rules

Shadows Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Description
SHDWS-263Explicitly disable readytheme.css
SHDWS-295Products with Attribute-Prices display Base-Price Incorrectly on Basket & Order Item Lists
SHDWS-297Menu Displays Incorrectly at the Tablet-to-Desktop Breakpoint Transition
SHDWS-298Provide a user-editable CSS resource for customizing mmx-base
SHDWS-303Flex Component Picture Media Queries Are 1px Off Of CSS Breakpoint
SHDWS-312Hero Sliders display incorrectly on stores with normalize.css resets
SHDWS-320Improve the existing GTM-dataLayer JavaScript Resource
SHDWS-323Add tracking for GA4 Recommended events: For online Sales
SHDWS-329Add tracking for GA4 Recommended events: For All Properties (Basic)
SHDWS-331Track GA4 Form Interactions
SHDWS-334XSS Vulnerability Exists in Messages Content Section

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