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Miva 10.09.00 Release Notes

10.09 Resources (Release Date: 5/8/2024)

Miva Merchant updates include code and database changes that can take a short time to process. While we thoroughly test all updates to ensure they will not affect up-time it is still a good precaution to run updates outside of peak hours.

The 10.09 release includes the release of several new features, some improvements and several bug fixes. It also includes required updates for any customer using UPS for shipping, freight, or address validation. Please see below for more information.

New Features & Improvements

Multi Domain

Miva’s new Multi Domain feature allows you to use the existing Miva admin to run multiple store sites, allowing you the flexibility to offer shoppers your inventory in different, targeted ways.

With Multi Domain you could sell a subset of your catalog from additional domains, sharing the same customers, marketing settings and order workflows. You can also create a completely different store and manage it within the same instance of the Miva admin.

Visit the Multi Domain documentation for additional information.


The addition of the Collections functionality is designed to work in concert with the Multi Domain capability. Collections allow you to group products together, based on easily defined rules. In addition to Multi Domain, Collections can be used with categories, price groups and availability groups.

Visit the Collections documentation for additional information.

Combination Facet Flex Component

PageBuilder’s new Combination Facet Flex Component allows stores which use Miva’s native Combination Facet functionality to use the flex component to allow customers the ability to filter content based on those facets.

For example, an auto parts store using Combination Facets for things like Year, Make and Model, can use the new flex component as a fitment finder, to see if a particular part can be used with their specific vehicle.

For additional information, visit the Combination Facet Flex Component documentation.

UPS Shipping and TForce Freight Update - REQUIRED for ALL UPS customers.

This New UPS Shipping module implements the new, REST-based APIs for UPS shipping and label generation. For stores which used the UPS Developer Kit previously, the new module allows users to migrate their UPS Developer Kit configuration to the new UPS Shipping module. The module uses OAuth for onboarding, which should make the process easier than using the UPS Developer Kit Registration Wizard.

It’s important to note, the new UPS module does NOT include freight functionality. That has been replaced by TForce Freight.

The TForce Freight module should be installed to replace the UPS Developer Kit, and the module offers the same features as the previous module. The module also uses OAuth for onboarding, but will require logging in with TForce specific credentials. There is a migration option available.

Customers are urged to complete the update to Miva version 10.09 and follow the prompts to install the new UPS Shipping and TForce Freight (UPS Freight) modules by June 1 to guarantee continued functionality.

Please visit the UPS Shipping module documentation, and the TForce Freight module documentation, for more information.

Search Logging

The Search Logging functionality allows you to see what your shoppers are searching for, how many results each search receives and even allows you to track if the shopper’s search resulted in a purchase of the searched product.

This improved functionality, now an integrated part of the Miva admin, is designed to replace third-party modules.

Searches are categorized into three classifications:

Searches can also be “promoted” to a different classification during a shopping session. For example, if a customer performs a search anonymously, then logs into their customer account after the search, the search will be associated with the customer account.

Search log retention is managed in User Interface>Global Settings>Search Settings and can be configured to exclude bot-like activity, and prune records over time.

Store owners can also create a report of the Search Logs.

AmazonPay v2

The Miva admin now supports AmazonPay v2, giving customers access to the newest checkout technology from Amazon. This new module allows website shoppers to leverage their payment and address information, saved in their Amazon account, to complete a purchase on a Miva website.

Shoppers will be able to complete their purchase with AmazonPay v2, directly from the product page, the basket page, or through the standard Miva checkout flow.

Visit the AmazonPay v2 documentation page for more information.

AI Content Assistant

The Miva admin now supports, on an experimental basis, an AI Content Assistant through the use of ChatGPT.

The functionality requires API credentials for an OpenAI account.

When installed, the assistant can be used to generate Product Descriptions, marketing copy and any other sort of text you need for your website.

Visit the AI Assistant documentation page for more information.

WebP Support

The Miva admin now supports the use of WebP images, which can load faster, saving you bandwidth and saving your customers time waiting on your site to load. There are limitations, based on software requirements, which may require assistance by Miva support. Stores without the required libraries, will see the following message: “Miva now supports WebP, however, an underlying dependency has not yet been installed. Please contact support to have this prioritized on your account.”

Advanced Price Group Settings for Product Data Fields and Feeds

The Miva admin has been updated with changes to improve the performance of the “On Price Group Modified” trigger for Product Data Fields and Feeds.

The goal is to make the trigger more useful with sites that have large numbers of products or make heavy use of Price Groups with the “Apply To All Products Unless Excluded” setting enabled.

There are now three store-level advanced settings:

All three of the above toggles are enabled by default, but may not be best for your site, depending on the specific requirements and Price Groups configuration of the site. The flags are global and apply to all Product Data Fields in your store with the “On Price Group Modified” trigger enabled.

Miva Merchant Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Component Description
MM-13543Administrative InterfaceCreate new server timezone specific date pickers
MM-13693Administrative InterfaceJavaScript error when editing ship / bill address for an order in certain circumstances
MM-13714Administrative InterfaceMMColorPicker does not remove events when closed in FireFox
MM-13813Administrative InterfaceShip To and Bill To fields left blank after creating customer from Create Customer From Order dialog
MM-14063Administrative InterfaceJavaScript error in PageBuilder + Image Picker interaction
MM-14214Administrative InterfaceOrder archive dialog has the incorrect title of "Back Order"
MM-14301Administrative InterfaceMMSelect.prototype.RemoveOption should stop after removing the option
MM-13925Core RuntimeBasket changes no longer remove upsale items
MM-13936Feature Engagement LoggingFeatureEngagement_Pull_Latest_Dynamic fails to set an error code when status.json fails to decode
MM-13859MMTextEditorMMTextEditor validation error when attempting to insert a table with either one row or one column
MM-14250Module: cybersourceItem unit price sends the incorrect value unless using Level 3 data
MM-14251Module: cybersourceItem code / name / sku are not sent to Decision Manager unless using Visa / Mastercard
MM-14354Module: multidomainCached loader functions can leak data across multiple Store_Open calls
MM-14369Module: productdataProduct Data Fields and Feeds JSON functions need permission checks
MM-14392Module: productdataAdd module as a parameter for Element_ProductDataFieldAddEditDialog_HTML
MM-13515Module: ptbshipShipping total is susceptible to catastrophic cancellation
MM-13518Module: ptbshipModule should ROUND 2 when inserting the basket charge record
MM-13517Module: qshipShipping total is susceptible to catastrophic cancellation
MM-13520Module: qshipModule should ROUND 2 when inserting the basket charge record
MM-14415Module: report_subscription_product_statsSubscription Product Statistics: Gross Revenue metric does not properly handle *sNN_OrderSources* recordsa
MM-13607Module: templateorderemailsScheduledTaskModule_Execute_Subscription_Pending should use s.dyn_time_t instead of s.time_t
MM-13608Module: templateorderemailsScheduledTaskModule_Execute_PaymentCard_Expiring should use s.dyn_time_t instead of s.time_t
MM-13897Module: templateorderemailsDefault item templates do not have access page settings prior to creation
MM-14076Module: templateorderemailsSubscription related emails do not have the correct settings on creation
MM-13516Module: wtbshipShipping total is susceptible to catastrophic cancellation
MM-13519Module: wtbshipModule should ROUND 2 when inserting the basket charge record
MM-13678Page BuilderPageBuilder element property settings window closes upon entering space bar
MM-13696Page BuilderJavaScript error when closing PageBuilder overlay before the page is loaded
MM-13720Page Builder"Text Settings" menu still visible when PageBuilder overlay is closed in certain scenarios
MM-14408Page BuilderPageBuilder configuration screen flex icons can be cutoff depending on their size
MM-14241Price GroupsPrice groups that reference an invalid module can cause MvDO errors when viewing the Price Groups tab
MM-13958Scheduled TasksScheduledTasks_Spawn_AsynchronousTask can block on old, but still valid task lockfiles
MM-13959SubscriptionsSubscription insertion failures incorrectly increment product subscription term refcounts
MM-14414SubscriptionsSubscriptionOrderList_Load_Query does not properly limit sNN_OrderSources records
MM-14107Template SubsystemTemplateManager_Create_Page_LowLevel needs to set a default value for page:admin
MM-14547Template SubsystemCSS / Script Resource add edit dialogs do not include resource integrity attributes
MM-14325URI ManagementJSON_URIList_Load_Query has multiple issues related to LEFT OUTER JOIN values on PostgreSQL
MM-13901Utility LibraryInitialize_Async_Environment incorrectly sets module paths when no store is opened

Shadows Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Description
SHDWS-420The default value for [bask-url] should work on non-mm5 stores
SHDWS-455MMX_QuickOrder skews search-result-images when Miva is unable to generate resized images
SHDWS-459MMX_Button should validate the form before submitting
SHDWS-470OCST screen has incorrect formatting related to Billing Address line 2
SHDWS-473MMX_QuickOrder has a poor image alignment when images are not consistent widths

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