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Amazon Pay v2

The Amazon Pay v2 integration for Miva is the latest checkout technology from Amazon. It allows your customers to leverage their saved payment information quickly and easily from their Amazon account, along with their Amazon Address Book, to complete a purchase on your Miva store.

Amazon Pay v2 allows customers to buy right from the product page or basket page, in addition to the standard Miva checkout flow.

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Setup and Installation


If you have used the previous version of Amazon Pay, installing the new version to your production website can cause issues with functionality. Instead, follow these steps:

1. Create a new branch. For information on Branching, click here.

2. Install Amazon Pay v2 on to the new branch.

3. Test to make sure Amazon Pay v2 works correctly on the branch.

4. After successful testing, merge your template changes to your production website. For information on Merging Branches, here.

To install the module, go to Settings>Modules. On the Modules page, search for Amazon Pay v2. Click Install.

Once installed, click the Get Started button to connect your Amazon Pay Seller Account. If you don’t have an account, you can create a new Amazon Pay account as part of the installation.

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For customers on v1 of Amazon Pay, we offer free migrations to v2. Please reach out to to start the migration process.

Connect Amazon Account

A popup window will open, asking you to log in to Amazon Pay. Once logged in, you will need to complete their onboarding process with the final step being “Transfer Keys.”

Once complete you’ll see the Amazon Pay setting screenm, where there are configuration options.


Amazon Pay v2 will NOT work with ReCAPTCHA v3, without adding a new exclusion within the module. In the Miva admin, within the exclusions for the AUTH action, you will need to add the following:

Parameter: PaymentMethod

Value: amazonpayv2:

Payment Experiences

Amazon Pay offers multiple ways to purchase. If using the latest version of Shadows, all three are automatically enabled. However, these can be customized to whatever you wish to offer your customers.

Buy from Product Page

The Amazon Pay button can be added to your product pages. When clicked, it will add the item to the existing basket and open a popup to login to Amazon. You will then be redirected to an Amazon Pay Review Page.

The Amazon Pay buttons can be customized via point and click settings in the admin under the PROD page. Those options are:

Buy from Basket Page

This will open the Amazon Pay login screen. Once the customer logs in, they will be redirected to the Amazon Pay Review screen.

Miva Standard Checkout Flow

This follows Miva standard checkout flow and the customer selects Amazon Pay on OSEL just like any other payment method. In this flow, the Amazon Pay Review Screen is not used.

Recommended Default Button Placements

Product Page

Alt text here

Basket Page

Alt text here

Order Login

Alt text here

Customer Information Screen

Alt text here

Amazon Pay Error Handling/Declined Cards

In the event of an Amazon Pay declined card, the customer will be redirected back to the beginning of the checkout process and will need to start over, which will allow them to pick a new card.

Amazon Pay - Payment Mark

It is recommended if you are using Amazon Pay on your Miva store to also add the Amazon Pay payment mark in the footer of your Miva store.

For more information, visit:

Order Processing

The integration allows you to capture, void and refund from the admin on any Amazon Pay order.

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