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PageBuilder - Text Banner Component

The Text Banner component is a component that creates a text banner that stretches across the width of the page, giving you an opportunity to create a targeted marketing message to get the attention of your customers.

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On this Page

Component Name: The name of the component. The default value is Text Banner but it can be edited as needed.

Text Layout: This lets you decide if you want your text message to run Horizontal, from left to right, or Vertical, from top to bottom.

Alt text here

Text Layout: In the examples above, the top picture has the Text Layout set to Horizontal, while in the bottom picture, the layout is set to Vertical.

Banner Size: This sets the size of the banner, from top to bottom. The options are: Small, Medium and Large.


The banner will adjust based on the amount of text you are including in the banner. Ostensibly, the Banner Size function allows you to increase the space around the text within the banner.

Alt text here

Text Layout: In the examples above, from top to bottom, the sizes are Small, Medium and Large.

Properties: Text

Text Alignment: This aligns the text within the banner. The options are Left, Center and Right. If you have the layout set to Horizonal, this setting only applies to the Body Text. If the layout is set to Vertical, the Heading Text, Body Text and Button align to your choice.

Alt text here

Text Layout: In the examples above, the top image has the layout set to Horizontal, and the Alignment set to Center. In the bottom image, the layout is set to Vertical, and the Alignment is set to Center, so the Heading Text, Body Text and Button are all aligned to Center.


For the rest of the configuration options for elements like Heading Text, Subheading Text, Body Text and Button Text, please visit the Text Settings document, here.

Properties: Background

Background Image: Here you can set an image to be the background of your text banner. Clicking Select Image opens the Add Image page. You can upload a new image, select an image that is already in your system or add an image that is already on your server by using the path to the image.

The Image Settings subsection allows you to set specific images for when your website is viewed on a mobile device or tablet. If you don’t set specific images, the main image you used will be resized to fit.

Alt/Title Text: The Alt/Title Text is text that displays when a website visitor hovers their mouse over the image in question and its use is considered a best practice, particularly when it comes to SEO.

If you do not want a background image, you can click the box at the bottom of the Background section to open the color picker to set a color as the background for the text banner.

Advanced: Spacing

The Spacing section of the Advanced tab allows you to alter the spacing, or padding, on the top and the bottom of the component. This establishes the space between this component and the page elements adjacent to it. It is set in pixels.

Content Theme: The Content Theme setting allows you to quickly change the text and button colors when they are used over light or dark backgrounds. Rather than needing to go into each text element and individually changing them due to the background, you can change the theme of all of the elements quickly in one spot.

The Content Theme settings are:

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