Miva 10.05.00 Release Notes

10.05.00 Resources (Release Date: TBD)

New Features & Improvements

PageBuilder - PageBuilder is Miva’s native visual tool for building, launching, and managing website pages and content. PageBuilder is a marketing-focused content manager which empowers non-technical users to easily create a broad range of beautiful ecommerce site pages, without the need for a developer or knowledge of HTML. PageBuilder Features Include:
New Shadows Theme
  • Refreshed User Experience including implementing a new Style guide for buttons, fonts and styles
  • Integration with PageBuilder default layouts + components
  • Restructured CSS to support CSS variables
  • Drops Support for IE 11
Subscription Out of Stock Handling & Notifications
  • Features Include:
    • New store level settings to govern behavior when a subscription is out of stock
    • Scheduled Task will log subscriptions skipped when they are out of stock
    • Override options when subscriptions are processed manually: Override Out of Stock Handling and Process Out of Stock Notifications
    • New Out of Stock Email Template and Trigger
    • Subscription Inventory Projection Report: See projections of future inventory based on existing subscriptions
Separate Admin URL Domain Setting
  • A new domain setting for "Secure URL for Administration Graphics" has been added. This sets the foundation for int he future to have Miva's admin URL different than runtime.
  • This change isolates the PageBuilder in-admin Live Preview and leverages the web browsers native Cross-Origin security features
  • There is now a new PA-DSS checklist item, verifying that the admin URL is different than runtime
JSON API Updates
  • OrderItem_Split now returns the id of the newly created line item
  • Cost and Weight are now included in the Parts object of OrderList_Load_Query and QuoteList_Load_Query
  • All JSON functions now output the disp_order (display order) field if available. This allows external systems to read/view the display order of a product assigned to a category for example. This impacts the following public JSON API functions:
    • ProductList_Load_Query
    • ProductImage_Add
    • CategoryProductList_Load_Query
  • Newly Available API Functions:
    • SubscriptionList_Load_Query
    • AllOrderPaymentList_Load_Query
    • CSSResource_Insert
    • CSSResource_Update
    • CSSResource_Delete
    • JavaScriptResource_Update
    • JavaScriptResource_Delete
    • Page_Insert
    • Page_Copy
    • Page_Update
    • Page_Delete
    • ProductVariant_Insert - Standardized to match update function
    • ProductVariant_Update - Standardized to match insert function
New Runtime APIs for accessing product and category data across any page in Miva. These functions include features such as:
  • Dynamically generating and returning images at any dimensions
  • Loading Sale Price & Inventory data, public custom fields and attributes
  • Support for Redis Caching for faster responses
  • Functions Include:
UPS Worldwide Economy - Both Duties Paid and Duties Unpaid are supported.
  • Ability to add HS Tarif Code and Country of origin both globally and at the product level
  • Supports Real-time rates during checkout and in admin as well as shipping label generation
  • Must be contracted with UPS to show Worldwide Economy rates
Brand New Development Framework for Miva - Flex Components
  • New architecture for building reusable User Interface components for Miva
  • Native Flex Components are implements as web components, enabling JavaScript as primary development language
  • Leverages flex.json configuration file to define properties
  • Available Properties Include:
    • Textbox, Textarea, Checkbox, Radio, select, color picker, date picker, date & time picker, image selector, product lookup, category lookup, link, text/icon editor, rich text editor, slider, distributed slider, group
  • Flex Components are importable and exportable which enables local development process
Copy Page & Copy Page Rules
  • Copy any page to a new or existing page or layout
  • Create custom copy page rules to govern what is copied (default everything is copied)
New Module API Features & Functions
New Miva Employee Admin User Type
  • Any Miva Employees who creates an Admin user in store now has additional 2-Factor security requirements and will show a visual indicator in the Miva admin to identify them
  • Additional Requirements for these users include:
    • VerifyBrowser may not be disabled
    • Email address cannot be changed, is read only and must end in @miva.com
    • 2FA cannot be disabled
    • All standard Two-Factor authentication dialogs and controls for Miva Employee accounts are disabled since they are forced though a centralized Miva 2-Factor system
    • A "Miva" badge (Miva logo) is displayed next to user name in User List
Preview Site & Price Groups at a future date and time
  • Template Branch Widget now allows you to preview any branch at a future date and time
  • This allows you to ensure scheduled components and price groups all work as expected ahead of time
New Clear Basket Action – CBSK
External Refund Payment Module – Allows external systems (such has Netsuite) to push refund information back to Miva to ensure accurate revenue reporting from Miva.
Custom Page Fields – Ability to create/view/update custom field data associated with pages, in addition to new functions to read/write custom page data.
New Public Custom Field Flag – Determines if custom field is available in new runtime product/category JSON APIs
Redis Page Caching now supports bzip2 compression for HTML to reduce the overall size of data store in memory (~80% reduction) but adds about ~3ms to each cached page load (to uncompressed the data)
Runtime_PaymentMethodList_Load now has a helper function in runtime.js to make it easier to call on any page
Shipping Method Rules now take into account discounts applied to the basket
If a user with the Administrator privilege is created with an expiration date, that user can no longer self-extend or remove their expiration. Another Administrator user is now required to make such a change.
As a result of the module API changes added for Store Utility Modules, both Manage Quotes and Review Baskets can be accessed without the admin user having full access to Utilities

Notable Bugs Fixed

  • l.quote:items array not being reset between iterations on quote reminder/expiration emails
  • TaxJar: Any error returned from TaxJar in the scheduled task causes the scheduled task to exit
  • TaxJar: New transactions created after a refund transaction incorrectly uses the original transaction date
  • Subscriptions yet to be processed are included in the report data
  • PayPal CP – Recalculate taxes and update order total once full address is know
  • PayPal CP – Fixed Orders getting created with Missing address/email/phone information
  • MailChimp - Set MailChimp cookie with Secure flag
  • MailChimp - URL tracking parameters are now registered with Miva Cache Settings upon install so they are ignored from cache key
  • Template Based Feeds - note_count, dt_pwchg, tax_exempt, order_cnt, order_avg, and order_tot fields to the customer feed

Full List of Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Component Description
Coming Soon

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