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Miva 10.09.02 Release Notes

10.09.02 Resources (Release Date: 7/9/24 )

Miva Merchant updates include code and database changes that can take a short time to process. While we thoroughly test all updates to ensure they will not affect up-time it is still a good precaution to run updates outside of peak hours.

Display Basket ID at Runtime

Miva's 10.09.02 release includes the addition of a Basket ID display, which can assist in situations where a shopper needs help from a store with the completion of a purchase.

Previously, a store's customer service team would have to try to match a basket to a shopper with the basket total cost or other means, which could be difficult.

Now, when a shopper reaches the Order Summary screen, the basket's ID number is displayed for the shopper in the Need Help? section of the page. Then, when the shopper calls or chats for assistance, they can relay the basket's ID number of the customer service rep.

Alt text here

In order for this change to take effect, you will need to manually add the following code to the "helpful_info" content section of the Shadows framework.

For additional information, visit the Review Baskets document.

Venmo Support for PayPal Complete Payments

Miva now supports Venmo as a funding source as part of the PayPal Complete Payments module.

When enabled, on Miva versions 10.09.02 and later, a Venmo button is displayed, and the Miva admin will process the transaction via Venmo.

Alt text here

To enable, the store MUST be using the PayPal Complete Payments module. Then, on any template where the PayPal Smart Buttons are being used, in the Enable Funding Sources field, "venmo" must be entered for the Venmo button to be displayed.

Alt text here

PayPal Complete Payments Package Tracking

Another update to the PayPal Complete Payments module allows Package Tracking numbers associated with an order to be pushed to a shopper through PayPal.

This provides some protection against disputes, and streamlines the dispute process if one does occur. It also allows a shopper to track their package from the PayPal app. A tracking number can be provided for any captured PayPal transaction.

It's important to note, for sites that are using Authorization Only, they will not have tracking information sent when capturing until the Miva 10.10.00 release. For those sites using Authorization + Capture, tracking will be available on orders placed before the 10.10.00 release.

For additional information, visit the PayPal Complete Payments document.

Updated Braintree 3D Secure Implementation

With the release of Miva version 10.09.02, Braintree 3D Secure has been updated to collect and pass the required secure data fields in the 3DS Authentication Request.

This update is required to comply with updates to the Visa Secure Data Fields mandate.

The following data fields will now be passed to Braintree:

Miva Merchant Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Component Description
MM-14739Administrative InterfaceMMList: Showing additional on demand columns while the first displayed on demand column is still reloading data does not invalidate the loading data
MM-14793Administrative InterfaceThe Track Type column is not displayed in the Shipments list
MM-14814Administrative InterfaceMMNotification does not wrap long text
MM-14655Core JSONLegacy discounts are applied twice to attribute machine in certain situations
MM-14825Module: cmp-cssui-cattreeCSSUI Category Tree does not honor category limitations
MM-14744Module: cmp-cssui-stateselectState select module does not correctly set the state hidden input field
MM-14808Module: customfieldsCustomFields_Generic_Query_Search is missing a case for the 'NULL' operator
MM-14734Module: squareSquare refund order payments do not correctly store the card brand / last 4
MM-14824Module: upsrestAdditional handling indicator is not sent for rate requests
MM-14740Price GroupsJSON Price Group exclusions can return an invalid JSON response when the array of price groups is not in the expected format
MM-14742Price GroupsDuplicate Price Group exclusions generate a duplicate index error JSON response
MM-14760Template SubsystemSearching for Change Type "Created" in Changeset Change list does not work
MM-14778Template SubsystemDeleting pages, items, and layouts warns that they are shared across branches

Shadows Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Description
SHDWS-420The default value for [bask-url] should work on non-mm5 stores

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