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Miva 10.01.02 Feature List

10.01.02 Resources

Below is a list of all the new features released in 10.01.02.

New Features & Improvements

Template Version History
  • Version History for page templates is now easily accessible via a always visible button at the bottom right of every template
  • Full notes are now displayed to quickly reference the changes. The previous button to view notes has been removed
  • The Template Recall button has been removed. Now selecting a version will automatically preview it and allow you to click update to save
  • By default only the most recent 100 versions of template history are loaded for a template. All others are accessible via a new version history batch list modal by clicking "View All Versions"
  • Version History Batch list allows for searching and sorting of template versions, including Advanced Searches
Manage Quotes
  • Converting a quote to an order in admin now correctly updates the order source as "Quote" and source id to the Quote Id
  • Quote Information Page (QUOT) now supports image dimensions for quote items
  • Quote confirmation messages are no longer displayed under the Error Messages tab for each quote.
  • CSV export on batch list now works correctly when "expires" column is present
Item Level Sales Tax Support
  • Canadian VAT module has been updated to support item level sales tax
  • European VAT module has been updated to support item level sales tax
TaxJar Updates
  • TaxJar now has a setting to prevent Miva from pushing transactions to TaxJar. This is useful when a 3rd party system such as an ERP is creating the transactions in TaxJar
  • With this setting enabled, it's possible to leverage Miva's Order Workflows and its rules engine to do things such as waiting to push and order until at least 1 payment record exists
Search Performance Improvements
  • Performance for searches across multi-text custom fields has been improved
  • Runtime search using the "contains_term" now filters out duplicate strings for improved performance
Copy Product Updates
  • Copy Product now correctly generates a URI on the newly created product based on rules configured under URI Management
  • Copy Product no longer copies orphaned inventory product count records, leading to the product showing twice in runtime
Pages now support "View on Live Store" from within the Miva Admin
Sorting records in the Miva admin now supports searching with "Find in List"
Customer phone number has been added to the customer dashboard
Template Compile errors will no longer display a "Page XXX Updated" notification
A notification is now displayed when switching stores in admin
RMA Email template now correctly displays the variant image if the product being returned has a variant image
Universal Search in Admin now supports middle click to open up results in new window

Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Component Description
MM-10970Address ValidationAddress validation errors should always be able to be bypassed
MM-10133Administrative InterfaceMMList: Sort mode should support Find In List
MM-10163Administrative InterfaceChangeset View Notes dialog shows SetModified alert if you change the value
MM-10188Administrative InterfaceFeature Request: Add "View On Live Store" capabilities to "Pages"
MM-10227Administrative InterfaceLegacy template text areas no longer have access to template recall.
MM-10352Administrative InterfaceEndicia tracking link is out of date
MM-10425Administrative InterfaceUpsale: Misleading warning when attempting to delete (unassign) an upsold product
MM-10446Administrative InterfaceThe add subscription to an order dialog does not grab the part product SKU for variants.
MM-10479Administrative InterfacePersistent Filters for Batches on Order Processing Screen could be improved
MM-10480Administrative InterfaceOrder Processing Select State needs Primary & Secondary Buttons
MM-10613Administrative InterfaceShow Notification when changing stores
MM-10616Administrative InterfaceProduct > Images: Row height is fixed
MM-10629Administrative InterfaceIt is possible for a start date to be set after an end date in Order Processing Date Range
MM-10653Administrative InterfaceMMDialog_Skin instances do not trigger MivaDialogRegistry_OnResize
MM-10656Administrative InterfaceRecalculate shipping dialog, long shipping method names cause can cause horizontal scroll.
MM-10700Administrative InterfaceIt is possible to get stuck in a tabbing loop when tabbing through universal search
MM-10701Administrative InterfaceAfter update to mm10, mini-Basket Image Dimensions can not be updated.
MM-10711Administrative InterfaceCustomer, change password error dialog cuts off the end of long tailed letters.
MM-10716Administrative InterfaceGlobal Navigation: Menu arrows should be consistent
MM-10724Administrative InterfaceTax modules should be shown in alphabetical order
MM-10746Administrative InterfaceMMList: Date/Time Custom Fields don't show the "year" selector when no value exists
MM-10756Administrative InterfaceAll lists that call onerror need to be passing the error_code and error_message parameters
MM-10765Administrative InterfaceOrder Processing: Adding line item with checkbox attribute stores the checkbox value in data
MM-10777Administrative InterfaceDisabled options in MMList dropdowns can be selected by using keys
MM-10846Administrative InterfaceOrder Processing, capture results are sometimes missing captured amount.
MM-10926Administrative InterfaceCustom field structures should accept a :readyonly member to signify to lists whether the field are editable or not
MM-10958Administrative InterfaceOrder Processing: Adding a product to an order does not auto populate attributes unless a customer is applied to the order
MM-10961Administrative InterfaceMIVA logo link does not allow middle/control click to open in new tab
MM-10965Administrative InterfaceShipping cost doesn't recalculate when discount is removed
MM-10972Administrative InterfaceBroken links when Universal searching for customer
MM-11006Administrative InterfaceRecalculate shipping dialog should default to <select one> when the previously selected method is no longer available.
MM-11014Administrative InterfaceAJAX_Call_JSON_FieldList / AJAX_Call_Module_JSON_FieldList do not handle duplicate fields (arrays)
MM-11033Administrative InterfaceUniversal Search results should allow middle click
MM-11040Administrative InterfaceHighlighting Text in the Text Editor and hitting return does not delete the text
MM-11074Administrative InterfaceOrder processing, subscriptions tab, persistent filter dropdown breaks on refresh if the batchlist columns are not default.
MM-11075Administrative InterfaceUpdate View Ticket link on the Miva admin homepage to support Zendesk
MM-11112Administrative InterfaceView All Versions button is not present after scrolling down the versions list
MM-11117Administrative InterfaceChange alert not given after editing a legacy text field
MM-10947Copy ProductCopying a product does not auto generate a URI based on the rules configured in URI Management
MM-10981Copy ProductCopy product should not copy orphaned inventory product count records
MM-10930Core JSONJSON_OrderCharge does not output currency fields with a formatted_ version
MM-10969Core JSONJSON_APITokenFunction_Insert does not support module codes with certain characters
MM-10979Core JSONJSON_ShipmentTrackingLinkList_Load_Query fails if passed Store_Code
MM-8707Core JSONJSON_ShipmentTrackingLinkList_Load_Query
MM-10708Core RuntimeRuntime: Prouct weight, when updated through attribute machine, is not rounded to 2 decimal digits like it is on initial load
MM-10975Core RuntimeRuntime search using the "contains_term" search mechanism should filter out duplicate strings
MM-10707CSSUI cssui_default_fwcssui_default_fw's Product Display Layout does not properly update displayed weight through Attribute Machine
MM-10876CustomersCustomer dashboard name tag inconsistency.
MM-10962CustomersAdd Phone Number to the Customer Dashboard
MM-10618Database LayerGenerated product variants can sometimes attempt to create a product with a name that is too long
MM-10793Database LayerStore_Open should clear store cache when changing stores
MM-10922Digital DownloadsDigital Downloads should use TemplateManager_Render_Page_Cache for screens it renders
MM-10964Digital DownloadsManage Quotes should use TemplateManager_Render_Page_Cache for screens it directly renders
MM-10217FacetsLarge number of facets takes an absurdly long time to load
MM-10894Import/Export ModulesExport_Product/Category/Order_CustomFields does not pass the correct module structure to the API functions
MM-10950JSON APIAPI Multi-call range responses omit the Reason-Phrase portion of the response status line
MM-10951JSON APISpecifying an X-Miva-API-Timeout value of 0 always processes 0 requests
MM-10733MMBatchListChanging a batch list column width can accidentally trigger column edit
MM-10902MMBatchListFind in list counter should be cleared when the search value changes.
MM-10903MMBatchListUsing advanced search after find in list search does not correctly switch the search type.
MM-11008MMBatchList"Edit Order Custom Field(s)" button remains visible after hiding all order custom fields
MM-10944Module: canvatImplement item-level sales tax for Canadian vat tax module
MM-11009Module: canvatImplement TaxModule_Calculate_Order function in canvat
MM-9664Module: cmp-cssui-addressbookTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-9662Module: cmp-cssui-afaeTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-9661Module: cmp-cssui-attributesTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-10675Module: cmp-cssui-custfieldsRuntime Validated Address picker does not fill out the StateSelect field correctly
MM-11096Module: cmp-cssui-custfieldsDefault framework template does not have the updated customer fields stateselect code
MM-11119Module: cmp-cssui-custfieldsCustomer Create fails in cssui with address validation enabled
MM-11126Module: cmp-cssui-custfieldsACAD/ACED page not sending Customer_XXXValidated in form submit
MM-9658Module: cmp-cssui-datepickerTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-9657Module: cmp-cssui-hdftTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-9656Module: cmp-cssui-invc-custfieldsTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-10963Module: cmp-cssui-orderlistOrder History List Layout: Default sorting options are not checked after 10.01.00 upgrade
MM-9654Module: cmp-cssui-sitemapTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-10500Module: cmp-mv-attributemachineAttribute options with a code that is a sting of zeros can overwrite the attribute option default flag.
MM-10670Module: cmp-mv-attributemachineAttribute Machine fails to find the Purchase Buttons if the button is missing a type
MM-9641Module: cmp-mv-contentTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-9640Module: cmp-mv-imagemachineTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-8088Module: cmp-mv-minibaskMini-Basket Maximum Product Name Length is not reflected in runtime.
MM-10703Module: cmp-mv-shipestimateRandom 1 output at the bottom of the SERT page in admin.
MM-10424Module: cmp-mv-stdreturnfieldsTemplate Based Emails: RMA email does not make use of the product variant image
MM-10976Module: customfieldsSearch of multitext custom fields where the search string matches many records is still inefficient
MM-10945Module: devatImplement item-level sales tax for European vat tax module
MM-10419Module: discount_salepriceView subscriptions permission should not be required to see the sales price tab on a product.
MM-10693Module: discount_salepriceRename JSON_ProductSubscriptionTerm_SalePriceList_Load to JSON_ProductSubscriptionTerm_SalePriceList_Load_Query
MM-9638Module: discount_volumeTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-10747Module: flatrateFlat Rate Shipping: Method update / delete should be done on ID instead of the Method
MM-10473Module: imagemanagementImage Management - Check for updated images scheduled task should check for dangling generated images
MM-10481Module: imagemanagementImage managements browser actions do not log to the admin log
MM-11064Module: marketplacesMarketplaces: eBay: Unknown Error when adding a Shipping Service
MM-11072Module: mvfedexsoapFedEx Web Services: Wrong weight value is sent when store is configured to use ounces / grams for its weight unit
MM-10637Module: orderworkflowOrder Workflow: JSON functions should be updated to use JSON_Input_XXX
MM-11007Module: qshipQuantity Based Shipping: Searching does not work on PostgreSQL
MM-10600Module: quoteManage Quotes: Converting a quote to an order should set the order's source to quote with the quote ID
MM-10605Module: quoteManage quotes: quotes batchlist, csv export hits JS error when exporting the expires column.
MM-10609Module: quoteManage quotes confirmation information message floods CSSUI Messages with dozens of unique messages
MM-10610Module: quoteAdd support for image dimensions
MM-11073Module: srchrplcTemplate Search and Replace "Search" operation can time out
MM-11099Module: statetaxTaxModule_Calculate_Order is using g.Basket for state/country
MM-10952Module: taxjarTaxJar should have an option to disable automatic TaxJar order creation
MM-10968Module: taxjarTaxJar loads too many categories on every edit product page load
MM-10923Module: templateorderemailsScheduledTaskModule_Execute_AbandonedBasket has 'Scheudled' typo in name
MM-8656Module: templateorderemailsJSON_TemplateOrderEmailList_Load_Query
MM-10635Module: upgwizardUpgrade wizard still says mm9 on some screens.
MM-9633Module: upsxmlTemplate compilation errors will display an alert message, but the page still says updated
MM-10769ProvisioningProvisioning: Order_Add_Item does not update order total and order status
MM-10770ProvisioningProvisioning: Order_Update_Item does not update order status
MM-10771ProvisioningProvisioning: Order_Delete_Item does not update order status
MM-10772ProvisioningProvisioning: Order_Add_Product does not update order total and order status
MM-10850ProvisioningRemove PayPalExpressCheckoutEnabled tag from PRV_Action_Provision_Domain_StoreCreate
MM-11015ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_Order_Add_Product evals the Customer_Load_ID call
MM-11032ProvisioningPRV_Action_Provision_Store_Report_Add uses "invalid" return syntax
MM-9111ProvisioningProvisioning code updating templates needs to be rethought for branches
MM-11104Shadows FrameworkUpdate to the latest version of Shadows
MM-10807Shipping/Packaging RulesShipping methods are present in the recalculate charges dialog but cannot be applied for an order with a negative total
MM-10615SubscriptionsAdd/Edit Subscription Dialog: Long term description causes "Quantity" to wrap onto new line
MM-10661SubscriptionsTypo in Action_CustomerSubscription_Update leads to empty payment card record passed to Subscription_CreateBasket_LowLevel
MM-10835SubscriptionsRequired checkbox attributes do not appear as bold when adding a subscription in admin
MM-10749Template SubsystemBranch Runtime widget does not render fonts in come cases because they use relative paths
MM-10916Template SubsystemItemList Module column should use MMBatchList_Column_ModuleList
MM-10943Template SubsystemTemplateManager_Copy_Branch_ResourceFilename does not properly handle paths containing "./" and "../"
MM-10980Template SubsystemItemExtensionList Module column should use MMBatchList_Column_ModuleList
MM-11005Template SubsystemCSS Resource attributes are not correctly set for combined resources
MM-11103Template SubsystemJSON_TemplateVersionList_Load_Query uses the wrong filter for the user_id column
MM-11101URI ManagementURI, Updating a Screen URI to any other kind of URI does not clear the screen value.
MM-10928Utility LibraryAdd file_last_error() call to EnsurePathPermissions error messages
MM-10267Wish ListAdding A product from a wishlist to the cart fails if the product has an attribute id of 0

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