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Miva 10.08.02 Release Notes

10.08.02 Resources (Release Date: 1/23/2024)

Miva Merchant updates include code and database changes that can take a short time to process. While we thoroughly test all updates to ensure they will not affect up-time it is still a good precaution to run updates outside of peak hours.

The focus of the 10.08.02 update is the new Quick Order Flex Component, also known simply as "Quick Order." This tool allows both B2B and B2C customers to improve and expedite the purchasing process by allowing them to search for a product right from the page the Quick Order Flex Component has been added to. There are also several bug fixes included in this release. The full list is below.

New Features & Improvements

Quick Order Flex Component

Miva 10.08.02 - Quick Order Component from Miva on Vimeo.

Miva’s Quick Order functionality allows your website customers to quickly and efficiently add products, singularly or in bulk, to their shopping cart, expediting the buying process and making purchases easier.

The component is customizable. On the left rail of the page, you can change the Component Name, the Heading Text and Alignment, and whether or not you will allow Bulk and CSV Imports. Each of the import options have customizable sections as well.

For additional information, see the Quick Order Component document.

Flex Components Upgrades

In addition to the Quick Order Flex Component, the following Flex Libraries were also a part of the 10.08.02 release:

TaxJar Update

The “Other Exempt” or “99999” category no longer exists in TaxJar, so it has been removed from the Miva admin. Now, order charges can have configurable tax codes, similar to AvaTax. In addition, the following changes to the existing logic have been made, where the 99999 code was being used.

Here following provisioning tags have been added for this functionality.

Miva Merchant Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Component Description
MM-13950Administrative Interfacenet_amount for OrderPayment events
MM-13703Core JSONJSON runtime functions that manipulate the basket can potentially return invalid JSON
MM-13910Core RuntimeMulti-Add-To-Basket performs excessive basket discounting
MM-13839Database LayerAdd an index on sNN_Baskets.cust_id
MM-13907Module: braintreeBraintree should store and display Card Expiration date
MM-13944Module: cmp-cssui-prodlistProduct List components should take into account the basket's customer when creating a discount state
MM-13986Module: paypalcpPlaceholder basket is not restored after using "BuyNow" button on a productv
MM-13937Module: readythemeReadyTheme Navigation Item Edit Dialog "Delete" button does not work
MM-13906Module: taxjarTax code "99999" no longer exists and prevents orders from being sent to TaxJar
MM-14039Module: taxjarTaxJar Orders that cannot be refunded should not completely stop the scheduled task from being processed
MM-13787Scheduled Tasks"Run Once, Then Disable" scheduled tasks can run indefinitely in certain scenarios
MM-13852Scheduled TasksScheduledTask_Trigger overwrites task configuration
MM-13877Scheduled TasksScheduledTask_Trigger can fail to set the enabled / runonce flag is certain scenarios
MM-13981Scheduled TasksModify ScheduledTaskLog_Delete_All to use TRUNCATE
MM-13866Upgrade SubsystemRemove ability to create a ticket from the Upgrade Advisor
MM-13977URI ManagementURIs that end in common file extension suffixes can fail to work as expected

Shadows Bugs Fixed

Bug ID Description
SHDWS-335Remove unnecessary loading of fonts into the Shadow DOM of MMX Components
SHDWS-397mmx-featured-product's required-text-attributes should have [required] attribute
SHDWS-398mmx-featured-product should emit an event when the product is loaded
SHDWS-399mmx-featured-product should avoid loading product-data if product-data is provided
SHDWS-400mmx-featured-product's display should be improved for inventory-products without attributes
SHDWS-401mmx-featured-product should use [part] attributes to expose more elements for customization
SHDWS-402mmx-featured-product throws runtime console error on-click of a swatch-select's swatch
SHDWS-403mmx-featured-product should provide methods for understanding ADPR form state
SHDWS-404mmx-featured-product should provide options to show the product's code & sku as well
SHDWS-408mmx-featured-product should select attributes of provided product-data
SHDWS-411Reduce the AJAX load created by MMX_FeaturedProduct
SHDWS-412MMX_HeroSlider sometimes will set the slideWidth to 0px
SHDWS-417MMX_FeaturedProduct's AttributeMachine Generate_Discount is missing part
SHDWS-422MMX_FeaturedProduct should avoid initializing attribute machine for products that don't need it
SHDWS-437Add concurrency queue to mmx-base's AJAX calls
SHDWS-441Optimize MMX_FeaturedProduct's rendering when [data-multiple-images=false]
SHDWS-445mmx-featured-product is missing some :focus styles

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