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Page Builder

PageBuilder Overview

10.05.00 +
PageBuilder is Miva’s native visual tool for building, launching, and managing website pages and content. PageBuilder is a marketing-focused content manager which empowers non-technical users to easily create a broad range of beautiful ecommerce site pages, without the need for a developer or knowledge of HTML. 
Video Length: 2.18 minutes

PageBuilder Adding a Page

10.05.00 +
This video walks through how to add a new page using Miva's PageBuilder
Video Length: 1.01 minutes

PageBuilder - Using Template Branches

10.05.00 +
Learn how to use Miva's Template Branches to stage PageBuilder content changes and seamlessly push live with a few clicks.
Video Length: 2.36 minutes

PageBuilder - Duplicate Component

10.05.00 +
Learn how to use copy and duplicate PageBuilder components for easily re-using all your component customizations across any page.
Video Length: 1.15 minutes

PageBuilder Adding and Scheduling Component

10.05.00 +
Learn how to use schedule PageBuilder Components and preview the site at a future date and time.
Video Length: 1.15 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Featured Product

10.05.00 +
The Featured Product componnent allows you to highlight a single product on a landing page including the ability to show additional images, attributes and buy right from the page.
Video Length: 1.27 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Hero Banner

10.05.00 +
The Hero Banner Component allows you to display a single Hero Image, typically used on the homepage or landing page.
Video Length: 1.35 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Image Across

10.05.00 +
The Image Across Component is one of the most versatile components allowing you to display between 1 and 8 images side by side in a wide variety of combinations.
Video Length: 1.59 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Image and Text

10.05.00 +
The Image and Text Component allows you to display and image and text side by side. 
Video Length: 1.37 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Rich Text Editor

10.05.00 +
The Rich Text Editor component gives you a full rich text editor to have ultimate control over the content on the page. 
Video Length: 1.20 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Text Area

10.05.00 +
The Text Area component gives you a text block use for short content highlights on a landing or homepage.
Video Length: 1.01 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Text Banner

10.05.00 +
The Text Banner Component provides a text banner to highlight things like free shipping or other marketing promotions.
Video Length: 1.14 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Video

10.05.00 +
The Video Component allows you to embed an externally hosted video from YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting service.
Video Length: 1.40 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Product Carousel

10.05.00 +
The Product Carousel component allows you to pull in a list of products to feature on a page.
Video Length: 1.44 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Hero Slider

10.05.00 +
The Hero Slider allows you to add a multiple images to any page in a carousel or slider format.
Video Length: 1.23 minutes

PageBuilder Component: Category Carousel

10.05.00 +
The Caregory Carousel allows you to display a list of categories and their images on any page.
Video Length: 1.25 minutes

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