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Mivapay 1 - Enabling the Mivapay Service

ver.9.6 and later
This video talks about what Mivapay can do, and how to set it up in your store.
Video Length: 2.93 minutes

Mivapay 2 - Configuring Payment Card Types

ver.9.6 and later
Once Mivapay is installed in your store, you will want to configure Payment Card Types so customers can checkout with Mivapay.
Video Length: 4.03 minutes

Mivapay 3 - Customer’s Stored Payment Card Information

ver.9.6 and later
We have a look at how customers can store payment card information on your store using Mivapay.
Video Length: 4.32 minutes

MivaPay 4 - Creating a Subscription Product

ver.9.6 and later
In this video we look at Mivapay's ability to configure subscription type products and charge recurring billing with your Miva Merchant Online store.
Video Length: 6.97 minutes

Mivapay 5 - Offering Discount Pricing for Subscription Products

ver.9.6 and later
Its often good practice to offer subscription options that save customers money over just buying one off purchases. This video walks you through to process of doing just that.
Video Length: 3.12 minutes

Mivapay 6 - Subscription Management

ver.9.6 and later
Watch this video to learn how to manage the subscriptions that come into your Miva Merchant store.
Video Length: 7.25 minutes

Mivapay 7 - Email Notifications

ver.9.6 and later
The subscription functionality comes with a collection of new Email Notification options. We take a look at what they're for, and where to find them.
Video Length: 4.58 minutes

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