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Order Processing

Get your orders processed quicker with these tips and tricks. Quickly view all of your orders and learn about the advanced features.

Creating Orders Inside the Miva Merchant Admin

ver.9.0 and later
Do you take orders over the phone? Miva Merchant allows you to create orders on the customer's behalf right from inside the Miva Merchant admin.
Video Length: 6.08 minutes

Importing Shipment Information

ver.9.0 and later
If you're using a third party solution to generate your tracking numbers you can import the shipment data into your Miva store using this data import process.
Video Length: 5.18 minutes

Managing Etsy Orders & Shipments

ver.9.6 and later
You can review and process Etsy orders from the Order Processing screen inside of Miva Merchant. Here's how.
Video Length: 3.20 minutes

Mivapay 7 - Email Notifications

ver.9.6 and later
The subscription functionality comes with a collection of new Email Notification options. We take a look at what they're for, and where to find them.
Video Length: 4.58 minutes

Order Notes

ver.9.4 and later
Order Notes allows you to add notes to an order to help manage and keep track of an order's status. This video shows you how to get the most of this feature available in Miva Merchant 9.4 and higher.
Video Length: 6.40 minutes

Order Processing Overview

ver.9.0 and later
Take a quick tour of the Order Processing Screens in Miva Merchant. Also, we talk about the Legacy Order Processing Screen, and how to find it, if you still need it.
Video Length: 2.73 minutes

The Customer Orders Screen

ver.9.4 and later
New to Miva Merchant version 9.4, you now can access order information right from the in the Edit Customer screens. This video takes a quick look at this new functionality.
Video Length: 2.15 minutes

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