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Videos | Luxe ReadyTheme: Promo Banner & Category Images

In this video we will show you how to change the Promo image, the Promo text, the Featured Categories images and the Featured Categories text on your storefront page.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

This section here is called our Promo Image and the text is called our Promo Text. When you switch over to our ReadyTheme section in the Admin, you'll be able to find this under the "Images" tab. Look under "Storefront Promo Image." To upload a new image, all we need to do is click on the Promo Image, then either click on the pencil icon up top or double click on the the line item itself. Here we're going to go to "Select Image" to upload a new one. We're going to navigate where we have our new image, I'm going to select this one called "Ties Promo." Click the "Open" button, then we'll click on "Select" and then we'll click on the "Save" button. If we go back over to our store to view it, you'll see that we now have our new image uploaded. 

You can also change where this image links to by clicking on the "Link" dropdown menu. You can have it link to a URL, a product, a category or a page. For this example we'll have it go to the Ties Category. You can also change the Alt Text to whatever is relevant to your image/link. Click save and then go preview it on the live site. 

To update your Promo Headline and text, go back into your Admin. This time you're going to click on the "Content Sections" tab. Look for "Storefront Promo Block" and double click on the line item or click on the pencil icon to edit. Search for the current Headline "Committed to Style" and change it to something pertinent to your product/category. Right below that, you'll find a place to replace the text below the headline. Once you've updated your text, click on the "Save" button. 

Last but not least, you can change what it says on the button itself. Scroll down a little bit more and look for "Shop By Trend" and then replace that with whatever action call you'd like. Click "Save." Switch over to your live site and click on the "Refresh" button to see your changes. You'll see your headline, your description and your call to action text all updated with your new information. 

Featured Categories

Moving on to the Featured Categories section. There's two featured categories here. Feature Category One and Featured Category Two. You can have them link to a specific product, to a category page, to a custom page, you have a few choices you can choose from. Let's go swap out these images. For this example I'm just going to swap out the images from one side to another so you can get an idea how to change them out. 

We'll go into our Admin and click on the "ReadyTheme" quick link. We'll click on the "Images" tab. If you scroll down, you'll see "Storefront: Featured Category 1" and "Storefront: Featured Category 2." We'll start by changing out the Storefront Featured Category 1. We'll double click on this line item, I've already uploaded and image into our library so we'll just scroll down to that image, we'll change the text here under the "Alt Text" field, we'll change the link to to to a different category and then click "Save." We'll switch back over to the Live storefront and hit "Refresh" and now you'll see we've got our new text, our new image and if you click on the link, you'll see it now takes us to a new category page. 

That's an overview of how to update the Promo Banner and Category Images.

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