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4PSite And Miva Merchant

4Psite's order management system allows you to streamline and seamlessly manage orders through payment processing to inventory, fulfillment, shipping and returns, with multi-store integration. With 4Psite's new integration with Miva, you will be able to grow your e-commerce business and boost your revenues.
Video Length: 60 minutes

5 Best Shipping Practices to Grow Revenue

In this webinar, ShipWorks, the leader in ecommerce shipping, will share how ecommerce retailers can ship like a pro. This seminar will cover topics like how to optimizing shipping within your Miva Merchant store; how to streamline the shipping process; and how to scale shipping processes as business grows.
Video Length: 36.8 minutes

5 Easy Steps to Boost International Sales

Are you shipping internationally, but not getting much traffic or sales? Would you like to increase your international sales? Find out how Miva merchants are boosting their international sales in 5 easy steps. Presented by the company that has been driving international online sales for Abercrombie, Best Buy, Claire's, FTD, Urban Outfitters, and many others.
Video Length: 40.33 minutes

A Glimpse Into The Future Of Customized Checkout

Most abandon shopping carts happen while a shopper is attempting to checkout and its usually because of a simple problem the store owner doesn't even realize is there. Ultimately we'll be teaching you exactly how to accomplish one very specific goal: flawlessly move customers through your checkout process.
Video Length: 31.57 minutes

Bongo: Discover the Benefits and Challenges of International Shipping

ver. 9.0 and later
What are international shoppers buying? What Markets are growing? Is International Expansion the right choice for my Business? How does a 3rd party Global Logistics Provider operate anyway? These questions and more answered by Bongo International, one of the fastest growing US Technology Companies in The Deloitte Fast500.
Video Length: 37.27 minutes

Drop Shipping - Who's on the Hook for Sales Tax

ver. 9.0 and later
You can only guess that it gets worse from here. Corny jokes aside, this very common trio of characters in the world of ecommerce is an all too familiar source of confusion, especially among growing companies trying to be compliant with sales tax rules from state to state.
Video Length: 19.82 minutes

Exploring The All-New PayPal One Touch

ver.9.0 and later
If you haven't been able to make one of the Miva conferences this year, this is a great way to get up-to-speed on the latest from PayPal. As Miva merchants prepare for the holiday shopping season of 2016, PayPal can help you.
Video Length: 31.45 minutes

Getting To Know Miva Merchant 9

ver. 9.0 and later
Big changes are in store in Miva Merchant Version 9. We walk you through the new store admin to showcase the redesigned layout and added functionality so you'll know exactly what to expect when Version 9 is released in just a few weeks.
Video Length: 36.18 minutes

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Manual Sales & Use Tax Management

ver. 9.0 and later
For growing ecommerce merchants selling hundreds of products into multiple jurisdictions, sales tax compliance is a nightmare. In this session we will cover what you can do to help your company achieve compliance and audit protection with an automated sales and use tax management solution.
Video Length: 34.02 minutes

Introducing The Canada Post Shipping Module For Miva Merchant

ver. 9.0 and later
On November 27th, 2013 we held a joint webinar between Miva Merchant and Canada Post introducing the new integrated shipping module that allows merchants to offer shipping options through Canada Post.
Video Length: 38.85 minutes

Introduction To Amazon Payments for Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant and Amazon held a live webinar on October 31st, 2013 talking about the recently released Amazon Payments module. We explain what Amazon Payments is, and cover how to setup and use the service. After the presentation, we opened up the webinar to a Q and A session where attendees were free to ask questions they had regarding Amazon Payments.
Video Length: 53.48 minutes

Leveraging Non-Discount Offers for Success

ver. 9.0 and later
Many times we assume the only way to see success from "offers" is by discounting the price. That's not always the case. We'll walk through a number of successful strategies e-commerce sites have deployed to increase their revenue and conversion rates without lowering their price point.
Video Length: 280 minutes

PayPal For Miva Merchants

ver. 9.0 and later
Chip Vann from PayPal presents a webinar to show you how PayPal can help you sell more online, reduce your credit card processing costs, and how to make sure your website has a mobile-friendly check out experience. Chip gives a brief overview of PayPal Pro and Express Checkout products, and how Miva merchants can use them to generate more revenue and add more to your bottom line.
Video Length: 41.8 minutes

T-Hub By Atandra

ver. 9.0 and later
T-Hub makes it easy to connect your Miva Merchant store to your Quickbooks records. It works with various versions of Quickbooks like Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks POS. In this webinar we talk about the different versions of T-Hub and how it could work for you.
Video Length: 55.33 minutes

When is outsourcing order fulfillment the best choice for your business?

ver. 9.0 and later
Shipwire's E-Commerce Business Development Leader, Stephen Maeder, speaks about outsourcing order fulfillment and when it's the right choice for your business. He gives an overview of Shipwire's capabilities, and shares how using Shipwire can help you expand into new markets, scale effortlessly, and keep costs down.
Video Length: 47.95 minutes

Why Email Marketing Is Still King

ver. 9.0 and later
In the brave new world of Social Media Marketing, Email is still far and away the biggest ROI driver. Find out how to use Email marketing to propel your business.
Video Length: 43.22 minutes

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