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Videos | 4PSite And Miva Merchant

4Psite's order management system allows you to streamline and seamlessly manage orders through payment processing to inventory, fulfillment, shipping and returns, with multi-store integration. With 4Psite's new integration with Miva, you will be able to grow your e-commerce business and boost your revenues.

Video Transcript

Thank you for being here. This is Zeph from Miva Merchant. I manage the media training at Miva Merchant. I’m pleased to be here to talk to you about our Partners over at 4Psite. Now 4Psite is based right here in San Diego, California, just like Miva Merchant. They’ve been helping companies run their businesses more efficiently since 2005. They have a product we think Miva Merchant users will be interested in called 4Psite Link. 4Psite Link is a cloud based Order Manager. It can help you automate back end batch order processing. It streamlines the handling of orders coming in from your online store as well as any of your sales coming in from various sales channels that you might be using like ebay and Amazon. 4Psite Link can verify your customer’s shipping address and has the ability to work with your negotiated rates with UPS, USPS, FedEx and Express One. You'll be able to print the proper shipping labels that you might need to get your orders out to your customers quickly and efficiently. It has the ability to provide you with extensive business intelligence through performance reports via its built-in CRM. If you're using Salesforce, it integrates with that as well and it can keep your sales records up to date with its integration with QuickBooks. To tell you more about 4Psite Link here is Shadi.

Hey everyone my name is Shadi. I”m happy to present to you guys today. What I’m going to be doing is giving you an overview of our system. If you have any general questions, I will have a Q&A session at the end of the demonstration. So you can feel free to ask any questions. I also do want to let you guys know that we will offer additional demos to anyone as requested. What I can do is send you my email address in the chat box and anyone that wants to request a separate demo can do so, so we can cater to your specific needs.

I’m going to show my screen now and go through the demonstration. Now this first screen that I’m looking at here, this is going to be the first thing that you see when you log into the 4Psite Link system. Now Zeph mentioned the 4Psite Link system is a full Order Management System and can operate all of your back-end operations. We do everything from pulling your orders from the Miva Merchant system into 4Psite. You can ship out all your orders, manage your inventory, we have a full purchase order system, CRM module and also integration with multiple markets. So this first screen that we’re looking at here is the login to the 4Psite Link system. Now on the 4Psite you do have the option of adding as many users as you need to into the system. What this means is you can add Customer Service Representatives, Accountants, Supervisors, Dropshippers, etc. and each user will have their own individual logins. So they can login to the system wherever they have access. We also do have different user management rules available so they can have access to different parts of the system as needed. So when they login to the system this will be the first screen they will see and this is where we will be pulling all of your orders. Today we will be focusing on Miva Merchant, but we do also offer integration with other channels such as ebay, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. so if you do have multiple markets to work with we do offer integration with those.

On this first screen here, what we’re seeing is all the different orders. So each one of these lines is going to be a separate order that you’re seeing. For example, these first two orders you can see the the column says “MI” which stands for Miva Merchant store. Now what I’m going to do is go into our Miva demo account. This is just used for demonstration purposes and we’ll place an order so you can see how it comes into the 4Psite Link system. When it comes to pulling your orders, we pull the orders every thirty minutes to the system. So if I go to my Miva demonstration site here, what I’m going to do is place an order for a specific item. So once I click on the item here to add it to cart, you can see we also have color specifics for this item. Now another option we have for 4Psite is it can block certain items from being purchased if there is no available inventory. I’ll go more in depth with inventory management in a little bit. Here you can see for example that the small in size red can not be selected because there is no available product in that size and color. So let’s say for example I want to place an order for the small in blue and add it to my cart, ok, so now my order has been sent through. In order to speed up the process, on 4PSite we have an option to refresh the catalog in your Miva Merchant store and pull the orders faster manually if you need to. So I’ll just click on this link to expedite the process. So now you can see that this order showed up on the 4Psite here.

Now on this screen I’m going to go over a couple different options we have for searching through your orders. I’m sure many of you have multiple orders that come in a day. So what we have on the top here are different search options for your orders. So if you need to filter through your orders to search through specific things for example, we have the market and stores filter here. What this does is it will list all of your different channels that you have, so if you are working with Miva Merchant, ebay, Amazon, etc. all of your stores will show up here so you can filter by store.

We have something called our source filter. What the source is, you can manually assign sources to specific orders. For example, if you want to differentiate between regular orders, phone orders, dropship orders, etc. We have an order status source here. Now the order status is something that we have set for you already in the system. We have multiple order status’ that are set for you when you first sign up for the system. They will already be in here. Then you also do have the option of setting customize order status’, so a lot of our system is customizable based on your needs. So for example, if you wanted to set up a customized status, in process for specific orders you can do so. When the order first comes into 4Psite, you can see it’s in a ready order status and then once I print the shipping labels and I’ll show you how to do that, it will change to a “Shipped” status and we will automatically notify Miva on that. Now once your shipping labels are printed, we notify Miva every fifteen minutes with the shipping confirmation so they can send out the confirmation emails to the customer. Now the next filter we have is the period from the last 24 hours to the last 365 days. We have a shipping method filter here, so this is going to be the shipping method selected by your customer on the store so you can filter by the shipping method, if there’s a specific one you need to ship out first. Then we also have something we call our new advanced search which has been a recent addition to the system which allows you to search for orders, customers, different items, etc. So it’s an advanced search. It lets you search for multiple things at a time.

On the left hand side we have something called the comma delimited parameters. What that means is that you can enter in multiple order numbers at the same time separated by a comma and search for your orders in that way. On the bottom here we have our Batch Operations. What that means is you can print your shipping labels, invoice and packing slips in bulk, you can change order status’ in bulk, anything in bulk this is the screen we use right here. Generally how that works is you checkmark the boxes next to the orders you want to work with, let’s say “check all” if I want to work with all of them I can just select that option here and print all the invoices for those orders and those will be sent to the printer.

Now, each one of these lines on the screen is a separate order. So here you can see the order number and the 4P number. The reason we have two different order numbers here is the order number is being pulled directly from your store and the 4P number is the number we create. The reason is because if you have duplicate channels, duplicate stores, there might be duplicate order numbers and they are not in consecutive order so we create the 4P order number for you so they are in consecutive order.

On the left hand side you’ll notice some colored boxes. This is for our very comprehensive fraud calculator. You can send customizable parameters in the system to detect fraud on orders. So let’s say you want to check your credit cards CVV codes, you want to check addresses, we have a lot of different options for fraud parameters. How it works is you set up those parameters in the system and then once the order comes into 4P we will scan the orders for those parameters, and assign the color box to the order and also set a certain score for that order. So for example, if I scroll over the box there will be a certain number that you see as a score for that order. So the green boxes are going to be for all the safe orders, the red boxes will be for potentially fraudulent orders, and you can actually have those go into a customized order status which is fraudulent or pending so you have a way to check the order before you print your shipping labels, and then a yellow box will be in between so that’s something you might want to check also.

On the right hand side is a column with an “i” which stands for invoice and pick ticket. So if an invoice or a pick ticket / packing slip has been printed, it will indicate it under this column. The “P” column shows whether the item has already been paid for or not. The “C” column will show whether the customer has left a comment on the order. The store column will actually indicate which store the order came from. Then we just have the general information here.

Now, in order to go into a specific order, I’m going to click on this order here. This takes you to our Order Details Screen. Here we have all of the specific details for this order. Here we have the Ship To and Bill To information. Under the Ship To and Bill To Information. We have a link where it will take you to Google Maps if you wanted to verify that it’s an actual address. So if I click on this link here it will take me to the Google map for that specific order.

On the top of the screen we have something called our Customer Number. Every time a customer places an order and it’s pulled into 4Psite, we create a customer account for the number as part of our CRM module. So each customer’s information will automatically be saved in the system for you, which means that you can view all of their past orders, all of their information in the system. So if I wanted to view this customer’s information for example I would just click on this “View Customer’s Order” link and that will take me to the specific customer’s account. Here you can see their customer number we assigned based on their email address. We have all of their information saved on here.

We have tabs to show all of their orders that they have placed. One example we have for our CRM module is flag the customer. What that means is you can keep track of certain customers if you need to. Some examples for our previous customers are you know someone who placed a lot of fraudulent orders or someone who has a lot of returns and you just want to keep track of. You can flag them and their customer number in red on the previous screen. You can assign default salespeople to that specific customer. So your users that are set up in the system can be assigned to specific customers if they always take care of them.

We have a revenues tab here which is all the orders that have been placed in 4Psite and you can actually click into these orders from this screen, all the products that have been purchased here, all the payments that have been processed, if they were contacted with anything or if anything was changed on their order, and then we have a full return section.

So we do have a full return order management system. So you can have your orders marked returned and have inventory automatically updated. I’m going to go back to this screen here.

The next thing on this screen is the Payment Information Order. For Miva Merchant we’re actually working on an option to process payments directly from 4Psite. Now this is going to require either a PayPal Pro or an Authorize.net account. I will show you an example once I print my shipping labels on how you can credit the order direction from the 4Psite. If I click on this View Report Payment link, you’ll see there’s a button called “Sale” and one that says “Credit.”

We also have a Store Credit option so you can add store credit for a customer and apply it to their account as needed. On the bottom here you can see for example the actual payments transaction “This order has already been charged.” You can see the credit card was already charged here. It will give you the reference number.

The next thing on this screen here is the customer email address. So as part of our CRM module we have an option of emailing the customer directly from 4PSite. So by clicking on this little envelope icon here, I can send an email to the customer. Once you sign up for 4P we do have some email templates that are already set up for you in the system. For example, the invoice, packing slip, etc. Then we also have the option of setting customized email templates as needed. So this means that you can set your own templates up in the system. For example, if you wanted to set up a newsletter to send to your clients, you can just set up a template and save it to the system and it will show up in this drop down menu here. Let’s say I wanted to send an invoice to a customer, I just select invoice and the invoice will show up on my screen here and I can just email it to the customer.

The next thing on the screen here is going to be the actual item. So here for example in this order you can see there’s one line item in the order. It will show you the item name, the code, which we also refer to as the sku in the system and then the inventory reporting in the system for that specific item. I’ll go more in depth on inventory in just a moment. If there are any options for the item it will show them here. You can also send the items to the dropshipper.

In regards to our drop shipping management, we have a couple different options to send orders to the dropshipper. We have the option of sending orders via email or via ftp. We do have the option of sending customized file structure if they require it, you can set that up in the system and send it to the dropshippers. So essentially you set up all your dropshippers in the system, and then transmit the orders to them. You can assign items to specific dropshippers, which means when the orders come into 4Psite, the dropshipper will automatically be selected on this dropdown list for you if the items are already assigned to them. And then we have three different options of transmitting the orders to the dropshippers; which just means sending the orders to them. One is directly from this Orders Detail screen which is on an order to order basis. If I click on this link it will send the order to the dropshipper. The other two options that we have is you can transfer your orders all at once to the dropshippers on a separate screen. The third option that we have is automated transmissions. So this means we can automate the transmissions for you and send your dropshippers the orders for you. You can let it know certain times of day you would like the items drop shipped, for example; 9am and 1pm every day and we will transmit the orders for you so you don’t even have to go in here and click on any links. So it’s a very automated system for the dropshipping.

We also have a full back order management system. Your items can go on backorder depending on inventory levels on 4P. So if we see that we don’t have any items available for a specific option, then we can set the item on backorder automatically for you. Once you get your items back in using the purchase order system, you can actually set the backorder system to know automatically and print your shipping labels for those items once they are available.

On the bottom here you’re going to notice a section called “Customer Interaction.” What this is is it allows me to write a note or reminder to the order and it will also track anything that’s been changed on the order. For example, if a new line item has been added to the order, if something has been updated on the order it will note it on the customer interaction section and it will also know which user in the system has made the change so you can keep track of that. Let’s say for example I wanted to add a note or reminder here, one great feature that we have is our reminder feature. So there are reminders that you can assign to a specific user in the system. Say I want to assign this to myself that I need to follow up with a customer, I can enter in a message here and what that will do is send an email message to a specific user that they have a task to complete and it will keep sending them a notification every twenty-four hours until they complete their task. So let’s say you have a user that has ten different tasks that they need to complete, they will get you notifications for those tasks so you don’t have to forget you need to do something. We also have reports with our pending tasks so they can just go into a specific report and see all the pending tasks they have in one place. So let’s say for example that I followed up with the customer and I no longer want to receive notifications regarding this specific task, I can actually mark it as completed so I no longer receive those notifications. So right here you’ll see a little yellow box which means the task is not completed. If I click on this little pencil icon you see right here I can actually mark it as completed. Just as a note, this little pencil icon in 4P, any time you see it it means you can edit or modify something. So let’s just say I followed up with a customer, I’m just going to click “Update” and now that yellow box turned to green which means the task has been completed and that user will no longer receive those notifications.

Now on the bottom of the screen here we’re going to see a lot of different options to print different things. I’m going to show you an example of how to print a shipping label. This is just an example of an individual order. As mentioned before we also do have the option of printing shipping labels in bulk. For our shipping options we have a couple different programs available for you. The main program we recommend that most of our users are using is the Rule Based Shipping Program. Our Role Based Shipping Program lets you automate the shipping process. Essentially what it is, it allows you to add customize rules to your account and from those rules we’ll have certain things automatically selected for you. For example, let’s say for all orders over five pounds you always want that shipped USPS Priority mail and you want insurance to be added. You can set that rule up in the system so when you click on the rule in the Shipping link, we scan the order and see if it’s over five pounds you have USPS Priority Mail and insurance automatically selected for you. We have a lot of different options for rules that you can set. It has helped our customers automate the shipping process and it also lets you print shipping labels for all the different carriers at the same time. So if you’re printing your shipping labels in bulk, and you have Fed Ex, UPS and USPS accounts, you can print all those labels at the same time.

Another shipping program we have is called our Multi Shipping Carrier Program. That program allows you to compare all the rates for the carriers in the same module so it will show you all the rates for USPS, UPS and FedEx all next to each other. The multi carrier shipping program also allows you to print multiple labels for different boxes. So if you have one order that you need to place in a couple different boxes, you can use our multi carrier shipping program and set the weight per box and that will print a separate label for you for each box. So I’m going to go into our shipping program and show you an example of how it is actually printed. So when I click on my rule based shipping program it will bring me to this screen and you can see here that certain things are automatically selected for me. Another great feature about the Rule Based Shipping is that you can actually change any features here if you need to so the rules are not set in stone. So let’s say for example I want to change my carrier to UPS, I can just switch that there and it will switch the information for me. The weight here will be pulled automatically for you from your catalog. So in regards to the Miva Merchant catalog, we pull the catalog every day for you every 24 hours. You also have the option of manually refreshing the catalog if you need to. For example, if you add new items and you need to refresh it right away you can do that using the link on the separate screen here, “Refresh Catalog.” Any other information here you just need to check and make sure that it’s correct. For example, we do support third party accounts, so if you need another account charged besides yours, we have Saturday delivery, ship and release, signature confirmation, insurance, etc. One other thing we support on this screen is to actually verify items. So what that means is you can actually use scan guns to verify what items are on the order. So you can scan in the inventory label and that will verify the items that are on the order. Let me see if I can manually do that right now. You can see for example I’ve put this sku in here and it says this sku is not on the order so if you put in the wrong sku it will put out an error message here saying that that’s not the sku on the order. If you put in the correct one it will tell you that this is the sku that is on the order and it will verify it for you.

Another option that we have on this screen is to see the shipping rate before you actually print your shipping labels. So we do support real time shipping rates. For example, let’s say I want to see the rate and how much it’s going to cost, here it’s showing me that the rate is going to be $9.68 for this specific order. Now if you do want to change the method and see the rate again, then you do have the option of doing that. So once you check out everything and ensure that everything is correct, I’m just going to click on this link that says “Print Shipping Labels and Postage” and that will be replaced by these four links that you see here. One is to print my shipping labels, one is to print an integrated shipping label, for those of you not familiar with what an integrated shipping label is - it allows you to print a shipping label and the packing slip on one page so essentially it’s a special kind of paper that you can order. It allows you to peel off the shipping label and also include the packing slip in the order. Or you can print the packing slip separately and the invoice separately if you’d prefer. Just to show you an example of what the integrated shipping label looks like, I can click on this link and here you can see the shipping label and then the mini packing slip on the bottom. Now in regards to the printers, we do support thermal or z printers. You can set up your printers to be linked to the system and that will automatically send it to the printer that you have your browser setting to. If you just want to print your shipping label you can do that from this link. So once this order has been shipped out, I’m going to go back to my orders screen here. You can see that was the first order I was working with here and it’s been marked as shipped. So once the order has been marked as shipped it will record a tracking number here for you and we will send that shipping information to you automatically to Miva. We will update Miva every fifteen minutes with the shipping information. If you do have your inventory set on 4Psite, we will update the inventory for you every fifteen minutes. So if you have your numbers on 4P we will update inventory once the order is shipped out. We will automatically update those for you.

Now I’m going to go back to my Miva Merchant store here. Another option we have, once you do ship out your order here, we have a tab here called Order History. So on the Order History tab here it will show you the specific order number, the products, the quantity, and also the order status, what has been shipped out. Here you’ll see this was the last order I was working with here. It automatically updated for me. You can see the order number and that this order was already shipped out so you do have the order history directly on the screen.

Now I’m going to do an overview of our report section, which also includes the inventory. So if I click on my report section here, you can see we have a lot of different kinds of reports available for you. This is a section that most of our customers are using for many different purposes.

You’ll see we have a full customer section. This is where you can view all your customer’s information. We have a report for example of your top fifty customers that order from you the most. Here is the pending tasks and reminders, so when the user logs in he can see any pending tasks that they have in the system. We have a full returns report section. So as I mentioned you can mark items as returned in 4P. That will automatically update your inventory numbers for you once you mark your items returned. You can also do credits directly from the 4Psite and keep track of all your returns using this report.

We have our ebay section here. So for those of you who do have an ebay account we have an ebay lister directly in the 4Psite. That means you can actually list your items directly from 4P. So let’s say you want to list an item. I’ll give you an example of what that would look like. I can go into our catalog that we pull from you automatically and list my items on ebay using this little red “e” that you see here, you can actually list items to ebay. In 4Psite we have the option of saving listings, so that means you can go in and relist anything that has been saved in the system and any listings that have been saved you can post multiple ones at a time. Here you can go through the steps of actually listing the item. We have the image url’s here, the categories you can set, the specific attributes, if the product has any attributes it will show here and you can actually choose which options you want to list on to ebay. We have the shipping options here. We have all the same shipping options that ebay supports and then here you can see that there’s a link called “Save Listing” and once it’s saved you can post it to ebay.

We also have the option of having multiple ebay accounts, so if you do have multiple accounts you can add them into 4Psite. We also have ebay templates so you can save customized ebay templates to the system and then add those to the listing as needed. Under our reports section is where you can actually see all of your ebay listings. If I click on my ebay listing here, this will show you all of the saved listings here in the system. From here you can actually see the status of the listings and you can relist them if needed. So on 4Psite you can manage your ebay inventory also. We do remove listings for you if there’s no available inventory in 4P so that is done automatically. You can go in and relist the item once you have inventory back in stock.

The next area is called our Sales and Order section. So we have a lot of different reports here for you. One of the more popular ones is the Daily Sales Report. This report can be seen on a daily basis or on a specified date range here. For example, let’s say I want to select it by store and select this specific date range and click on “View” what that will do is show me each store. So here I see my Miva store, Yahoo store and my Wholesale store. It will show you the orders, the customers, the number of units sold, subtotals, etc. and then all of the totals on the bottom here. This is just one of our popular reports that our customers use to keep track of their daily sales. You can also do this on a daily basis if you just want to see sales for the day. You also have the option of filtering this by store, category, etc. so there are a lot of different options here.

We have our full inventory section here. So I’m going to show you how the inventory actually looks on the screen. If I click into my inventory status link, that’s going to take me to the inventory on the 4Psite. How the inventory works is, you will set a specific sku for all the items that you have. So for example, if you have items with options you can set a specific sku with that option and keep track of inventory here. Each one of these lines is actually a separate inventory item. You have the options of adding shippers or suppliers for specific inventory items. If you have an item that you have in your own warehouse, you also have it in your dropshippers warehouse and there are two separate lines so you can keep track of the specific numbers. We have the option to add different warehouses to the system, so if you have multiple warehouses and locations for your items we can also assign those. These columns here are how we keep track of the inventory.

The U30 column here stands for the usage of the item in the last thirty days, that means how many times the items has been shipped out so that’s something that we’re calculating for you.

The OH column stands for “On Hand Quantity.” So what On Hand means is the physical inventory that you currently have on your shelves. So how the inventory generally works is, you upload one file into 4P with all of your inventory items and the onhand quantity so we know the initial onhand quantity for all your items and from there we calculate everything for you automatically.

The “AL” column stands for “Allocated.” What that means is how many items are in orders on 4P that have not been shipped out yet, so this will show you for example, there are ten items here on this first line that are on order on 4P but they haven’t been shipped out yet so those are going to be allocated.

The “EX” column here, this is going to be a quantity on a purchase order on the 4Psite. We also have a full Purchase Order Management System on 4P, which means you can send purchase orders to your suppliers, receive items into 4P and your inventory numbers will be automatically updated.

The “AV” column here is the “Available” quantity column for your inventory. This will be the on hand minus the allocated. For example, on this first line you can see that there’s 13 that we physically have on our shelves, there’s ten already allocated on 4Psite so that means we only have three available on our actual site. The available numbers are what we’ll be sending to Miva so everything will be updated.

On the right hand side we have a column called +/-. This column allows you to change the on hand quantity if you need to.

The reorder quantity on point is used for is our purchase order system. So at 4P you have the option of setting a reorder point per item. For example, let’s say when an item has reached one, which is my reorder point, I want to be notified to order one hundred more of that item. I can set that point up in the system for this inventory item so when it does reach a level of one you’ll receive an email notification telling you to order one hundred more of that item. From that email you can click on a link and create a purchase order in the system for that item which can either be emailed or faxed directly to your supplier from the 4Psite.

We have the “ST” column which is the “Status” of the order. On the right hand side we have real time inventory available for Yahoo stores. Just as a note for Miva, the inventory is not on a real time basis, but we do update it about every fifteen minutes. If you do have a yahoo store, we do support real time inventory which means you can block certain items from being purchased on a real time basis. That’s just an overview of our inventory section. Here you can also search for specific skus, update any items if you need to by clicking on this little pencil icon and you can also delete items directly from this screen. This is all on an individual basis. If you do need to update anything for your skus, you also have the option of uploading a csv file.

Now I’m going back to my report section here. You can download the inventory report. We do also have other inventory reports available for you here, so you can see for example the Inventory Changes, if you want to see the Velocity report which shows you how fast your items are being sold, and then on the right hand side we have other reports available too.

Here we have our Fulfillment section. The Fulfillment section allows you to see your shipped order or unshipped items. One of our popular reports here is the shipping log, so the shipping log here actually lets you void or reprint shipping labels. From here you can remove shipping labels from the system. For example, let’s say I wanted to void this shipping label, I can click on this link here and once I click on void, what that will do is that will remove my shipping label from the system and also notify my shipping account to automatically credit it back. For example, if it’s a UPS label it will notify UPS to credit back your shipping account the amount that’s been charged here. If I click on “Void” that will actually remove my label from the system and then you can go and create a new label or you can also reprint the shipping label if needed.

Another popular report that we have here is our Shipping Cost Analysis report. What this report does is show you your shipping revenues versus your shipping costs. So that means it will show you specific shipping methods that you might be losing money on. So all the ones you’re seeing in orange here are the ones you’re losing money on. For example, this second line here you can see the customer paid $31.81 for the shipping but you actually paid $61.41, so you actually lost money on that specific order. So you can use this report to identify what shipping methods are best for you to use and this file is also available to download as a csv file. A lot of our reports can be viewed on screen or downloaded as a csv file if that works better for you.

On the bottom we have our Finance section. The Finance section is going to show you all the financial reports that you have available. Our main section here is on Business Accounting reports. So we have Sales Summary reports, Gross Profit by Store, Daily Collected Sales, etc. On the bottom here we have something we call, “Failure to Charge” log. This will allow you to see any orders that failed to charge in the system. It’s just a good way to keep track of anything that wasn’t charged if the credit card failed.

In addition to all of these reports we also support QuickBooks integration. If you are using QuickBooks, what this system does, you can actually export your files from 4Psite in the format that QuickBooks accepts and then import them directly to QuickBooks so you can keep track of your sales. You can export your invoices and sales receipts. You can also export your purchase orders, dropship orders, or supplier orders and directly input them into QuickBooks. So we do fully support QuickBooks integration.

Let’s do a quick review of our Manual Order System. So a Manual Order System actually allows you to place orders, such as a phone order for example, you can just click on the link here. You can set up the Manual Orders System to actually mimic your website if needed. It can be customized as much as you need. So if a customer calls in instead of placing an order online you can come into your Manual Orders System and find the items that are needed. We actually pull your items from your catalog directly into the 4P system and it works just like a shopping cart. Let’s say for example I wanted to add this item to cart, I just click “Add to Cart.” You can link your PayPal account or your Authorize.net account to the Manual Orders and directly process credit cards from 4Psite. Here I can just enter my customers information, I can select shipping methods which are going to be real time shipping rates so it will be customizing them based on the customer information that you have, so you can set your shipping methods to match your Miva Merchant store if needed, or any way that works best for you to support real time shipping rates and rate tables. We also have payment system that can be customized to your needs. So for example, if you have Net 30 Cash, credit card, PayPal, etc. so you have a lot of options here. The manual orders can also be used to process exchanges on the system. Another thing about the manual orders is that you can actually place manual orders for customers that already exist on 4Psite. If I go into my specific customer account here I can actually create an order for this customer. If i click on this customer’s order manually link, a window will pop up and I can fill out my information on the checkout screen here so you don’t have to go fill it out every single time. Then you can send the order through and that will come through the 4Psite Link just like any other order.

Another note about the manual order system is that it can be used by your wholesalers. If you do work with wholesalers who purchase items from you, you can have them register for their own login so they can login to the manual order system to place their orders. So the wholesalers can have specific discounts applied or specific pricing for the items that they're going to be purchasing. When they login they will see that specific pricing, they can place their order and that will also come into the 4Psite just like any other order. If I come into my order screen here, the way you’re going to know it’s a manual order is under the store column there will be a “WH” which stands for “Wholesale/Manual Order.” You can also filter specifically just by that store if you only want to see those orders. So those can be processed just like any other order and the shipping confirmation will be sent out directly from 4PSite for the manual orders.

There is more to our system such as Purchase Orders. How the Purchase Orders work is that you can set up your suppliers in 4Psite and send out the purchase orders to them based on reorder points or quantity or you can just create purchase orders when needed. Under our P.O. Management screen here, this is our demo account so it’s just a sample for how it’s going to look for you. Here you can create purchase orders for specific suppliers you have set in the system. You can then send out those purchase orders to the suppliers. If I create a purchase order any skus that are assigned to that supplier will automatically show up here. You can see for example this supplier does not have a sku assigned, but I can add a sku into the system. Let’s say I want to add this sku. I do have the option of adding the sku directly to the system. If you need to add any more skus manually you can do that. You can also set the sku for your suppliers. If your supplier has a separate sku than you, if you add the sku to the system it will automatically populate the supplier's sku into the fields for you here. From here you can publish your purchase order and then send it to the supplier. You can email it to your supplier. You can print the purchase order and fax it to your supplier. Once you do that you can mark your items as received, so you can see that we do have the quantity on hand and the quantity expected for our items here. When your items are received it will automatically update your inventory numbers for you so you don’t have to manually go and do that.

On my order screen there’s one other thing I wanted to mention is that one thing we are working on is Payment Processing for your Miva Merchant store. On the Payment Processing we do support the credits right now. Let’s say for example for this specific order I returned an item and I want to credit the customer back the amount, what I can do is enter it directly into this screen and click on this “Credit” button. You can see if there’s any failed transactions, it would show you an error message here. If the credit did go through you would see a credit at the bottom. So we do support that for your Miva stores. Now I’m going to go back to my order screen here.

The setup process for 4Psite is completely free. We will setup your accounts for you, link any shipping accounts, etc. We also have a full customer support system for you so we can offer free training sessions. So essentially what would happen is we would go into a meeting like this and you would be assigned to a specific account manager who would be in charge of training you in any part of the system that you need help with. We also have full documentation available for any step by step instructions for our system. You can either do the training, read through the documentation or both. You can also contact us if you’re having any issues with the system or if you have any questions either by email or phone. We also have a ticketing system that allows you to submit any questions that you might have and that will be sent to our whole team, our marketing department and our customer service department. So as the questions come in, you’ll get the fastest response possible. We are available in the office Monday-Friday.

We do have a current customer that has a Miva Merchant store. Their name is “Naturals” and we look forward to working with all of you as well. We’re constantly adding more features for Miva Merchant along with other channels.

That is a general review of our system. Now we’re going to do a short Q&A session.


Q: Can you enter non ordering customer information, specifically name and emails to be used with your newsletter feature?

A: The way the customer’s are entered is if they placed an order. So as far as I’m aware we do not have a way to manually enter customer information.

Q: What is the pricing? Is it monthly? Annual?

A: The pricing is on a month to month basis. There’s no annual contract that you have to sign. What we can do is if you are interested, we can have our marketing team send you a full price list. If you’d like a copy of that I can give you my email address right now, it’s shadi@4psite.com. The base fee which includes everything I reviewed today is $300 a month. This can be discussed with our team because we do have a lot of different modules and different kinds of packages that we do offer.

Q: How do you handle adding an item to an order after it’s been imported into 4P? If the item was added within 4P, will that charge be reflected in Miva?

A: To add an item, if I go to my orders screen here, I can go into the specific order and add a new line item here - you can see there’s a link that says “add a new line item” so if I click on this link here I can add the item directly to the order here and that will update the order information here. Now, in regards to sending the information back to Miva, currently it will not reflect back in Miva, but we can do the extra charge for the item directly on 4Psite. So if you do want the actual line item to be added to the order to update on Miva you would have to put a note directly in Miva for that.

Q: Are you able to import existing customer information?

A: We should be able to do that as a special project. I can check with my team.

Q: Do you support Amazon integration?

A: Yes, we do. We can link your Amazon accounts to 4P. We are multiple markets integration. So if you have different stores such as Miva, Amazon and ebay, we can link all of your accounts to our system. With our Amazon integration we do pull our orders in to 4Psite and can update your numbers directly on Amazon as well as shipping information. So it will work similarly as the way it would work in your Miva store in regards to you can set which items you want to update on 4P to your inventory on Amazon, so we do fully support Amazon.

Q: Can orders be split that ship for different locations?

A: If you do that, we recommend that you use our manual order system, so you can have the order come in as a new order. For example, on this screen here you can see you have the option to do manual exchange or reorder, so what that means is you can actually have the order split into two different addresses. So you would need a new order come into 4Psite so you can add a separate address in there.

Q: Do you have a recurring invoice feature? Are you able to send a monthly invoice out to your customers?

A: Currently invoices need to be sent out individually but we are working on a recurring system so they can be sent out automatically on a monthly basis.

Q: Are you able to handle customer orders that don’t actually exist on the website or a sales channel?

A: You could add those directly to the 4P catalog. So what that means, if you add it directly to your 4P catalog here that item will only exist on 4Psite. We don’t push that information back to a specific channel. So if you do have an item you just want to keep track of on 4Psite you can just add the item directly to your catalog on 4P and to the inventory if you need to keep track of the inventory. You can either add the item individually or the screen here or we do have a back end csv upload if you need to add multiple items at a time.

Q: Does the cost of your service go up depending on if you’re adding on more sales channels?

A: No, it does not. It includes everything. You can add as many markets or stores as you’d like.

Q: On a manual order entry, can you real time pricing for all available shipping options? Is this one at a time?

A: Yes you can and it would be one shipping option at a time.

Q: When a customer checks their order status online, will they be viewing the order content stored in Miva Merchant or the order content stored in 4Psite?

A: I believe it’s the order content stored in 4Psite.

Q: Will you bring down fulfilled by Amazon orders and do you bring down Amazon charges and flow them through QuickBooks?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: In regards to scan and pack, can it be set to scan invoice order?

A: We do support scale integration as well as scanning. You can just scan in your items, it will verify the box for you and then you can also weigh your items. We do support USB scale integration so essentially instead of pulling the weight from your catalog, you can hook up your scale and just weigh your items and get the weight directly on your shipping screen so you can print your shipping labels.

Q: What’s the main difference between 4P and Miva Merchant?

A: The difference is you can manage everything directly from 4Psite. It’s a fully integrated management system which means you can manage your inventory, your QuickBooks, your sales, your purchase orders, your drop shipping, etc. We have a full markets integration so if you have multiple other stores you can manage all of your other orders in one place, we have multiple different reports and sales accounts, it’s an end end automated processing and we update Miva with all of your information automatically so it essentially lets you manage your orders a lot better than you could do on Miva. We’re not replacing Miva, we’re just communicating all the information back and forth so you can manage all of your orders directly from 4P.

Yes, 4Psite Link is a site based order management system that lets you pass information to your sites such as QuickBooks and what not. Primarily Miva Merchant is your front end store that people browse to to be able to see your products, it allows you to manage your html pages for your online presence. From my point of view that’s what I see as the big difference.

Q: Is it possible to trigger an alert when the shipping address is different than from the billing address?

A: Yes, we can do that using our fraud parameters. Our fraud parameters are standard feature that comes with the packaging. You can set up your customer fraud parameters

Q: Do you have any plans to support Chase PaymentTech Payments?

A: Something we can look into. Currently we do not support them but we’re looking at adding more payment options into our system.

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