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Miva Getting Started

Getting Around the Admin

10.05.00 +
Learn the basics about getting around the Miva admin.
Video Length: 2.43 minutes

Manage Users & Permissions

10.05.00 +
Learn the basics about managing users and their permissions within Miva.
Video Length: 3.03 minutes

Catalog Management

10.05.00 +
Learn the basics about managing your store catalog.
Video Length: 4.23 minutes


10.05.00 +
Use modules to quickly tweak your store without devoting hours to custom development. Enhance your website’s functionality by using the compiled modules written by our community and found on apps.miva.com.
Video Length: 2.00 minutes

Shipping Settings

10.05.00 +
This video goes over the shipping settings and shipping method rules within the Miva admin.
Video Length: 2:29 minutes

Payment Settings

10.05.00 +
This video walks through all the Payment Settings and Payment Method Rules in the Miva admin.
Video Length: 2:39 minutes


10.05.00 +
Learn how to optimize the customer experience by mastering the Customer screen in the Miva admin
Video Length: 2:50 minutes


10.05.00 +
The Marketing area of the Miva Merchant admin contains many of the merchandising features for your store. Here you can create and manage Price Groups, Sales, Coupons, Gift Certificates and more.
Video Length: 2:45 minutes

Order Processing

10.05.00 +
Get your orders processed quicker with these tips and tricks. Quickly view all of your orders and learn about the advanced features.
Video Length: 4.12 minutes

Data Management

10.05.00 +
Miva allows you to import and export your store data in a flat file format for editing via a spreadsheet editor. The data management section is going to be the place to get everything done.
Video Length: 2.25 minutes

Looking for Developer Docs?

We have a whole section for that, including: Developer Training Series, Template Language docs, Module Development tutorials and much, much more.

Head to the Developer Section

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