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Videos | Luxe ReadyTheme: Lifestyle Images & Custom Fields

In this video we'll show you how to add additional Image Types as well as add Lifestyle Images to your products. We'll also show you how to access the custom fields that come with the Luxe ReadyTheme.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Lifestyle Images

Now that we have our Custom Fields file upload, we're going to go ahead and add a couple new image types. We want to have some Lifestyle images show up for this bow tie right here and when we do, we're going to see over here a new tab is going to appear. Let's switch back over to our Admin. You can get to the User Interface from clicking on this icon here or you can go up to Menu, scroll down to "User Interface" and then click on the tab called "Image Types." Right now it's showing only one image type called "Main." We're going to go ahead and add three Lifestyle Image types. We'll call them Lifestyle1, Lifestyle2 and Lifestyle3. 

Now that we have our three Lifestyle Image Types, we're going to go back to our product, here's our Maroon Bow Tie right here. We're going to open it up and come over to images. Here you can see that our Main Image is showing up. So if we come over here to "Add Image," we're going to click "Add" and "Upload." I've already got my three lifestyle images ready to go and click "Open." Here's our three images. We just need to assign them an image type now. This one's going to be Lifestyle Image 1, this one is Lifestyle Image 2 and this will be Lifestyle Image 3. To Upload them, click on the "Select" button. Now you can see the three lifestyle images appear under the Main Image. We'll now switch back over to our web site's front end, hit refresh and now you'll see there's a new tab here called, "Images." If you click on the Images tab, our three Lifestyle Images should appear. 

Sub Category Page with Image

For this example here, we have a sub category page that allows you to upload an image for each sub category. Let's take a look to see how to do that. Currently in our store we only have products because we don't have any sub categories assigned to Bow Ties. Let's go over to our Admin and change that and show you how you can have your own images for Sub Categories as well. If we click over to our Admin, we're going to click on our "Catalog" icon, go up to Categories, and we're going to click on Bow Ties. We're going to open up Bow Ties and we're going to assign Child Categories to it. Now if you don't see anything showing up over here, you might want to come over here and click on "Show All." Sometimes if you have Show Unassigned or Show Assigned, all the categories won't show up. Just make sure you have the Show All selected. We're going to go ahead and assign anything with the word "Bow Ties" underneath our Bow Ties category. So here we have Pattern Bow Ties, Silk Bow Ties, Solid Bow Ties and Wool Bow Ties. Now if we switch back over to the front end of our site and hit refresh, you'll now see that we have the Sub Categories showing up instead of our products. Let's go add images for each one. 

The recommended size for these images is 403 pixels by 512 pixels. We'll click Open, then click to Custom Fields, click on Upload and then navigate to the image you want to appear for this Sub Category. Click on your image, then click on the "Upload" button and finally on "Update." The quickest way I found to get back to the Child Categories is just to click right here on this navigation at the top. Now we'll go to our other categories here and assign an image to each sub category. For this demonstration, I'm just using the same image, but you'll likely want to use a different image for each sub category. Now that we've uploaded our images, we'll switch back over to the live site and click "Refresh." You'll now see that each one of the Sub Categories has an image assigned to it.

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