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Videos | Introduction To Amazon Payments for Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant and Amazon held a live webinar on October 31st, 2013 talking about the recently released Amazon Payments module. We explain what Amazon Payments is, and cover how to setup and use the service. After the presentation, we opened up the webinar to a Q and A session where attendees were free to ask questions they had regarding Amazon Payments.

Video Transcript

This video will cover our new Pay with Amazon Integration with Miva Merchant.  Here's our agenda for this webinar:
  • Introduce Amazon Payments
    • Why a New Platform?
    • What Happened to Checkout by Amazon?
    • Why Should I Switch?
  • Configuring Amazon Payments in Miva Merchant
  • Amazon Payments in a Miva Store
  • Q&A
We released this integration back in September as part of PR8 Update 11. If you've updated to 11 but not 12, we do recommend that you go straight to 12 since there were a few minor bugs specifically related to Amazon in 11. So we encourage you to upgrade to 12 as fast as you can. This is also a Canada post module if you happen to be a Canadian customer.  There's a reason why we built this. You'l probably notice while we do all the major integrations for the biggest players in our space, we do try to limit the arbitrary third party integrations that we do. We're very careful, we do a lot of research on our side to make sure they don't break your store. As you know we have a commitment that when we release updates to our software we strive within everything in our power to make sure that it does not break your store and we do a great job at it. Our failure rate is a fraction of a fraction of 1% and so with that said we believe we built a lot of confidence with our customers and one of the reasons we wanted to build a new Amazon Payments module was that we saw the success and excitement people had being able to pay with their Amazon account, but due to the nature of how the old Amazon checkout worked there was some limitations. It conflicted with the freedom and the nature of what you can do with Miva Merchant. So Amazon took our feedback, not just from us but lots of partners. They were very attentive, asked a lot of questions and they went back to the drawing board and rearchitected the platform from the ground up and did a great job. You will see this new platform today. It is a totally different platform than checkout with Amazon and I won't go too much more into it other than to let you know that we're very very excited about this integration. We think this is a great way to increase sales and make it easier for your customers to checkout, especially going into the busiest shopping season of the year. I'm now going to hand the microphone over for the next six or seven slides to Robert Jameson. He's our Partner that we work with directly at Amazon. So Robert, the floor is yours.

Welcome everyone, this is Robert Jameson. I'm the Solutions Architect for Amazon Payments. Just to kind of give you a bit of background. I know a lot of you are familiar with our Checkout by Amazon service. What we've launched very closely to the Miva launch of their new module is a brand new Amazon Payment Service. We looked at our Checkout by Amazon service and while we want to continue to support it we found that it was really best suited for sellers with smaller ecommerce needs operating on their own independent web sites and had a lot of conflicts with platforms like Miva in terms of how shipping, tax and promotions were handled in the systems and I'm sure some of you have had some experience with integration in the older Checkout by Amazon module and have encountered some difficulties in how promotions and other things were managed between those platforms. 

One of our objectives for the new platform was to turn it more into a pure payment service - so to work analogous to the kind of payment processing services you might expect to use with standard credit card transaction. We really wanted to align our api's and the structure of the service really to strip away all of the things that were sort of unnecessary because Miva already provides richer functionality. So we brought the service to address those concerns, to make a simpler service that was easier for us to implement and for you guys to stitch into your business. 

The Checkout with Amazon solution will continue to be supported. We're positioning it more for our smaller independent sellers that lack a platform as a means to provide them with some basic ecommerce functionality that they need. We'll continue to support this service and specifically as your going through the process of migration to the new plugin with your Miva store, we'll continue to support that indefinitely. So there's no concerns about Amazon withdrawing support for that at any time here in the near future. Just in turns of benefits for switching and we'll walk you through the experience and you'll get to see as you go along, the main benefit would be if you experienced any conflict with shipping, tax or promotions and your past or current integrations, those issues should now be resolved. We've also upgraded the user experience both from the perspective of the checkout flow, letting the customer checkout within the context of your web site rather than doing that externally visiting an Amazon hosted page which we hope would improve your conversion. In addition, we've structured the interface to give you api's and to give Miva api's that allow you to seamlessly integrate into your existing order management process. You'll see that where before you were required to login to an Amazon site in order to manage your orders, you're now able to do so entirely within the Miva screens. 

So just a bit about Amazon Payments:

Amazon is ranked the most reputable brand in the U.S.
Amazon is the 11th most trafficked site on the web
Customers are 7 times more likely to purchase from a brand they trust
Amazon customers are mobile. 60% of all mobile consumers use Amazon.com

So there is a benefit to you as a merchant in helping acquire those customers as they visit your web site in particularly as you guys roll out your mobile strategy. Using Amazon payments is a way to help customers seamlessly checkout on your site. 

One of the primary benefits is we have 215 million active Amazon customer accounts worldwide using our service. Any Amazon customer internationally or based in the U.S. can checkout in your storefront, though we are restricted to merchants who have a legal entity in the U.S.accepting payments in U.S. Dollars. 

This base of customers is particularly valuable with respect to the average consumer online. You can see that more than 50% have an online spent in the last six months of more than $50. These customers earn well above the U.S household average income at $75,000 per year. One of the key changes or shifts in terms of how payments are accepted online is that more and more increasingly customers are choosing options that require less entries and don't require entering a card number. A lot of this is driven by the shift of mobile experiences. There's much more friction for the user to enter their credit cards in that purchase process. We expect about 20% of orders placed by consumers to not require entry of credit cards. That was by research by Javelin. We perceive of ourselves as a primary method of your requiring customers as they start to demand these frictionless experiences. Another key aspect in particular of our service is the fraud protection that we offer. This is the same as the protection offered by Checkout by Amazon solution. Whenever your consumer uses the Amazon Payment solution, assuming you abide by the terms of our agreement, and specifically ship to the address that's provided to you by the Amazon account, we provide both you and the buyer with purchase protection. The cost of fraudulent transactions is significantly more than the face value of the orders that are lost as a result of that fraud. One of the things we've been careful to do with our service is to ensure that we have very transparent pricing with no added service fees or penalties for fraudulent transactions as they occur and you have the full protection both from an integration technology perspective, you have the benefit of the same system which protects Amazon.com from fraudulent transactions. It's also used in our payment solutions and because of our lack of fees and transparent pricing, we hope to protect you both from the fraud occurring at all in event it does occur from any additional fees that add insult to injury in transactions. 

Another important benefit of the new solution is that we allow the customer to check out directly within your site. This is easier shown than I think described. As we go through the experience you'll see that what we've done is provide you widgets that you can integrate seamlessly through your Miva Module. You present within the context of your own checkout experience. 10:44

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