Attributes and Variants

Attributes and Variants are aspects of the Miva admin that make it easier for you to create and maintain your online inventory. They are created by you and used as you see fit.

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Attributes are features or properties of an individual product. The values given to attributes of a product are called options. For example, if you sell t-shirts, you might create options like “size,” “color” or “material.” So a “small” “blue” shirt would have two attributes; small and blue.


Variants are variations of a particular product. For example, assume again you’re selling t-shirts. A variant of a particular t-shirt would be a shirt that is sized Small and Blue in color. Small and Blue are individual attributes of the product. A variant of that product is the sum of its parts, or, the product PLUS it’s attributes. A variant is also considered its own product record. For example, a variant of a t-shirt you have in inventory would be a “Small, Blue t-shirt.”

Attributes and variants are ways the Miva admin helps organize your online store.

Attributes can be assigned to a product on an individual level, but a more efficient way of assigning attributes to your entire product line is by using Attribute Templates.

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