Generating URIs

You will use the Generate URIs functionality when you want to create or update your URI Management Style URLs.


For new stores, URIs are generated for the store owner.

To use the Generate URIs functionality, click the Settings header in the bottom left corner of the admin page, then click URI Management.


On the page that opens, click the URIs tab. Then, on the far right side, click the Generate button.


This opens the Generate URIs box.


In the box the first thing you will see are two statements.

Generating URIs will use the current URI templates to create new URIs for each of the items selected below: What this means is the box uses the template code on the Settings tab of the URI Management section to create your URLs.

Existing URIs will be handled according to the current update settings for each item: This means that the box will use the policy settings from the Settings tab to control what URLs are updated and when. Those settings include:

However, the Generate URIs box has its own policy settings under the labels URIs to Generate and Behaviors. The box ignores the policy settings in the Settings tab of the URI Management section.

Store: The store where the URIs will be created.

URIs to Generate


Generate URIs Only When None Exist: This only generates a URI when one doesn’t exist already.

Add a Non-Canonical URI:

Replace Exisiting Canonical URI:

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