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Create a New Product

You can add and manage products for your website easily in the catalog area of the Miva admin.

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Adding a Product

1. To add a product, click the Catalog heading on the left side of the page, or click the Products button on the front page of the admin.

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2. Click Add Product on the right side of the screen. The Add Product screen appears.

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3. On the Add Product screen, fill in the fields with information about your product. Fields in bold are required. When finished, you can click the Add button to add the new product and go back to the product main screen, or the Add+ button to add the new product and stay on the Add Product screen to add another product.


Clicking the Options button allows you to Collapse All of the sections of the Add Product page, Expand All of the sections or Reset the information entered.

Details Fields

Product Code

The Product Code is a product’s unique identifier in your store’s database. The code can be whatever you want it to be, but it must adhere to the following rules:

Product Name

The Product Name is the name that customers will see in your store. It is a descriptive label and will appear in many areas of your store, including the major heading for the product details screen.


Stock Keeping Unit – an optional identifier you may have for your products.

Category Code

Use the Category Code field to assign the product to a category in your store.

  1. Click the Look Up button.
  2. In the Category Lookup box that opens, select your desired category and click OK.


If you haven’t set up category names previous, the code and name will populate with a generic name, such as “category_01” or Category 1 for the code and name respectively.

In the Add Product workflow you can only assign one category to a product. You can assign additional categories to a product after it has been created in admin.

Canonical Category Code

Use the Canonical Category Code field to assign a root category for a specific product.

Alternate Display Page

Use the Alternate Display Page field in order to use multiple templates for products. For example, you could use one product display template for DVDs your store sells and another product display template for t-shirts.


Enter the Price for the product. This is the price that will normally appear in the story. Discounts may be applied, based on this price, when the product is offered to customers who are members of a Price Group, or when the product is offered as an upsale product.


Enter the Cost for the product. This amount may be different from the Price entered above. This field can be useful in various reports.


Enter the Weight of the product. This amount should be the “shipping weight” of the product, which is the product plus any required packaging. This is important because shipping charges are usually based on the combined weight of the product(s) ordered.


Weight values are specified in the Units of Measurement (Weight) field on the Store Settings screen. This establishes one unit of measurement to be used for all weights in the store.


The description is how you explain a product to customers on the product screen of your store.

Taxable and Active Boxes

Before clicking Add or Add+, check the Taxable and Active boxes.

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