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Recalculate Shipping/Sales Tax & Clear Shipping on Cancelled Orders

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Recalculate Shipping

Miva 10 creates a new button for the ability to re-calculate shipping. This is used to request new shipping rates, as well as request a new Tax charge if an order has changed:

When a new shipping rate is selected, it will be added to the order and the tax will be re-calculated.

Recalculate Sales Tax

The Miva Admin now provides users with a dedicated button on the order detail screen that allows them to force the tax on the order to be recalculated. Previously, tax was always recalculated when shipping was recalculated, and this still occurs, but now users have a dedicated button to force just the tax to be recalculated.

This update allows users to manually change shipping or other charges, and then force the tax to be recalculated to reflect those changes.

For stores using a third-party tax service like TaxJar or Avalara, using the Recalculate Tax button will send the current state of the order to those services, which will send back the correct sales tax.

Clear Shipping on Cancelled Order

The Miva Admin can automatically clear shipping costs when an order is canceled. Previously, when an order was canceled, the user would have to go into the admin and manually remove the shipping charge, or set it to zero, so that the order reflected a zero dollar transaction.

With this update, users can enable “Remove Shipping from Cancelled Orders” in the Marketing Settings tab, Discount Options section, and the admin will automatically remove the shipping for cancelled orders.

This setting is off for upgraded stores, and will need to be manually configured, but it on for new Miva installs.

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