Product Notification Module APIs

Released In: 10.04.01


The Miva 10.04.01 update greatly expands the native module notification APIs for product changes. These APIs allow modules and other features of Miva to be notified (so they can take their own actions) when a product is updated, deleted or added. All these new notification APIs are being used in the Product Data Fields and Feeds module.

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Existing Notifications

There are existing notification APIs (that already existed prior to 10.04.01) however they don’t cover all use cases or catch all the types of updates that can occur to products. For example, prior to these APIs, if a custom field value of a product was changed, there was no way for other modules to know this change occurred. These APIs are intended to fix that scenario.

Existing functions part of the not_prod (Product Notifications) feature include:

Additional details on Module APIs can be found here.

New Notification APIs Added in 10.04.01

Product Custom Fields Values are Modified

Modules which need to be notified when custom fields values change, need to implement the not_prod feature. When a custom field value is changed, the Module_Notify_Product_Update function will be called after the change has been made.

Attributes Module Notification API (not_attr)

A new module feature has been added for not_attr. This encompasses the following functions:

Attributes Template Module Notification API (not_attr)

Related Products Module Notification API (not_relprod)

Inventory Module Notification API (not_inventory)

Price Group Module Notification API (not_pricegroup)

Notify Modules of Time-Based Price Group Events

Version 10.04.01 adds a new scheduled task which by default is set to run once per hour. It looks at any price groups which have become active or inactive since it was last ran and will call Module_Notify_PriceGroup_Update for each module that implements the not_pricegroup feature.

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Variant Change Module Notification API (not_pricegroup)

Image Change Module Notification API (not_prodimage)

Category Assignment Module Notification API (not_cat)

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