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PageBuilder - Text Area Component

The Text Area component is exactly what it sounds like, a place to have a section of text for whatever message you want to put there. The Text Area component is a great way for you to speak directly to your customers.

Alt text here

On this Page

Component Name: The name of the component. The default value is Text Area but it can be edited as needed.

Properties: Text

Text Alignment: This aligns the text within the area. The options are Left, Center and Right. This aligns all the major elements of the component – the Heading, Subheading, Body Text and Button – the same way. For example, you cannot have the text aligned to the left but the button on the right of the page.

Alt text here

Text Alignment: In the example above, the text is aligned "Left."


For the rest of the configuration options for elements like Heading Text, Subheading Text, Body Text and Button Text, please visit the Text Settings document, here.

Advanced: Spacing

The Spacing section of the Advanced tab allows you to alter the spacing, or padding, on the top and the bottom of the component. This establishes the space between this component and the page elements adjacent to it. It is set in pixels.

Alt text here

Advanced: Desktop

The Desktop section of the Advanced tab allows you to set the width of the text area component. There are three options: Default, Wide and Extra-Wide.

Alt text here Alt text here

Desktop Width: In the example above, from top to bottom, the width is set to Default, Wide and Extra-Wide

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