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Separate Admin URL From Runtime

Released in 10.05.00

Starting with the 10.05.00 release there is a new Domain Setting for "Secure Base URL for Administration Graphics." This new domain setting allows for the Admin URL to be set independently from that of runtime (what the customer sees, i.e. your storefront).

Initially, admin URLs will be exactly the same as the storefront URL. Upon upgrade to version 10.05.00, this is set automatically to be the same. However, in a future update, Miva will modify each store's URL so it is different than runtime.


The timing of when separate admin URLs will be deployed to customer sites is still TBD. Contact the Miva Technical Assistance Center if you have any questions about the availability of this feature.

Separate Admin URL

A separate administration URL has the following benefits:

Domain Settings This new field allows you to set a unique URL for the Admin only, so it is different than your storefront URL.

Upgrade Experience

For customers stores who were created prior to version 10.05.00, this new field will be created during the streaming upgrade process. It will then be set with the exact same URL as your storefront, so you won't notice any changes immediately.

PA-DSS Checklist

There is a new checklist item that will be set to fail unless the admin and runtime URLs are different.

Secure URL to Administration: URL shares origin with secure and/or non-secure URL to Miva Merchant.

PA-DSS Note checklist item will not be able to pass until we deploy independent admin URLs for each site. This is coming at a future date.

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